Cadet Bone Spurs dodges our vets

After a period of several days when Donald Dementia waged war against the media, it was no surprise that he turned his guns on some other target just to shake things up.

But I don’t think anyone fathomed that he might give the military a reason to doubt that he had its back. And man, they must be shaking their heads.

The president flew all the way to France to participate in the ceremonies marking the centennial of November 11, 1918, when the guns of World War I fell silent, ending the slaughter all across Europe of soldiers of many nations. But it couldn’t be about peace, of course; it had to be about Mr. Dementia.

Moments after arriving in France he began to Tweet-slap French leaders, and others. Curiously, he gave the president of Russia a pass. They must share something.

Anyway, conservative leaders such as David Frum joined many others aghast as events spun out of control.

“…Trump willfully insisted on an unnecessary trip to France to mark the WWI centenary – then once he got there shirked on grounds of weather the job of honoring those who fought and died in rain and mud 100 years ago.” Frum tweeted.

Not surprisingly, the White House has been unable to settle on a story for why Mr. Dementia showed his ass to the whole world. Then again, the whole world has seen it before.

He blamed the Secret Service for the canceled visit, claiming that Marine One, perhaps the most advanced chopper in the world, couldn’t fly in the rain. He said, too, that Paris is a bear to get a motorcade through, which might be so. But every other world leader managed to attend, as French TV news pointed out with a large dollop of delight.

And then he came back home on Monday, the official Veterans Day holiday, and chose not to visit Arlington cemetery. Vice President Mike Trump wasn’t there either, and I’m left to wonder when was the last time neither the president nor the vice president was at Arlington on the day we have designated to honor our veterans. I’m sure it’s happened before, but I would be surprised if it was recently.

And I wonder what the Republican reaction would have been if President Obama and Vice President Biden had both skipped the memorial. (I also suddenly wonder if Obama might have showed up there this year, had he gotten an inkling that his successor was planning a no-show.)

Anyway, here’s a quick list of reasons you may feel free to surmise that Mr. Dementia gives as much of a flip about our military as he does about, say, those people in the middle class who believe he engineered a tax cut for them.

During Vietnam, he got five draft deferments. (I don’t know if that’s the record, but I know he’s tied with Dick Cheney in this “event.”) One deferment came to him because he “suffered” from bone spurs. I have reason to suspect he’s lying about the bone spurs because I used to have two of the things. I got one cut off and decided the recuperation was enough of a pain that I’d just live with the other one as long as possible, which I still do. Anyway, Mr. Dementia was once asked which foot had a bone spur. He responded that he couldn’t remember. They just went away. Riiiiight!
He has been president for two years now, but he has yet to visit the troops in hostile environs. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he’s afraid to go there. Maybe he could send his wife.
I’m used to presidents using the troops as props. George W. Bush was especially adept, especially after 9/11, but Mr. Dementia is really a galling character. And it doesn’t get any worse than sending American troops to the U.S. border to erect barbed wire and promise to shoot anyone who throws rocks. (For the record, the troops said they wouldn’t do it.)

But he is just a poor man’s neocon, a guy who never served, but during the campaign was supremely interested in our nuclear arsenal (I wonder how much of that he passed along to Mr. Putin) and wanted to know why in hell we couldn’t nuke somebody if we wanted to. He’s weak and cowardly, and his actions in France showed once again just how weak and cowardly he is.

In a piece on the website Veterans Today, a writer named Johnny Punish offered three “educated guesses” for the presidential no-show: Bathroom challenges, brought on by some old reheated KFC; bad hair, bought on by Melania messing up his hair when she heard the new story about the payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal; and a possible Indictments Emergency, triggered by a phone call from a weeping Donnie Jr. He was probably busy brainstorming strategy with Rudy Giuliani.

Feel free to play along. My own top three guesses are bone spurs – not his own, but someone else’s he heard about – or he was enjoying a Royale with Cheese from a Paris McDonald’s (think Pulp Fiction), or he was busy on the phone with Sean Hannity and didn’t realize the time.

We’re stuck with this guy for two more years. If we don’t get rid of him then, like we would a turkey infected with salmonella, then we’re in deep trouble as a country.

2 thoughts on “Cadet Bone Spurs dodges our vets

  1. I read that he skipped the event in France because he didn’t want his hair to get wet. The article quoted a white house staffer as saying the president wanted to eat cheeseburgers, watch TV, tweet, and stay out of the rain. I also read that President Obama did go to Arlington on Monday, walked around, talked to families who were visiting veterans’ grave sites, and offered encouragement and thanks.

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