Too Ugly to Sexually Assault?

Brett Kavanaugh. Now THAT’S ugly.

Everyone’s a fucking comedian lately. The desire for likes and guffaws on Facebook and Twitter really brings out the cringe factor in those wannabe chuckleheads. Take Cabarrus County, N.C. Republican Chairman Lanny Lancaster, who recently posted a picture of a young lady wearing glasses and braces with the caption, “This is the alleged sexual assault victim. Wow,” in reference to Christine Blasey Ford, who testified that she was sexually assaulted by Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


Wow, what, Lanny? Wow, isn’t it sad that you would repost a picture of someone that WASN’T Christine Blasey Ford and claim that it was?  Wow, that you would try to humiliate someone by reposting a picture of them as a child? Wow, there’s a young woman who isn’t considered attractive enough by you to possibly be the victim of sexual assault?

Lanny Lancaster

Wow, your parents really named you Lanny?

How could any man get excited about an ugly woman, right? No man could possibly sexually assault some ugly dog without her doing something to make him do it. Poor man. He had to do it. Think of it as a favor. A mercy screw.

In Lanny’s world, the value of a female and whether she’s worth listening to rests solely on how attractive she is or how f*@kable she may be. Even then, who would listen to her anyway? Her mouth could be put to much better use.

Ugly women get raped. Old women get raped. Children get raped. Homeless women get raped. Men get raped. It doesn’t really matter what someone looks like — all it takes is someone in a vulnerable position and a piece-of-shit rapist.

You know, ugly goes both ways, Lanny, and you are no Bradley Cooper, son. Hopefully, you have a charming personality and a good sense of humor to make up for what you lack in the looks department. Except if your post is any indication of your personality or sense of humor, it looks like you’re the one who got screwed.

The Trumplandia column that usually appears in this Saturday slot will return next week.

10 thoughts on “Too Ugly to Sexually Assault?

  1. Niether does Kavanaugh. It does seem that many of the men up for assault charges are mother ugly to start with, or a bit podgy around the edges, or among the unshaved–rape/assault is not an act of sexual attraction, it’s an act of aggression that uses sex as the vehicle.

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  2. Back in college, a guy laughed and said to me, “You? Get raped?” I used the very same examples you mentioned. Years later, so called leaders spew the same unbelievable insanity. Thank you for your profoundly strong thoughts!

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  3. They don’t get that rape is not a “crime of passion”, or that it only happens to beautiful young women. It can and does happen to all kinds of people- young, old, (even babies and children, Gods help us!) female and, yes, male as well. It isn’t about desire. It’s a crime of violence. In which the weapon used happens to be a penis in most cases.

    I will never forget this. And I will never, ever forgive them for what was done this day.

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