Donald Won’t, So Let’s Find Patriotic Touchstones to Bring Us Together

Join the project: The Shinbone Star invites you to share your “patriotic touchstone” ideas for bringing the country together. Keep them short. Keep them clean and not mean. We want constructive concepts that could reach across the emotional and often impractical arguments that divide us. Send your ideas as a comment at the end of this posting. We have a few thoughts of our own, so read MACinelli’s post below and get a jump-start on contributing to the conversation on how we can do Donald’s job for him. We are all Americans. We all love our country. Remove Donald’s constant attempts at dividing us and we believe there is much common ground that can restore respect — if nothing else — for each other.

Donald Trump hates what America stood for at home and abroad when he wasn’t president, which covers more than 200 years of our nation’s history. Equal rights for minorities and women? Think Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Not Donald.

Inviting people who were unsafe in their own countries to a safe haven here, allowing them for decades to contribute to the humanitarian fiber that flowed through our nation at state, regional and local levels of government? Think of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor and the thousands of people who worked tirelessly to accept immigrants as future citizens in the world’s preeminent democracy.

Not Donald. He wants to shut down our borders and drastically reduce the flow of immigrants.

Defending our country against attacks — traditional (military) or new age (cyber)? Think of a host of leaders who steered our country in time of war, as well as in conflicts in other regions where democracy was threatened.

Not Donald, who declines to forcefully acknowledge or counterattack Russia’s ongoing intrusion into our election systems. He would rather believe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s disingenuous denial of interference rather than the warnings from our own national security agencies.

Nearly every day, Donald showcases his animus for most things American — unless they bear the Trump name or line his pockets — by fanning the flames of division through hot-button issues such as “fake news,” the “Russian witch hunt” and whipping up discord over NFL players’ protest of police brutality against people of color by falsely claiming that the players show “disrespect for the national anthem, our military men and women and our flag.”

Donald wants a divided nation so he can eventually reign as president for life. Yes, he said it’s going to happen even though there’s no provision in our Constitution for that eventuality. In fact, the Founding Fathers forged a checks-and-balances form of democracy for our republic to make certain there would never be another king telling the people how to live their lives.

That doesn’t slow down Donald. There’s going to be one person in charge of America at some point down the road, he insists, and don’t think for a minute he has anyone else in mind to hold that title except hisownself.

Unless you believe Donald is smarter than men such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and a host of other patriots who lent a hand in crafting our Constitution and establishing our form of government, you should support an end to our national anger that too often pits family member against family member; friend against friend; co-worker against co-worker.

This anger amongst “We the People” needs to stop. Donald’s anti-American rhetoric, his disrespect for the rule of law, his over-the-top, reality TV show approach to governing our country needs to be removed from the White House so we can clearly see how all of us love our country and need to also love and respect one another to keep America always great.

We will disagree on a lot of things, and that’s okay. But we shouldn’t — for the sake of the future well-being of our country — continue to turn our backs on our fellow citizens. The real enemy of our country is Donald, who wants to drive a wedge between us so he can rule for life, with his children and their children following in his footsteps. He wants the name Trump to be synonymous with America’s first royal family.

We need a touchstone, a rallying point, thought, object or song. We need something we can all agree best represents all Americans. Then we need to insert it into the national dialogue so that Donald feels the burn.

In most cases it could be the national anthem, but Donald has taken that off the table with his badgering of NFL players while ignoring the underlying issue of their peaceful kneeling protest. Our flag is another traditional rallying object, but again, Donald has co-opted that banner with the same divisive argument concerning the NFL players.

We have to look beyond those two items — although they must remain part of the national conversation when we talk about love of our country.

Some would say singing “God Bless America” at sporting events covers it. Most would agree it’s a beautiful song that provides strong sentiment about our country, but it’s associated with another troubling time in our nation’s recent history: 9/11.

How about Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land?” Imagine invoking the words of this age-old folk song anytime Donald tweets out something intent on dividing us, something that is rhetorical and self-serving, rather than a message that brings us together as Americans.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, here are the lyrics from the first verse:

This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York island
From the Redwood Forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me.

As I went walking that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
And saw below me that golden valley
This land was made for you and me.

Guthrie captures the true spirit of America in so many ways. We could all have various verses that speak directly to us set up to tweet out when Donald starts his divisive attacks against our country at any given moment. Imagine a flood of pro-American thoughts that reflect our love of country hitting Donald’s Twitter account at the same time on any given day. Could we add Facebook and Instagram to the effort so it could go viral at any given moment?

It’s time for We the People to start being heard loudly and often about how much we love this country. We might disagree on issues, but we can still discuss them thoughtfully and agree to disagree but with respect and love for our fellow citizens.

This, hopefully, is just the start of a conversation among all Americans who want to get back to loving our country and each other no matter who occupies the White House.

We need to get serious before Donald crowns himself king.


16 thoughts on “Donald Won’t, So Let’s Find Patriotic Touchstones to Bring Us Together

  1. I recommend as a patriotic touchstone, we tap out on our computer keyboards and tap into the PUBLIC RECORDS of Trumps’s multiple bankruptcy filings and view, print, and share everywhere his required to file MONTHLY INCOME STATEMENTS, analyze them for financial cheating, force him by federal law into chapter seven where a trustee takes over all assets and liquidates them. Did I mention that bankruptcy court records are public records available to anyone that walks in or has a computer for free access? What do you think?

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  2. The ultimate touchstone would have to be the Statue of Liberty. Included in that would be the portion of Emma Lazarus’ poem, The New Colossus” that is familiar to most people:

    Give me your tired, your poor
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    For me this has always resonated, it’s what America has sold for and will continue to stand for. Some of my family came through Ellis Island and their first welcoming sight of this great country was Lady Liberty. Having lived in New Jersey I was always touched whenever I was able to see the Statue upon landing or taking off from Newark Liberty International Airport.

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  3. Hard to get too excited about a piece of paper, but the U.S. Constitution should be the only touchstone we need. Clearly, Donald Trump doesn’t understand it, never read it, acts against it at every turn.

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      1. Charlie has been writing and singing his truths for quite some time. He travels by train across this country, and has seen the amber waves of grain, the spacious skies, and the stars. He writes from his heart, and has touched mine.
        ©Charlie Mosbrook

        Remember who we are
        as we come from near and far
        women marching in the streets
        and bent knee’d athletes
        we are refuges and dreamers
        the Immigrants you blame
        We will come from near and far
        Remember who we are

        Remember who we are
        We carry open scars
        forward in our wheelchairs
        You can not disregard
        As we block the halls of Congress
        For the fear of a graveyard
        We will come from near and far
        Remember who we are

        We stood up to the klansmen
        And the nazis just the same
        And to a tone-deaf president
        For whom the victim shares the blame
        For a deadly act of terror
        To him it is just a game
        We will come from near and far
        Remember who we are

        We are scientists and teachers
        Reporters on tv
        Investigators, lawyers
        The facts are plain to see
        the evidence is obvious
        Don’t look the other way
        We we will come from near and far
        Remember who we are

        We know that all lives matter
        But it doesn’t seem that way
        When the consequence of living
        Is dying everyday
        If the motto of your force
        Is Self service and neglect
        We will come from near and far
        Remember who we are

        The schools are filled with children
        Who live with different rules
        Drills and lockdowns put in place
        Can’t save them from these fools
        As you pander to the worst in us
        Their friends are laid to waste
        We will come from near and far
        Remember who we are

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  4. Music has always been a universal language for humans everywhere. I love the idea of Woody Guthrie’s song, I remember singing it in school as a child. “America the Beautiful” is another wonderful song, meaningful and not too difficult for most of us to sing. Almost any song from Lin-Manuel’s masterpiece “Hamilton” can both warm the heart and stir the soul of a listener.

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    1. Thx, Desiree. Agree on “Hamilton” idea. “America the Beautiful” is good also. We’re going to do a folo-up on the ideas we’re getting and see what our readers think.

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  5. I have many thoughts & ideas for Americans to rally around – but I’ll start with the one I think is most needed; A system to create a living wage & how to pay for it – Let’s start with how to harness the Amazing power of America’s Small Businesses, and once we’ve done that & finally leveled the playing field, Big Businesses will finally be forced to reckon with us, and then even massive Global Corporations will have some decisions to make!

    First – We need to talk about how to change the entire dynamic of the job market – A $15 minimum wage won’t do you any good if you can’t get hired.
    That’s why my idea of a federally subsidized living wage and federally subsidized employer training program would help out in a big way for unemployment by empowering business owners and entrepreneurs in white and Black communities.

    Also – I should really bring up the suggestion to expand The Job Corps.
    Later, I will talk about this great program that has helped millions of inner city youths.

    No job, means no wage, minimum or otherwise.
    My idea is to establish a “living wage system” that accounts for the cost of training first time employees, and rewards the attainments of long time craftsmen and experienced technical professionals of all stripes.
    The government would help kick start things by paying a subsidy to workers so they earn enough to live, while compensating certain employers for training employees in a variety of professions.
    New employees – who have never had any job – can’t produce anything and need training just to understand the basics of “work”, let alone how to generate profit. So to an extent we need to have a return to a type of system that recognizes neophytes, apprentices, Journeymen, and Masters with commensurate pay. Large corporations with billions in profits would receive the very least, and small businesses in local communities who can train & teach valuable skill sets would receive the most.

    To help pay for this new program I would implement several taxes – A 50% tax on all lobbying and campaign contributions – as another way to level out the playing field, because right now huge wealthy corps. literally buy their own laws, so now they can help buy employees for small businesses who otherwise couldn’t afford qualified labor…

    And a “use it or lose it” tax on all offshore accounts, and cash holdings on multi-billion dollar corps. with no loopholes for any accounting tricks or subsidiary shenanigans, either invest in training programs for employees, and/or local and/or inter/intra state infrastructure or face 90% tax rates on any cash holdings over $300,000,000.00 with new international powers for the IRS to go get it.

    We also need a return to a gas guzzler tax for people who feel a need to drive vehicles with terrible fuel economy, any vehicle that gets less than 20mpg has to pay $10,000 per MPG under that figure to register said vehicle every year. So if your fancy new Hummer only gets 7MPG you will pay $130,000 to register it every year – from new, until 5 years old. The only exemptions will be older vehicles, 18 (and bigger) wheelers, heavy duty dump/cement trucks and non- street legal farm/construction equipment and some understanding for delivery fleets and state refuse removal etc.

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  6. Using public spaces to paint or draw or otherwise create, go to any public library, public park esp national park, read a banned book in a public space, flash mob dance in a public space, write editorials in your local paper, make a protest sign and carry it in public, read the bill of rights out loud, memorize the 1st amendment and make it a thing to read the constitution on mass transit, and while these are not ‘productive’ or ‘social changing’ they are expressions of our American values and rights. Rinse and repeat, as I could go on and on!

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