Marsha Still Hates His Lips

For Trump, tonight’s address to the nation was about everything but a wall. For the Democrats it was about obstinance, unreasonableness and lying. What it wasn’t about was a flat rejection by either side for the proposals of the other.

Somebody really smart got to Trump. He is too pig headed to listen to people who know more about many things than he does otherwise. The fact that he mentioned the so-called “Wall” last, after a recitation of horrors designed to set the mood, suggests he is ready to abandon his lost cause by transforming it into another manufactured crisis waiting in the wings.

The Dems, on the other hand, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) so somber at the podium, looked like they were offering a requiem for a pathetic soul who had died unloved and soon to be forgotten in their rebuttal. People who despise Trump already know he is a gold-plated con man, but the people who don’t — have already fallen for his con. That is for what he will be remembered.

The term “con” was coined from the title “convict”. People in stir have lots of time to build a world they wished they lived in. Their purpose in life, already all alone and miserable, is for you to join them.

My 7th grade social studies teacher Mrs. Minnie Case used to tell us George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were very wise, not because of what they knew, but what they learned from others. Where does that leave Trump?

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