Don’t give us your lip, Donald

His is the pout that’s known ‘round the world. It thrills his worshippers and chills his enemies.

We’re discussing Delusional Donald “The Lip” Trump’s childish sulking posture, struck when he doesn’t get his way. The only things missing are sucking his thumb and falling to the floor, kicking and screaming.

We’ve all seen spoiled children throw these tantrums, usually at the most embarrassing venues. You just wanna paddle their butts, but we’re supposed to walk away and ignore them.

Disgustingly, we and the world can’t walk away from Pouting Don’s embarrassing tirades. Maddeningly, we, the adult voters, can only watch and be embarrassed.

There are those among you who have suddenly become “concerned” that “The Lip” Trump seems to be in a sulking funk more often.

Some even are openly opining that recent images of him sitting alone, looking slovenly and pouty, suggest he may have become mentally disturbed.

Donnie’s lip dragging is nothing new, dear readers. Likely it’s a lifelong trait. Unprofessionally proven or researched because, honestly, it would take too much effort, we pile on.

He’s been referred to as “The Little Boy President.” There’s even a #ToddlerinChief Twitter hashtag.

In June 2018 at the G-7 conference, “The Lip” went into his now classic arms across- the-huge-chest, lips hanging, mouth in a  baby- pout posture. It was the tantrum seen and parodied across world media.

But the most disturbing recent image of Trump was taken in France during the Hundred Year Commemoration ceremony at the Suresnes American Cemetery near Paris  two weeks ago.

He had refused to attend the ceremony marking the Armistice that ended World War I because it was raining in Paris. The event, some 80 miles distant, was attended by leaders of  other nations.

Trump was attacked and ridiculed worldwide for his ludicrous excuse. Essentially, he was shunned and became Pouty Donald.

Donald’s enfant terrible portrait is best written with photographs, and here are a couple more pictures  to prove it:

5 thoughts on “Don’t give us your lip, Donald

  1. He is most definitely a total prick. Thank you for these tantrum visuals, unfortunately they disgust me When will this outrage end? Please do not stop degrading him, the truth really does help. #handcuffs

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  2. it amazes me the lows we’re at with basic decorum in this country. The terrible pouty posture and an inch away from tantrum is so right on. I used to call his normal squinty gaze the “constipated bulldog” because that’s what he looks like, a wannabe ferocious animal that just needs to take a dump–SOMEHOW.

    Sheesh, you’d think a man in his seventies would get over life’s little disappointments, but I guess this proves to the rest of us that being born on third base doesn’t give you many personal legs up.

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  3. The first time I saw that infantile scowl I was certain that it was Photoshopped. Because a grown adult- and the president for chrissakes!- just couldn’t show a face like that to America and the world. Right? Right?

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