He’s Not Stupid. He’s Self-Obsessed.

We have to stop assuming and calling Trump stupid. Because he isn’t. Not even when it comes to politics, a field foreign, but not off limits to him during his lifetime.

What we are seeing is also not a symptom of mental illness (unless you count narcissistic delusions, then he has it in spades). It’s merely the actions of a pathetic, fat, white, rich man who loves his spotlight.

Donald J. Trump is a one man wrecking crew; a con man and the head of a circus show that’s been around for quite some time, since long before he campaigned for the top job in the United States.

As much as he whines and cries and yells about the media and “fake news,” this man not only doesn’t dislike it, he actually craves it and always has.

Does he hate and try to undermine any media outlet that doesn’t portray him in a favorable light? Of course. Hence the “fake news” bullshit, but he needs the media now more than ever. It’s how he spreads his disease.

Almost all politicians use the media and outlets like Twitter for personal and professional gain. Let’s face it, tweets have become news whether we like it or not, and Trump is smart enough to know that Twitter appeals to all the freaks and fans while fueling his base, and does so easier and cheaper than any campaign or rally speech.

He knows — even if he sounds like a raving lunatic or a complete idiot — that his face and his voice will be plastered all over CNN, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, even TMZ. His spotlight is always on, his well-honed persona on continuous display. He is a part of the “Hollywood elite” he so disparages.

donald trump GIF

This man doesn’t give a shit about this country or the people who live there. He doesn’t care about refugees or Israel; North Korea’s missiles or U.S. allies. He doesn’t even care about his fans, his so-called base, or his fellow Republicans who have sacrificed their morals and dignity for him. He actually doesn’t even care about destroying democracy and the entire nation, even though it looks like that’s his entire agenda. No, this man only cares about constant adoration and instant gratification. He searches for the best light that will create that illusion of greatness he believes he so deserves.

donald trump GIF

He cares about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump.

Not even Ivanka with implants could trump the Trump.

So if we really want to stop this man from destroying the country and the entire base of democracy, we can do the one thing many of us have talked about for months: turn off the media. Don’t show up to the rallies. Don’t sit in the room waiting for press secretary Sombre Sanders to lie to you.  Don’t retweet a tweet or even mention it on TV.

Instead, talk about real news, like what’s happening in Baltimore with police brutality or LeBron James’ school in Akron, Ohio. Let’s talk about the fires in California or hell . . . what about Puerto Rico?

To be fair, I know news outlets like CNN and MSNBC cover other news stories, like all of the legislation Trump signed in his first year,  many of which hurt Americans and the country. The trouble with all of this is, the stuff that matters gets buried beneath the actions that are vomited from the Orange One’s mouth so often we can’t keep up.

But these are the stories that matter. The rest is just calculated distraction by a sociopath who wants us to think he’s too inept to annihilate the country he was sworn to protect. The man isn’t dumb. We have to stop believing in that fairy tale before it’s too late.

We have to start wanting to care enough to dim his light and save ourselves at the same time. I know it’s a long shot, but I sure hope the bigwigs at the cable news channels catch on to the Great Orange Scam soon.

Then the cameras can go off for good; not just when Trump says they do at his rallies.

why don't we we move on let it go GIF by Obama

17 thoughts on “He’s Not Stupid. He’s Self-Obsessed.

  1. Megalomaniac. Could that sum him up?

    Think I’ll write CNN a comment to do an un-announced day of reporting, but no Trump. Or maybe if they report about the administration, use no video footage of him.

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    1. I would love to agree, and on the outside it seems like that. But I work with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other mental health issues; unfortunately it’s too easy to chalk his behavior up to all of that. I think that behind closed doors he’s a different person. He’s still a narcissist and an asshole but he’s not the raving lunatic he likes to portray for the media.


  2. Preach it! Yeah, he’s an attention whore of the worst sort- even negative attention feeds his addiction. And the impact on the rest of us is becoming unbearable. Thank you for saying so clearly and well something I’ve been feeling for a while now. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one.

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