Facts Fuel Incentive to Vote Out Trumplanders to Save Our Country.

Who could forget the way smug Republicans acted — including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — after getting a would-be rapist onto the Supreme Court. Although Graham isn’t up for re-election this cycle, his recent performances should provide incentive to vote against his Republican cohorts.

What evidence, what proof, what hard facts do any of us need to realize our country is not better off nearly two years into the Donald J. Trump era of governance in order to vote out anyone who supports the misguided, self-absorbed person currently occupying our White House?

Just to be clear, there is no tax cut on the horizon for the middle class no matter what Donald says in the next few days. Not only is there no new tax cut, but apparently the one he and his GOP cohorts bragged so loudly about toward the end of last year never materialized for the average working Joe. Oh, Donald’s wealthy business tycoon friends were taken care of, but I’m betting you’re not one of them. Whose paycheck grew substantially this year? Whose tax return received a major bump? Who among you were handed a significant bonus from your boss? The silence is deafening in the heartland.

Also, there is no danger of an invasion of our southern border by thousands of people fleeing Central American countries. Yes, there is a caravan headed north toward the United States, but at least a couple of thousand of these fellow travelers on our planet have stopped in Mexico to apply for asylum there. And, Mexican officials say, they expect a large number of the remaining members of the caravan will accept the terms they are offering to start life over in our neighbor to the south.

All of us should be extremely concerned and angry that the questionably educated individual running the executive branch of government wants to overturn the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution with an executive order. Why? Because the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States — including former slaves — and guarantees all citizens “equal protection of the laws.” No, Donald, you can’t erase a Constitutional Amendment with a racist stroke of a presidential pen. It requires a lot more work than that, including support from a majority of the people of this country.

Yes, we should be concerned that serious domestic terrorist attacks continue in our country, mostly against high-profile political opponents of Donald Trump. Of course Trump, the failed casino owner, struggling real estate developer and borderline crime family boss does not want to talk about that. Eleven killed by a lone gunman in a Jewish synagogue last weekend. Fourteen pipe bombs mailed to Democratic Party leaders — including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton — and supporters of that side of our country’s political spectrum. And we can’t forget — although Donald would like you to set this one aside — the school children gunned down in Parkland, Fla., earlier this year.

Yes, our country’s budget deficit has soared this year under the flim-flam presidency of a man who is at best a flash-in-the-pan reality television show host. At the end of fiscal year (FY) 2018, the deficit stood at $779 billion. In its latest budget estimate, the federal government projects a deficit for FY2019 of $984 billion. For comparison purposes, in FY2016 the figure was $585 billion and for FY2017 it stood at $665 billion — the last two budget years of the Obama presidency. Let that sink in for a few minutes.

Sure employment is hustling along at record levels, a result of the groundwork laid by former President Obama in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2008. The stock market had climbed to exorbitantly high levels earlier this year before starting to slide the past few months. So, the old retirement fund for most middle class Americans might not look so good now, eh, Donald?

Speaking of retirement, how about that promise by you, Mitch McConnell and  other high-profile Republicans that entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid need to be cut to offset the budget deficit? Sure, ignore the $3 trillion — yes, that’s right trillion with a ‘t’ — that you all and your predecessors robbed from the Social Security Fund over the years. And ignore the fact that American workers and their employers pay into a separate fund for Social Security and related programs. These programs are not part of the budget planning process. Quit threatening the peace of mind of our country’s senior citizens with your misguided electioneering, Donald. You and your GOP acolytes only reveal your true anti-American, unpatriotic personalities to the voters.

Speaking of voters, what other facts are needed for anyone to vote out the charlatans who currently control all three branches of our government?

If you want or need more facts, please let us here at The Shinbone Star know and we’ll offer them up.

Otherwise go vote early or on Nov. 6. It’s important for the future of our country.


5 thoughts on “Facts Fuel Incentive to Vote Out Trumplanders to Save Our Country.

  1. Hear hear. Thanks for reblogging, Marilyn. Why do we need to keep repeating the obvious??? Trump is not on the side of the medium to low income masses who continue to support him in spite of evidence that supports this statement. He is on the side of other billionaires and would-like-to-be billionaire politicians who support him. He is on the side of those lobbies who pay big campaign bribes for him to support their legislation. I really fear what will happen if there isn’t a big change after this election.

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