Trump’s empty Oval Office address served as more of the same bull

President Donald Trump opened his first Oval Office address by going right back to the folks he asked back in 2016, “What the hell do you have to lose?” I was surprised he didn’t mention criminal justice reform and black unemployment since they have become part of his greatest-hits list.

Criminal records? Last night he ran the fear-mongering script about the thousands of violent crimes committed by “illegals,” but never once mentioned that something as simple as a speeding ticket could be enough to get them deported.

It was more traditional fear mongering.

He spoke of a humanitarian “crisis of heart and soul” at the southern border while dripping crocodile tears for the human suffering his policies have enhanced. Anecdotes about human smugglers, rapists, and drug gangs guaranteed to scare the shit out of his base of angry, fearful white people.

Last night he tried to reassure them by promising to “Keep America safer than ever before.” Because of him and his booming economy, Trump said, the country is so great that all these illegals want to come here, take your job, steal your car and rape your daughters.

The president struggled with his delivery because he kept dropping tried and true rally applause lines; delivering them to a camera in an empty room doesn’t give him the jolt he craves. His presentation was filled with vacuous bullshit about money for what he calls  “humanitarian assistance,” but really means easier detentions and deportations.

He gave up on the concrete wall for a bullshit steel barrier, then trotted out some wall-will-pay-for-itself nonsense. Then the piece de resistance, “Mexico will pay indirectly for wall.” The “Big Beautiful Wall” is now “give me something I can call a wall.”

At least he can always blame the ills in American history on Democrats. He said that Democrats are un-American, have refused to acknowledge the crisis, and the partial government shutdown is because they won’t fund border security. But wealthy Democrats build walls around their homes, he said.

Trump wrapped with a reminder of the horrors brown people from South of the Border are wreaking on poor, defenseless hard-working MAGA-hat devotees, returning to a greatest-hits litany of murders by illegal immigrants.

Here’s one line verbatim:

“Raped, murdered, and beaten to death. So sad, so terrible.”

Then the patriotic word salad:

“American blood, Choice between right and wrong, Sacred duty, Swore to protect our country so help me God.”

Same old set list.

Same old lies.

Stick a fork in him . . . he’s done.

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