‘Twitter and the Monkey Man’

The election has come and gone, Canadian and American Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, snow is falling for most of us . . . and we are all still waiting for it to happen. No, not Christmas, we’re waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to wrap things up, and although he took another step in that direction just a couple of days ago, we’re still waiting for a giant red bow tied around the investigation, and a gleaming set of handcuffs on Dotard Drumph’s greasy palms.

At times, coverage of the Russia investigation seems to go away, and then all of a sudden there it is again. Such an ebb and flow is bound to happen when you have The Big Orange One ordering the tear-gassing of women and children at the border while pouting that he’s been left out by his “besties” at the G20 Summit. It can be easy to forget that Trump and his so-called loyal comrades are being investigated for criminal activity while The Orange Monkey Man bullies his supposed allies in to a painful new NAFTA agreement, complete with a confusing acronym. But while The Toddler In Chief was carrying on with his tariffs and tax breaks (sorry BFFs only), his hate-filled, typo-plagued tweets and his constant lying, Mueller was quietly doing his job.

Of course, the best part about getting this investigation all wrapped up is that Trump seems to want to help Mueller tie that big red bow. The Orange Monkey Man just can’t help himself; he can’t keep away from anything Russian no matter how many times his advisers say nyet. This latest helpful attempt may be his best one yet!

It’s entirely plausible that kids could one day be reading in the history books how that little blue bird in the Twitter logo took down the 45th president in 140 characters or less:

And for your viewing pleasure, here is Kellyanne Conway’s husband George stepping in to this hot mess.What fun! Sadly, his subtle reference to the federal statute is clever yet useless; Trump won’t understand it. Also, something tells me George might be sleeping on the sofa for a while:
Who would have thought that politics would be played out in such a pathetically entertaining way? It feels like a lifetime ago that politicians and presidents held mature, intelligent press conferences or televised addresses to the people like real grown-ups. Then again, there has never been a president who believes his own bullshit and behaves like he’s competing on Amateur Hour for the World Wrestling Federation. The phrase, “obstruction of justice” doesn’t get thrown around just for the hell of it. It’s a serious accusation that The Orange Monkey Man will be too ignorant to notice.
Twitter, meanwhile, just keeps pushing on with ridiculous, with PUBLIC tweets from the Don Jrs, Sean Spicers and Roger Stones of the world. I wonder if the GOP even cares anymore that their political party has been reduced to a TMZ-style propaganda machine that no longer stands for anything except Trump?
On that note, we shall finish up with this little gem:

So it’s official: The mafia is smarter than the current con man occupying the White House.

Twitter says so.

I miss Tony Soprano.


19 thoughts on “‘Twitter and the Monkey Man’

      1. oooh yes. Forgot about those passive aggressive assholes that constantly shit everywhere. An animal that shits that much is just plain evil.
        Also, our country seems to have what feels like 99% (It’s probably like 75%) of the world’s worst drivers; it’s a high possibility DJ could get run over by a rogue Canuck rushing home in his giant SUV to watch the hockey game!

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