All and all another Dick and no Wall

Roger Stone strikes a Dick Nixon pose as he walks to microphones after his appearance at Federal Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.REUTERS/Joe Skipper

On a day first marked by the arrest and indictment of longtime confidante Roger Stone, President Donald J. Trump announced a deal to reopen government without anyone spending a dime on his border wall.

The plan, which was announced this afternoon in the Rose Garden, will pay 800,000 furloughed workers and temporarily re-open the government for three weeks, or until Feb. 15.

Trump said he expects Congress to pass the spending measure and that he will sign it.

Right-wing pundits, including the odious Ann Coulter, were already sharpening their emasculation knives for the president after he backed off for now on demands for his Big Beautiful Wall.

It was a rough day all around for Donnie, who felt Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion noose get a little more snug around his neck after the splashy morning raid on Stone’s Florida residence and the indictment of his bestie. The arrest represented the closest tie yet between Trump and WikiLeaks’ efforts to sabotage the 2016 presidential campaign of his opponent and rightful president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Read all the details and more in Saturday morning’s Trumplandia column, exclusively in The Shinbone Star.

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