Order now! Trump’s Greatest Hits!

— Skye Hunter/The Shinbone Star

For the first time anywhere, Fox News and K-Tel present the Donald-you-all-know-and-love in a new compilation of Trump’s Greatest Hits.

Yes, such crowd pleasers as “Crooked Hillary,” “MAGA” and “Build the Wall” are available for the first time on CD, vinyl and 8-track for those of you who insist on living in the past.

And of course, there are other unforgettable refrains, like the ever-popular “End the Witch Hunt,” “The Press Is the Enemy” and “A Caravan of Killer Babies Is Coming to Rape You.”

In addition to these fan favorites, you’ll find new material, including “Baby It’s Cold Outside (So there’s obviously no global warming)” and “This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Me.”

Order now, and you’ll receive a bonus disc of cover versions, performed as only Donnie can do them.

You’ve never heard “Stormy,” “Liar Liar,” “I’m Dreaming of An All White Christmas” or “Daddy’s Little Girl” until you’ve heard Donnie’s rendition of these classics.

This special offer is available for a limited time only. So get out your credit card and call NOW! Hurry, before Donnie embarks on his farewell tour.


18 thoughts on “Order now! Trump’s Greatest Hits!

  1. Is it available on streaming music? Us boys in stir at the Big House especially love A Caravan of Killer Babies Is Coming To Rape You. It sounds so much like fun. Thanks Donnie.

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  2. “Regarding your entry regarding the record album, well, that made me smile. And it’s good in a time when most people are angry and bitter over politics it’s about time that there’s a few laughs, a little comedy”.



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