A quick timeout to honor one of our own

Up near the top of the Our Staff page it says that The Shinbone Star relies on contributions from a lot of people, including some who fly well under the radar. Today we honor one of them.

Skye Hunter toils mostly in anonymity, her work seen only on Saturdays, gracing the top of our weekly recap column, Trumplandia.

Saturday is not one of our biggest readership days. We understand that people are out and about on the weekend, and that even when they do read there’s a tendency to scroll past Trumplandia’s banner and get into the meat of the column. If that describes you, then you’re missing a good bet. Skye’s clever artwork by itself is often worth a chuckle or two to start your weekend right.

Actually, Skye did take to her keyboard one time, and if you missed it, we hope you’ll follow the link to where you’ll find a very personal and harrowing read.

The Shinbone Star is a lot of work for not very much reward. We toil for incredibly low pay, craving your “Likes” and “Follows” both here on WordPress and on Facebook. Today, while compiling the artwork for this post, I felt humbled by just how many there are. Scrolling through the banners is a walk down memory lane — a bit of time-lapse photography chronicling our descent into the Trumpian Abyss.

I hope you’ll join me in saluting one of the quiet few whose tireless efforts have helped The Shinbone Star become the anti-Trump juggernaut that it is. Thank you, Skye Hunter, for all that you do!


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