Calling All White Men

Donald Trump and the Republican Cult of White Men.

One cannot turn on the news or follow social media without the impression that there are serious problems in America.  I try not to freak out over every headline. I often remind myself that things have always been this way, there have always been struggles, wars, problems, evils in the world. It just seems like there’s more of it today, but then I remind myself that the Romans used to watch lions devour Christians in a public arena for sport, so at least there’s not that. Somehow society decided there was a line.

Most people are decent, I tell myself. Most people want certain things in life, a family, a career, a few bucks in the bank, and most people realize others want that, too. They can empathize. They don’t get in the way of someone else’s dream.

Most people.

Show me a Trump rally and I’ll show you some white male idiots.

For some, however, it’s all about the competition. Win at all costs. Elevate the self and annihilate the competition.  Throw the Christians to the lions, so to speak. Such behavior is sometimes rewarded — it can get you elected as president of the United States.

Society sees the accumulation of wealth and power and rewards the recipient with accolades, more wealth and more power. Society encourages behavior that represses and subjugates. It rewards selfishness, ruthlessness, and greed. The American Dream has morphed into the need to destroy the other and elevate the self.

There are movements that have developed in direct opposition to this kind of America. Lots of them.

The Me Too Movement, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights,  immigration assistance, alternative energy, animal rights, advocates for children and the elderly, healthcare reform, voting rights, incarceration reform, environmental protection and gun reform are all examples.

The suppressed are fighting back. They are fighting on all fronts to level the playing field. The suppressed are calling out and holding accountable their oppressors. People are fighting for their right to the American Dream, the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. They are fighting for their humanity.

But who are the oppressed? Who are the oppressors?

(And here’s the part where I am about to get trolled)

My darling white men, sweet lovely, angelic faced deities, you are the problem. You are the oppressors.  You are NOT the oppressed. When will you face the truth?  When will you realize that you win, not because you are the best, but because you have all the advantages?  Everything is stacked in your favor and you make all the rules. You are privileged. Don’t get mad. Don’t go on a rant calling me a liberal feminazi bitch, whether that’s true or not.

Join the fight. Listen. Don’t defend, Be open to change. Be open to your own personal evolution. Call out your brothers. Demand better. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Know that when you defend those deemed weaker than you, you do not diminish yourself, rather you elevate us all. You become a better human.

The day of reckoning is upon us. Change is coming. Which side of history (or herstory or ourstory) do you want to be on? You can honor your toxic masculinity and privileged white maleness or you can honor your humanity. You can stand up for those who are oppressed. You can use your privilege for good. It’s your choice. It’s OK to make a change. Liberal feminazi bitches will welcome you to the ranks.  We are not on opposing sides, because in the end we all want the same things. We want our dignity and we want a future for humanity.

14 thoughts on “Calling All White Men

  1. I live in Ohio, which, with the House’s passage of the most restrictive reproductive rights law in the country, is a scary place to be. The governor may veto the bill if it passes in the senate. Don’t know if they have enough votes to override. But next year, the governor is another scary old white man.

    I knew we were in deep shit when the 2016 election was called. I, who tend to be optimistic, didn’t know how deep. However, the deeper the shit gets, the taller my boots become. I’m here for the long run. Head held high, feet planted on the ground. I really think we’re going to be ok.

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  2. Nicely done except I don’t know any of those white guys. The white guys, brown guys and black guys I know don’t get to change shit. The presumption we have any more voice than women do is specious. We just talk louder. The old white guys running America come from a class that doesn’t exist socially anymore, only economically. White guys don’t have the numbers, rich guys do. If one isn’t in the big money club they are irrelevant unless providing grease to lube the machine.

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    1. N.R., What’s w / the Avto’ Kalash’-1947 ? IF Dem (like ME) surely no NRA zombie. Despised NRA since 22 November 1963. 6.5mm was ordered from NRA’s “American Rifleman”.
      I was 22 & a gun hobbyist for almost 10 years even then. Coitus ’em !


  3. “Which side of history (or herstory or ourstory)”

    Great article and I am not one of the OWG(s) [Old White Guys) who will troll you. This is one of my daily “Go To” sites and I rarely disagree with anything here. In this case, I only disagree with PC (political correctness) as far as language. When language should be changed because it has become genuinely offensive, I agree with those changes. Genuinely offensive. Not from someone who has created a micro-aggression for the purpose of promoting their name on the internet or to carve out a subfield of an obscure academic undiscipline they hope to create.

    I am not criticizing you or your post. You are acknowledging something that exists, attempts to correct language in hopes that change will affect perspectives and behavior. It is just I feel the example cited is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    Bill Shakespeare should know, he invented the language.

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    1. Language is fluid. It morphs and changed with time and wisdom. Shakespeare’s head would explode with our modern language. There are subtle subversions everyday in our language that favors some over others. I merely want to make you think not change or make the language politically correct. I just want my white male compadres to think outside of themselves and view the other

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  4. I am Cherokee and Blackfeet. And I look it with my dark red skin, especially during the summer time. And you want to hear what I go through by these Whtie Supremacists?

    I get screamed at I need to go back to Mexico, or even the Middle East.

    I get told that the white man was the superior force and we natives were the savages and that we deserved what we got. That they were actually teaching us how to be civilized, by slaughtering us, stealing our lands, stealing our children and putting them into Christian schools where they were beaten, raped, starved and outright murdered to turn them into good white Christian people.By making us do 1,000 mile death marches to what they called reservations, but what we still call concentration death camps. And then? They slaughtered all the buffalo and our other game we needed to survive on, to further starve us to death and continue their extermination of all Native Americans in North, Central and South America, basically committing the worst act of mass genocide in recorded human history.

    I get told to go back to the reservation, drink my firewater, beat my wife and kids, collect my casino checks, etc.

    Oh and I wonder how many people actually know or realize? That we Natives were denied our own religious and spiritual rights…even on the pains of death….until 1974.

    And we Natives? Are told again again? That hey, stop living in the past, stop being so mad at us. But? Got no problem constantly reminding us how we should never forget their Civil War to keep slaves, or even 9/11. Yet? To this day?

    Our lands are still being stolen: Two white senators from Arizona stole sacred Native burial grounds to give to an out of the country mining company to strip mine there, or the problem at Standing Rock where peaceful Natives protesting a nasty oil pipeline being forced through their sacred lands and burial grounds? Were beaten, maced, and fire hosed and arrested for doing so. And? That pipeline that was forced through these lands? Have leaked their nasty oils into our lands and waterways, but hey, so what huh? Or how about the NFL building another one of their stadiums in Ohio over ancient Native American burial grounds.

    White ignorant people have been busted, destroying sacred Native artifacts, destroying sacred Native things when they come upon them. Ever hear of those ancient Aztec lines? Well white loser racers thought so little of those? They held a race on them and destroyed much of those Aztec lines. They have gone to Mayan and Aztec sacred sites and destroyed them.




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