Fearmongering, Fantasies, False Facts Earn Donald an ‘F’

“Fox and Friends’ ” so-called  “news anchor” Ainsley Earhardt sat across from Donald outside the Oval Office this week and tossed softball questions at the self-proclaimed “president for life.” She asked him for a grade on his job performance to date. Surprise: He gave himself an “A-plus.”

Not so fast, Donald. This isn’t reality television where you get to approve scripts and call all the shots. Your grade is much lower than that on all fronts based on your constant fear-mongering campaign, fantasies about what the country and world look like and your unrelenting barrage of false facts and outright lies on key issues.

Your grade is actually an “F,” and that’s being generous.

Let’s address your fear-mongering rhetorical blasts. When asked about the possibility of your being impeached in the wake of former personal lawyer Michael Cohen telling a federal judge earlier this week that you “directed” him to make payments shortly before the 2016 presidential election to a porn star and a Playboy model, in typical Donald fashion you bragged about how you couldn’t imagine Congress impeaching you since you’re doing such a (pardon my coughing fit here) great job.

Then you went on to say: “If I ever got impeached the (stock) market would crash. I think everybody would be poor because without this thinking (pointing to your head), you would see numbers you wouldn’t believe in reverse.”

Really? Seriously? Why, because your corporate CEOs would be worried that all the regulations you wiped out allowing them to go back to running their businesses with total disregard for the well-being of most Americans would be reinstated?

Donald, let’s agree right now that there will be a “good riddance to Trump” bump in the market. After that there might be a downward trend for a little bit. Then it will either stabilize or start tracking back up. Although as any good economist will tell you, the market is cyclical, so we might indeed see a downturn for a few years since many folks believe it’s overheated at the moment.

So, your grade on this impeachment question is an “F.”

You are not president for life or king of our country, yet. This is still a democracy/republic and there is a rule of law that exists to prevent you from escaping the criminal errors of your ways. Yes, Cohen violated campaign finance laws and he said he did so at your direction. It will be proven in a court of law. Deal with it.

On the economy front: You bragged to the Fox audience that you and Congress crafted the “biggest tax cut in history.” Nope. Not true. No matter how often you make this claim, you’re simply living in a fantasy world and snookering your followers.

As noted by The Washington Post‘s Fact Checker, yours is not even as big as your nemesis President Obama’s tax cuts. What, you say?

From The Post:

“Trump repeatedly claims he passed the biggest tax cut in U.S. history, but it’s just not true.  He’s earned Four Pinocchios for this claim before — but repeated it 57 times in his first year as president.

“The best way to compare tax cuts (or spending plans) over time is to measure them as a percentage of the national economy. Inflation-adjusted dollars are another option, but a percentage of gross domestic product helps put the impact of the bill into context. Trump tax cut, according to Treasury Dept. data, is nearly 0.9 percent of GDP — compared to 2.89 percent of GDP for Ronald Reagan’s 1981 tax cut. Trump’s tax cut is only the eighth largest — and is even smaller than two of Barack Obama’s tax cuts.”

So your grade on that claim is an “F.”

Stop living in a fantasy world. True up with all Americans. Yes, you and Congress managed to push tax cut legislation through, but keep in mind you promised taxpayers they would reap the benefits of this action with larger amounts of take-home wages in their paychecks. Haven’t heard large groups of workers shouting thank you outside the White House or on Capitol Hill.

You also boasted to your Fox audience about how the economy “is the best it’s ever been in history.” According to FactCheck.org that’s simply not the case. Let’s look at employment since you brag about it the most.

From FactCheck.org:

“Total non-farm employment grew by more than 3.2 million during the president’s first 17 months in office, according to the most recent figures available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s steady, solid growth to be sure, continuing an unbroken chain of monthly gains in total employment that started in October 2010 (emphasis added).

“But the average monthly gain under Trump is 189,000 jobs, which is nearly 13 percent below the monthly average of 217,000 during Obama’s second term.

“Trump will have to pick up the pace if he is to fulfill his campaign boast that he will be “thegreatest jobs president that God ever created.” At the current monthly rate, a total of just over 18 million jobs would be added over eight years. That’s better than the 11.6 million added under Obama and the 16.1 million added under Ronald Reagan, but well below the 22.9 million added when Bill Clinton was president, and the population was smaller (emphasis added).”

So your grade on that somewhat false claim — Bill Clinton is going to do you better — is a “D.”

We’re cutting you a little slack since you haven’t managed to totally mess up the economy, yet, although a large number of U.S. and global economists warn that your tariff wars with countries around the world threaten our economic well-being in the months and years ahead.

Finally, you touted your naming “two unbelievable” jurists to the Supreme Court, adding that “[Neil] Gorsuch has been a star” and that [Brett] Kavanaugh will be approved by the Senate in short order, as additional proof that your administration is clicking on all cylinders.

Well, Gorsuch hasn’t been on the Court long enough to make any claims about just how great a jurist he might be, particularly with respect to upholding or overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision protecting a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a baby. Kavanaugh hasn’t even reached the Court, yet, so there’s no way of telling how strong a voice he’ll be from the bench.

That you picked two men who lean hard right on the political spectrum to fill Court vacancies was a purely political decision, not one that was good for the country. Sure, you fulfilled a campaign promise with these nominees, but once elected you’re supposed to represent all of America, not just a particular political party.

On the Court nominations you get a D-minus.

You had to fill two important seats on the Court and you chose to go ideological instead of looking for the best jurist in the country. You might get an “A” from your followers for keeping a campaign promise, but the country expects — and deserves — more from its CEO.

Finally, stepping back from your Fox interview to complete the grading process, your unending battle with the truth is wearing thin. According to the Washington Post’s Fact Checker, more than 4,200 times since taking office some 19 months ago you have misrepresented or outright lied to the country on small, semi-important and critical issues.

You no longer are representing your businesses to contractors or bankers where you can bend the truth to try to earn a living. You are representing our country, the United States of America, and this country expects a high degree of honesty from its leaders. Certainly, you’re not the only president to misdirect or mislead us, but you do so at a frighteningly frequent rate, particularly with respect to Russian interference in our election systems.

This has to stop now. You are hurting our country more than you know, or apparently care. You are not president for life. This is not an autocratic government you are running. You don’t have all the answers to every issue. Your failing business empire is not proof that you know how to manage anything, let alone a complex world-class democracy/republic.

So, your overall grade is “F.”  Stop giving your administration an “A-plus.” You haven’t earned it. Not even close.

Any professor will tell you that you can improve your grades through hard work. Give it a shot, Donald.

2 thoughts on “Fearmongering, Fantasies, False Facts Earn Donald an ‘F’

  1. Well said! Unfortunately, The Donald can’t or won’t read anything that doesn’t correspond with his latest delusion. So onward we go with the downward spiral of shitstorm after shitstorm, until he’s finally charged with a crime.


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