They’re not your Father’s GOP

The Andy Thomas print “The Republican Club” hangs in Trump’s White House office.

After the results of Tuesday’s elections were pretty much tied up tight, I couldn’t sleep. In part, I was wondering how to get the Republican Party’s picture affixed to the side of milk carton.

They haven’t been seen in a while, and while I’m pretty sure that they’re dead, we cannot be certain until we’ve seen the body.

If you’re old enough, then you can remember when the Grand Old Party was the party of patriotism. Republicans preached that Democrats had a plan to hand over the United States to the Soviets. It was an accusation that was flogged by right-wing evangelical preachers, and well, we all know that preachers wouldn’t lie about that.

The Dems never gave us up, and the Soviets eventually fell apart, but the Republican dream never died.

Years later, the GOP would accuse Hillary Clinton of selling our uranium to the Russians. It was a farce, of course, and the Republicans didn’t give it up until 2016.

Ahhh, 2016 was the magical year that the Republicans gave us up to the Russians, all in order to gain the White House. High-level meetings in Trump Tower, and backroom meetings in smoky rooms across Europe and Africa yielded a victory, even if the victory might have been more Russia’s than it was America’s.

And, quietly, the party of patriotism slipped away.

But the GOP was still the party of family values, right?

Then the Republicans nominated, for president, a guy who was accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women. The same guy was on his third wife, and he bragged of having cheated on all three of them.

The same political party that had set its own philanderous dogs on a guy who carried on a consensual dalliance in the White House, suddenly didn’t talk so much about family values. The lapdog evangelical pastors talked of giving their president “a mulligan” for his marital escapades. They told us that it was his own private affair – you’ll pardon the construction – and the party tried everything it could to make the women go away.

There was videotape of his admissions, for godsake, but the party of family values saw no value in those public admissions. And that was the end of the party of family values.

But Republicans were still the party of law and order, right? They were still the party whose leaders in 1974 went to Richard Nixon and said ‘Mr. President, it’s time for you to go. If you don’t resign, then we will have to vote for impeachment.’  If someone writes a book about them, they might be called “The Last Statesmen of the GOP.”

If you were going to commit criminal acts, then they wanted nothing to do with you.

Now, consider that on Tuesday night Republican votes re-elected:

Rep. Chris Collins, (NY-27), who last August was indicted for insider trading. In the campaign, he avoided debates, declined to grant interviews, and limited his participation ads in which he worked to define his opponent. (You and I would call those attack ads.)

And while his district is far from New York, Mr. Collins is already well ahead in the running for Most Chutzpah this week. He plans to ask Republican leaders in the House for all the committees he had previously resigned from. Looking at that leadership, he’ll probably get his wish. Principle, you might say; or lack thereof.

By the way, the challenger conceded, but later announced that he will seek a recount in the race where the two candidates were separated by a single percentage point.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, (Ca. -50), who also was indicted in August for misuse of campaign funds. Mr. Hunter, at the time of his indictment, blamed his wife, who was also indicted. (In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Hunter is a former Marine, as am I. He wins the Ollie North Award this week.)

Here is what $250,000 allegedly bought him: bar money (not talking legal bar, either), private school tuition for his kids, and vacations. There are also allegations that he procured the services of female companionship not his wife. One must wonder if that was his wife’s fault as well.

And the couple says the charges are politically motivated, because everyone knows that Jeff Sessions is not gonna hold with lying to the FBI. (Congress is a little more dicey matter.)

Below the Congressional level, there was more Tough on Crime news

Nevadans elected Dennis Hof, a brothel owner and reality TV star, to a seat in the State Assembly. Notwithstanding the fact that he DIED three weeks ago.

And Texans re-elected Attorney General Ken Paxton, despite his criminal felony charges for securities fraud and another indictment for failing to register as an investment advisor. Paxton, whose wife was elected to the state Senate, said he’s the victim of a political witch hunt – by his fellow Republicans.

So, to sum it up, Republicans have managed over the period of a generation to shuck everything they asked voters to believe about them. Many of us hope the voters will begin to ask if there is anything they do believe in, besides utter power.

8 thoughts on “They’re not your Father’s GOP

  1. Love the piece, especially the Rockwellian painting of “The Grand Old Party”.

    I’m old enough to remember when you didn’t sneer at the mention of the GOP. Most of my family were Democrats. Matter of fact, don’t remember any Republicans. They must’ve been mute. Dwight Eisenhow always reminded me of my maternal Gramps. I don’t think Gramps appreciated it but I meant the comparison to be flattering. Didn’t much like Ike’s snotty sidekick, Dick Nixon. Nixon always lookedl like the class tattle-tale.

    Today’s GOP is fractured, on life support. They need some good surgeons to extract the bile.

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  2. Somehow, I have doubts that Eisenhower would have cozied up to Trump, who is glorified center table in this painting, much like Christ at the Last Supper. Trump embodies all that Ike warned us against.

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  3. Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln partying with Trump! Even Gerald Ford. Not imaginable. Even Nixon would have a hard time stomaching Trump – a Russian stooge.

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  4. I actually used to be a Republican. Gee Dubya cured me of that. The guy they are supporting as president these days makes Gee Dubya look like a goddamn genius. And I no longer recognize the party I once belonged to. It’s mind blowing the things that they are okay with now.


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