The Strange Tale of ‘Coffee Boy George’ Part 2: Percolation

When we last saw our “hero,” George Papadopoulos, he was entering the federal prison camp in Oxford, Wisconsin for a two week stretch. However, Prisoner #91344-083 has now been released from the FCI Oxford “medium security federal correctional institution,” according to the BOP website.

The pre-prison Papadopoulos went in protesting right up until the bars slammed shut. Pinched for lying to the FBI, the coffee boy/foreign adviser to the Trump 2016 campaign fancied himself an American hero.

In fact, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller said Papadopoulos undermined their investigation and slowed it down. They said Georgie along with his wife, an Italian attorney had lied, thus necessitating jail time for him.

However, for Papadopoulos, a true believer, the special counsel probe is a nothing but a witch hunt against Trump, a byproduct of the deep state left over from the last administration.

Just prior to his incarceration, Papadopoulos led the resistance for those imprisoned or implicated for their dealings with The Donald and his shady presidential campaign. In doing so, “#PapaDrop” as his 74,000 Twitter followers call him, firmly joined the ranks of his non-cooperative supervisor, Paul Manafort, who destroyed his plea deal with Mueller the day after Georgie went in the clink. Other members of the True Believers Club include conservative writer Jerome Corsi, who said he would rather die in jail than testify, and Trump confidante Roger Stone, who also said he would not testify against the president.

PapaDrop crowed about never “flipping” on Trump and claimed to have “exposed the corruption” of Mueller’s investigation. He pushed for an investigation of the FISA warrants that first forced him, along with fellow White House aide Carter Page into the FBI’s spotlight. His page raised $16,323 toward a goal of $250,000, yet he marveled at the overwhelming support from America and vowed to fight on against what he has claimed was a frame job on Trump perpetuated by the former President Barack Obama.

The 31-year-old Trumper said his involvement with Joseph Mifsud, an academic with alleged high-level Russian ties, were misconstrued and was an attempt by the British, Australians and the Obama administration to discredit Trump.

All that was a long ago in Trump Time, however, and our naughty little Java Lad had 14 days to percolate over what would be his next move.

While Papadopoulos cooled his heels in jail, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty — again — and Mueller recommended that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn be given no jail time for his cooperation with the probe. In addition, last week’s sentencing memo from the Southern District of New York openly implicated Trump in Cohen’s felony and seemed to suggest that greed and the proposed Trump Tower Moscow may be been the pretext for collusion with the Kremlin.

It wouldn’t matter. Papadopoulos would never believe such allegations were anything more than a plot to ensnare his former boss. As you read this, he has been free for several days, but evidently exited the clink with a renewed drive to pay his exorbitant legal bills.

Since his release, he and his wife, Simona Mangiante, have become the focus of an upcoming docu-series produced by FGW productions. Papadopoulos is also eyeing a 2020 run for Congress in Orange County, Calif.

His release only reintroduced long-held questions.

Is he the high-level asset and international player with his finger on the pulse of the Israeli energy market that he and his wife say he is? Or is he a coffee boy, not at all tied to Trump’s upper level Cabinet members in search of money and fame?

To hear him tell it, he is not only an asset, but the target of an international conspiracy to stop the Trump presidency.

In late November, just weeks after he’d testified before House Republicans, Papadopoulos proudly told the world what a patriot and freedom fighter he had been by attempting to fight his jail time. He openly called for the House Committee to investigate both former FBI Director James Comey and former Obama-era Attorney General Loretta Lynch for what he said was their misuse of FISA warrants.

His cause gained traction, and both Comey and Lynch were subpoenaed to appear before a panel of Democrats and Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee.

After fighting the subpoena, Comey testified before House lawmakers in a closed-door session, which ranking Republicans said frustrated their efforts to learn more about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

Comey went public about his appearance, telling an audience at the 92nd Street Y in New York City that he hopes for a Democratic landslide victory in 2020.

Trump fired Comey in 2017 over the beginnings of the probe into Russian election interference and lashed out at him for his secret testimony, dubbing the once top lawman as “Leakin’ James Comey.” Comey is expected to again appear before the committees on Dec. 17.

Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said he expects the next hearing to focus more on alleged abuses of FISA warrants. The additional interrogation was consistent with Papadopoulos’ request and the Trump conspiracy theory that paints the Mueller probe as a witch hunt.

Papadopoulos began his journey into American politics in 2015 when he joined the presidential campaign of then-candidate Ben Carson. In February of 2016, he left the Carson campaign to join Trump’s — he landed a job as director of the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources, Law and Security at the London Centre of International Law Practice. Mifsud was listed as the center’s board of advisers.

PapaDrop became the focus of the FBI and other spy agencies after a meeting with Mifsud in London during the spring of 2016. Mifsud also met Papa in Rome in March of 2016 and said he was interested in joining Team Trump. The professor offered him contact with Russians, contacts in Latin America and in the European Council.

According to media reports, Mifsud taught at Link Campus University in Rome, which offers degrees in performing arts and fashion, but also provides a course in cybersecurity engineering and international studies. The CIA and FBI have sent their officers there to hear lectures on cybersecurity.

In Papadopoulos’ plea he said he first believed Mifsud to have deep ties to the Russian government. Downplaying this fact about his talks with Mifsud when interviewed by the FBI is what caused Georgie to perjure himself.

Prior to his prison stint, Papadopoulos changed his tune on Mifsud and believed he instead was a spy for either the British or Australian government.

In a Nov. 26, 2018 tweet, he spelled out his belief that he was being imprisoned for his alleged “Russian contacts,” and stated that he’d never met a Russian official in his life. In addition, without any proof, he charged that Mifsud was also on the payroll of murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He said the Mifsud-Khashoggi “connection was much deeper than many realize,” and claimed to have witnessed the connection in London.

On Dec. 8, he spoke at the “American Priority Conference” in Washington. He used the occasion to announce his upcoming book: “Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump.”

Fiercely loyal and still attempting earn a place on Trump Island, it is unclear why Team Trump would only call him a low-level volunteer, a coffee boy and someone who was acting on his own accord.

If Papadopoulos was indeed an asset, one sent to Europe to do what he does, then why not openly say it?

For now, only Georgie and Donnie know the true answer, but from our perspective, it appears another example of the Team Trump policy of lie first and ask questions later.

At press time, PapaDrop was back under FBI scrutiny due to a letter claiming Georgie coordinated a meeting with Russians following the Trump 2016 victory. The author of the anonymous letter communicated with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) —  the incoming chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence — back in November and accused Papadopoulos of hatching another plot to bring in money for Trump and himself via Russia.

The mysterious author is expected to travel to Washington to meet with the Mueller team in the coming weeks.

In the end, it is still not clear whether Papadopoulos was an asset meeting with spies or just a guy sent out to get someone’s caramel macchiato — the world may never know for sure.

For now, you can still contribute to his page or pre-order his book — it’s available on for just $28.99.


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