Nothing Has Changed Since Winston Churchill Said It


The Midterm Election’s warm glow of victory and its cold agony of defeat last Tuesday night lasted until Wednesday morning. That’s when formerly besieged, belittled and begrudged Democrats, who took back the House of Representatives from the raging Red Staters, swore to move the country forward despite Trumpian politics.

Incensed Trumpleforeskin threatened to retaliate against the Dems if they dared investigate him. For emphasis Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and temporarily replaced him with Matthew Whitaker, the former legal counsel of a shutdown company the Justice Department said swindled ordinary people out of almost $26 million.

The Reds think he is a fine addition to the Trumpian swamp lizards’ inner circle. How the swindler’s mouthpiece managed to obtain work in the upper echelons of the Justice Department desperately needs to be plumbed. How he got to be the Acting Attorney General of the United States can only be the stuff of nefarious political legends.

Across the country on the evening of Nov. 7, tired of it all protesters were out in force demanding the Russian investigation move forward despite the appointment of another Trumpian clone creature so soon after the evil elf departed.  The protesters suspected not is all right.  Who the protesters are demanding assurances from is not as clear as who is the enemy. Although Whitaker probably has no legal standing, the Republicans still control everything and will until the third week of January, 2019. Only a court challenge can remove him for the time being.

Even so, the spur-of-the-moment protests were a nice gesture in the face of desperate Donald, who yesterday celebrated another symbolic gesture Paris, the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, the so-called “war to end all wars.” Trump loves nothing like a good parade, even if he can’t be king.

There wasn’t even time to clean up the elf poo before Trump’s decision to replace his arse-licking pixie with an alleged lying extortionist who was already facing opposition— including the husband of loyalist White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and anyone with a brain. As this story is being written political pundits, politicians and legal experts are lining up to say why or why not Trump can interfere with an investigation his former attorney general recused himself from to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. It seems to many, Trump has finally lost his mind.

Behind the grand patois of politics, the country is facing a looming Constitutional crisis that can’t go anywhere without Senate cooperation, and that will work out about as well as World War I.

Whitaker’s public biography says he served as a Senate confirmed U.S. Attorney in the George W. Bush administration and served as Chief of Staff to the U.S. Attorney General since September 22, 2017. Whitaker ran in the 2014 Iowa Republican primary for United States Senate, finishing in fourth place. More recently, Whitaker says he wrote opinion pieces and appeared on talk-radio shows and cable news as director of an unnamed conservative nonprofit organization.

“The truth is there was no collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign,” Whitaker said in an interview on “The Wilkow Majority,” a conservative political talk radio show, in summer 2017, the Daily Beast reported. Since being associated with Trump as chief of staff to the director of the FBI, Whitaker has become a poster boy for the diminishing witch hunt crowd. Whether his tenure as acting director of the Justice Department will last as long as Anthony Scaramucci’s term as White House Communications Director is open to debate.

Scaramucci had the nation talking a week into his tenure after an expletive-rich interview with a The New Yorker’s reporter. Ten days after hired, he was fired by Trump at the behest of the White House Chief of Staff , dug-in former Marine general John Kelly, for speaking ill of in-house staffers.

Facing the malingering president when he gets back to reality from tripping the light fantastic in Paris,  are the serious overseas problems, domestic problems, climate problems, infrastructure problems, Fed problems, Cabinet problems and a majority constituency that Tuesday made a point of saying “we despise you.” Come January however, he can’t simply dip onto the public trough for more funds whenever he has a whim.

Whether the new House can reign in the wannabe monarch or fall aside as useless as teats on a boar hog will be interesting to watch. The current Congress has enough time before the long holiday hiatus to condemn each other, spit across the aisle, and wish one and all a holiday full of ill will before the Blue Tide rushes in. What happens after January will rest heavily on the Democrat’s stewardship of the House.

The Democrats will control the purse strings, they will finally have unfettered subpoena power, and they get to elect the Speaker, third in line for the presidency. There will be no rich Republican donors to blame, no conservative ideologues to point to for skewing the national dialogue, and no place to run. If the Democratic Party fails, it is the fault of the people who put them there for not keeping tabs on their elected officials.

Whether the high point of the rising Blue Tide will peak before or after it reaches the swamp immersing the White House in deep doo-doo will be a question of Democratic leadership. Does veteran California Dem Rep. Nancy Pelosi still have the chops to again get elected Speaker and to take on Trump’s putrefying presence. Publicly at least, that will be determined in early 2019. In the meantime, it is up to the newly elected politicians to keep their voices raised in opposition to Trump’s ever more grandiose visions of himself.

Winston Churchill once said about the victorious aftermath of an important World War II battle: “It is not even the beginning of the end but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Nothing has changed.


8 thoughts on “Nothing Has Changed Since Winston Churchill Said It

  1. Whitaker has to go. But, more than that, we can’t rest on our laurels with old school democrats who need a break in service as I believe in term limits. Nancy Pelosi will be a disaster as a reinstated Speaker of the House. The newest elected members of Congress and the Senate need to also be championed as the future of the Party.

    While I’m not saying Ocasio-Cortez should be the new Speaker, we absolutely need anyone but Pelosi leading the House. She’s had her day, and the DAC also need to heed the voices within its party championing fresh voices vs. just being the same, tired, entrenched voices that have also outstayed tgeir welcome.

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  2. Today I learned that the candidate I canvassed for and voted for- Kyrsten Sinema- won. An openly bisexual woman. And a Democrat. She won- in deep red Arizona! And just for today, and maybe tomorrow, I just want to be happy. There will always be more work to do and more adversity to overcome. And it’ll still be there waiting for me. But for now…just happy.


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