There’s a new demographic, and you better pick a side

Here in the United States of America, we’d grown accustomed to surveys and seeing our beliefs broken down demographically. We would eagerly pore over the results, which usually compared women vs. men; blacks vs. whites; college education vs. none; city vs. rural; and Catholic vs. Protestant.

Well, I’m here to tell you, none of that matters anymore. Here’s what it comes down to in our modern Disunited States of America:

  • Support for the Mocking of Sexual Assault Victims vs. Those Opposed

Of course for those who have been paying attention, the president’s attack this week on Christine Blasey Ford isn’t our first ride in Donald Trump’s Demolition Derby, it’s just the latest in a series of crashes that have defined our nation’s free fall into hell.

Consider that since Trump’s arrival on the political landscape, you, your friends, your neighbors and your relatives can be divvied up like this:

  • Supporters of Nazis and the KKK vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of Children in Cages vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of Religious Persecution vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of a Crackdown on Press Freedom vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of Treason vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of Authoritarian Regimes vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of Tax Fraud and Racketeering vs. Those Opposed
  • Supporters of Race and Gender Bias vs. Those Opposed

That might seem like an exaggeration, but really it’s not.

Of course some Trumplicans will stand up and openly shout their White Power bullshit (I know because I deleted comments from one just the other day), but most will say something like, “We don’t support any of those things! We just voted for Trump because we love bullets and babies!”

Well let me tell you something, assholes, it was a package deal and you bought the whole damned thing.

Trump’s NASCARing of America should come as no surprise to anyone who paid even minimal attention during the campaign. Don’t blame The Shinbone Star for promoting disunity, all we’re doing is standing firm on the Constitution and the Rule of Law. It’s you Trumplicans that own every damned inch of the stain now engulfing our country.

No, we didn’t start it, but we are trying to do something about it. So if you belong to the demographic that remembers what it was like to live in a country governed by the lofty ideals set forth by the Founding Fathers, maybe you’re asking, “But what can we do about it?”

I suggest to you my Five-Point Plan:

  1. Vote in November, and vote straight-ticket Democrat. Encourage other people to vote, but only those who don’t belong to the Republican Axis of Evil. Like conservative stalwart Max Boot said in his excellent interview with Mother Jones reporter David Corn, the only way forward is to completely burn down the Republican Party.
  2. Stop trying to redeem Trump voters; they’re gone, and good riddance.
  3. Punish Republicans by making sure they know their vote for Trump came with a price. Namely, their vote cost them you! I don’t care if it’s a longtime friend or even a family member, there can be no “shades of gray” for those who’d vote for a guy who openly denigrates people of color, then  separates families and throws brown children into cages. Stop making excuses for Trumplicans, they are not good people, and you can find better. Make it personal for them and make sure they know exactly why you’re cutting them out of your life.
  4. Support traditional journalism with your hard-earned dollars. Don’t just copy memes and steal stuff off of Twitter. You may not agree with everything in The New York Times or Washington Post, but there’s a reason Trump keeps crying “fake news,” and you better believe it’s not because he disbelieves the latest outrageous thing he’s read about himself. We love that you’re reading The Shinbone Star, but buy a subscription to something real, and do it today.
  5. If you love the ideals set forth in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the words inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty, get down in the mud and fight for them. Lend your name to this 21st Century Civil War. Fight hard, and when you get knocked down, get up and fight some more. The United States of America is worth something. Never give up.

10 thoughts on “There’s a new demographic, and you better pick a side

  1. Amen Glenn! A great piece. I seriously hope ‘the opposed’ follow these guidelines, or at least something similar. Trump voters have to shut up and own their shit or redeem themselves by voting against the GOP in November. I wish all of my fellow ‘opposed’ Americans luck. It’s going to be one hell of a long ride (it already feels like an eternity that Obama was President).

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      1. I actually feel the same! I’m so conflicted as I desperately want to be on your side of the border to cast my vote yet I’m grateful I have only a Liberal turd named Trudeau to contend with, and in the age of Trump, Trudeau is basically a superhero. Every day I’m angrier for you all and your country, because every day it’s a new low. I sure hope Americans can come back from this!

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  2. Last night I had a conversation with a relative who is a ‘Trump-ee’ dyed in the wool and as you said no redemption. This relative actually said (with a perfectly straight face – they were deadly serious) that ‘America needs to get back to the Constitution. To what it stands for. Those good core values. That’s why I admire Trump so much. He does what he said he’d do. He’s working FOR our good.” I was glad I wasn’t drinking something because the spit take would have flooded my kitchen. And the relative of mine didn’t see the irony. I’ll be voting in November, but with the idiotic electoral college crap, it will be like spitting into the wind. My vote won’t change anything in the state in which I live. Most of the rest of them in here have drunk the orange kool-aid and remain deluded. I think that stuff caused ’em to go blind.

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    1. I agree it can be frustrating to think your vote won’t matter, but it will matter to you, and there are other ways to get down in the dirt and fight. I thank you for being “woke,” and trust you’ll find other effective ways to help the forces of good.

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  3. I wish I could like this a hundred times. I only wish I could have seen these words sooner- it’s embarrassing to admit, but I only recently realized how much harm I was doing to myself, by continuing to argue with people who are only too happy to see the nation go up in flames, just to “own the libs”.

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