The Trump Dump: Trump’s Dumped!

The good news about recent debacles is that it seals Trump’s doom. How so? I’ll get there in a minute.

First let’s dispense with any imputation of Trumpian strategy to the pre-Christmas disasters.

“Deliberate Chaos” it’s been called, as analysts struggled to find motive and pattern in a week of unparalleled disasters — Wall Street collapse, colossal foreign policy blunders, resignation of the last sane man in Trump’s Cabinet, and the attempted firing of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board — all, we are asked to believe, in a successful attempt to distract attention from the ever-expanding list of Trump crimes revealed by the Mueller investigation.

Imputing strategy to the imperious whims of an incompetent, borderline imbecilic Chief Executive gives him far more credit than he deserves. And even if true, the strategy has backfired. Hugely.

So it is that the chances of 20 Republican senators jumping ship to confirm the inevitable House impeachment just escalated from long shot all the way to more than likely.

Here’s why 20 or more of the requisite Senate Republicans for enacting impeachment are now inclined to find the motivation — if not the morality — to can the chief executive:

  1. It’s the Economy, Stupid — Whatever his crimes, Trump could hold onto Republican fat cat support as long as the economy he goosed by upping the federal debt by more than 10 percent kept up its surge. But now that Trump’s instability has wreaked havoc on financial markets and engineered the most alarming downturn since the Great Depression, he’s lost the loyalty of the robber barons who bankroll the Republican Party.
  2. Electile Dysfunction — Two years of Trump disasters led Republicans to the worst midterm setback in 44 years. Any faith in the viability of a Trumpian Party has been destroyed.
  3. The Day-Care Crisis — As Trump’s rages approach an unending tantrum and his mercurial decision-making takes on truly catastrophic consequence for America’s role in the world, the last adult has left the executive romper room with General Mattis’ resignation. Republicans who have seen more of Trump’s mania than anyone, must be trembling at the prospect of the damage an unchecked Trump will do to America’s very survival. We all should be.
  4. Standing Up To The Bully — Like his staff, Republican legislators have endured unending abuse, grandstanding and lying. The hope of using Trump for their own agenda faded long ago. Only the control of primaries by the Trump base has kept them in line for many months. Senators must be salivating at the chance to give Trump the finger, and the heave-ho.

A long two-year scrum with Trump offers Senate Republicans only painful punishments, since Trump wields his presidential power with unprecedented cruelty and abandon.

But continuing a reluctant embrace of Trump’s ever-more-unpopular lunacy promises Republican senators only a further shattering of the GOP’s popularity. A third of senators will be up for re-election in 2020. Republican re-election chances can only be dimmed by a ticket led by the most unpopular president in modern times.

The quick and unexpected endorsement of impeachment short-circuits Trump’s vindictive torture machine. It gives senators an opportunity to reject an unpopular leader. As Trump’s complicity in money-laundering, tax evasion, emolument violations, perjury, collusion, obstruction of justice AND election fraud is established, GOP impeachment supporters can assert their claim to a long-lost moral high ground. In truth, all of Trump’s manifest (and Manafort) crimes would be overlooked by Republican senators if only the Dow Jones was up 1,000 points and Trump’s rating up 15 points. But those numbers keep sinking daily.

What’s more, confirming impeachment and tossing Trump would give Republican congressmen a leader they could trust and perhaps even control; a leader already more popular than the incumbent; a leader whose own election chances will be bolstered by two years of relative stability and competence as Chief Executive. After all, it’s all but impossible to be a WORSE president than Donald Trump.

Give it six months. Then All Hail President Pence.

A mindless mannequin homophobic zealot running America is no cause for celebration.

But it could be worse. It already is.

9 thoughts on “The Trump Dump: Trump’s Dumped!

  1. Psycho Don invited the GOP to use the “nuclear option” to get funding for his wall. Turtleboi McConnell himself declined that invitation. I like to think that this means the GOP are finally waking up to the trainwreck that is the Trump Train. At any rate…from your keyboard to Gods’ ears.

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    1. You’re right that we don’t like him, but any delusion is reserved for those who still don’t believe that he’s broken any number of laws, any one of which should be an impeachable offense.


    2. It isn’t any personal dislike that drives the desire to impeach. He’s plainly a crook. He’s bilking you and me out of our hard earned tax dollars with his idiotic ‘vacations’ (more than any other Oval Office Occupant in history. He’s pocketing millions by going to his own estates—clearly illegal. He cozies to every disgusting dictator he meets. It costs $180,000 per hour to fly Air Force One. Roughly $3,000,000
      per trip. We pay for his staff, guests, etc, meals, lodging. He lies, cheats and steals, hourly.

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    3. Hardly the point of the piece. The reasons Republican senators might dump Trump have to do with the pressure he applies to them at the risk of losing primaries if they defy him. They don’t favor many of his policies, but are obliged to support them.

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  2. Well, he’s already an unindicted co-conspirator in an election fraud case. There are likely emoluments clause violations, tax evasion and possible collusion with a hostile foreign power to subvert our democracy, but let’s wait for the final Mueller report before getting too too specific about which charges ultimately stick.

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  3. Delusion is kind of in the eye of the beholder anyway. Impeachment is a political offense most times. Andrew Johnson for removing a cabinet member without Congress. Nixon resigned before a presumed impeachment and Clinton for lying to Congress. The difference with Trump is that anyone but the president, it appears, would have already been found guilty of many offenses. Cohen being found guilty is the litmus test. If you are a mob boss and your attorney or accountant goes down, so do you. Not too delusional.

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