The Trump Dump: The Depths of a Shallow Man

The most recent expose of Trumpco deceit, the one from the New York Times that documented real estate fraud and implicated golden girl Ivanka, adds more than just another prospective charge to the Trump rap sheet.

If not impeachment-worthy, the New York state courts now have indictable, non-pardonable crimes to pursue ranging from money laundering to abuse of the tax canon, non-profit regulations, as well as real estate fraud.

And while the investigative sniffers have uncovered many tasty truffles, the treasures unearthed are but an amuse-bouche in the seven course banquet of criminality that will be revealed once the testimony of Trump’s lawyer and long-time treasurer is detailed.

The Presidential limo could take Trump directly from Joe Biden’s inauguration to a Riker’s Island cell.

For the indictment-free present, the latest scandal pounds home the central theme of Trump’s life — he is himself a fraud. The scope of his fakery is unbounded.

First we knew Trump, the fake businessman: his Apprentice-celebrated willingness to fire, his “mere million-dollar” (found to be $413 million) parental start-up loan, his casino empire, his foreign hotel network, his steaks, his ties, and his college.

Now we have Trump, the fake President: the top-talent cabinet team, the political swamp clean-up, the Hillary lock-up, the tax abuse reform, the beautiful clean coal, the reversible global warming, the drug price slash, and the North Korea nuclear treaty.

At heart, of course this is all shallow-rooted in Trump, the fake person. His hair, tan, bombast, happy marriages, philanthropy and stable genius.

None of this is any longer a surprise, but at last, even the gullible American public appears to be tiring of the Trump act. His ratings, the barometer of shallow attention by which Trump measures all, were but half those of Stormy Daniels in the same 60 Minutes slot.

But what gets lost in all the muck is that Trump may be the most deeply shallow person in the history of oxymoronic morons. Consider for a moment, what he does NOT display. Empathy. Humor. Generosity. Tact. Loyalty. Honesty. Faith. Friendship. Love. Circle none of the above.

Has there ever been a public figure so lacking in dimension? Trump’s character is a veritable Bermuda Triangle of missing personality traits. He appears to feature not one single character trait worthy of a Boy Scout merit badge.

The DSM of the American Psychiatric Association requires an appendix just for Trump. Malignant narcissist, pathological liar, sociopath, sexual predator – they only begin to suggest the Orion-sized constellation of disorders that created this Frankenstein.

If there is a definition that encompasses Trump it is, in fact, pornography, at least as it was defined long ago by Supreme Court:

“Utterly without redeeming social importance.”


3 thoughts on “The Trump Dump: The Depths of a Shallow Man

  1. I simply cannot fathom how a man this incompetent (and blatantly so), this arrogant, this mentally over the top, is still President. People are now saying publically that he should be removed, he should be impeached, he should be out of office. But no one (as far as I know) has done anything more about it.

    Still have no idea how he won. He lost the election by 3 million votes, but the electoral college….something is horribly wrong, there. The word “collusion” keeps swirling around in my head.

    The scary part is, we could have had Sarah Palin as VP. The scary part is, we have Mike Pence, the Iago in all of this.

    I love “deeply shallow”. What a great oxymoron.

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  2. I love this! I watched the documentary “Trump The American Dream” and for those who think he is mentally ill let me assure you–he is not (narcissism not counted). He has always been this way. Great Post!

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