Wasting away in MAGA-ritaville

MAGA-ritaville, infested with MAGATs.

Sunday, first day of a new week still dripping with horror from the one that went before.

We’re wasting away in MAGA-ritaville, people, a place where Americans of conscience must divide their attention between a plot to assassinate high-profile foes of President Donald Trump by one of his acolytes, and the horror of a Pittsburgh synagogue shooting where a right-wing extremist who called Jews the “children of Satan” murdered 11 of them.

And the president? No acknowledgement that his hate-filled agenda has anything to do with either case, even though one suspect’s vehicle was a rolling shrine to MAGA ideals, while the other’s hatred for a Jewish group that provided assistance to immigrants is a page from the course syllabus for Trumpism 101.

Facebook — swarming with news of both horrors — says I must be angry or sad, with no possibility of being both. And yet I am angry and sad — so much of both.

I’m sad because I no longer live in a United States of America sustained by the words of our Founding Fathers. I now live in the White Nationalist States of America ruled by a huckster whose thirst for power is exceeded only by his greed, and supported by a trash-heap infestation of his ignorant MAGAT minions.

I’m angry at people — some relatives among them — who say they’re not racists, but placed their boot heels squarely on the faces of black and brown people in the vain hope of levering themselves upward to grab at the false promise of a few dollars more.

Possibly I’m angry with you, citizen, because you see what’s happening in this country and think that since it doesn’t affect you much, you’ll just stay home on Nov. 6.

With echoes of Nazi Germany sounding louder every day, the warning from philosopher George Santayana was never more true:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Never has an election been more important than the one now less than 10 days away. The evidence is right in front of you, citizen, will you open your eyes in time? Or will you shrug your shoulders and allow the United States of America to finally and irrevocably waste away?

9 thoughts on “Wasting away in MAGA-ritaville

  1. This is a must read for every citizen. Will be posting this on Facebook immediately. I’m enraged to be witnessing the blizzard of bullshit coming out of #45. He is an imbecile and we are being held hostage. I’m not tolerating it. Im a blue wave voter!

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  2. And all that fool could say was, if they had had armed security in the synagogue this would not have happened. Not even the faintest expression, real or otherwise, of sadness, anger, horror. He’s a true narcissist, if it doesn’t directly involve him, it doesn’t involve him at all.

    He’s a trainwreck, and I try not to look, but sometimes you just can’t not see it.

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