The toddler-in-chief gets a time out


Just like any other mature (and sane) adult dealing with a spoiled, tantrum-throwing toddler, Nancy Pelosi was finally able to put Donald Trump in the timeout corner. It’s long overdue and well-deserved.

It wasn’t that hard, either. Basically, Nancy stood up to the man-child. When she said “no,” she meant “no.” You know, kind of like when our parents disciplined us before all the new rules of parenting sprouted up, along with the kiddie kale smoothies and organic cotton burp sheets. Democrats just need to stand their ground and let this giant orange baby cry about his damned wall. Ignore him, he’ll stop soon enough.

It will be interesting to see how things play out. Trump knows about as much as we do when it comes to Congress, and his ignorance shined through this past week. He might not even realize that he didn’t win. Or maybe he was just sick of “all that winning.”

I do hope all the people who proudly voted for this failure of a human being are now able to accept the giant error of their ways. You didn’t just vote in a non-politician, people; you voted for a sociopath, a narcissistic idiot who craves the spotlight at any cost. And the only “deal” he ever won was at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Well, this latest disgraceful mark on American politics is finally over — at least temporarily — and the hard-working government employees are finally getting back to work and collecting their back pay. How outrageous that the Trump Dynasty and hardcore Republicans felt the suffering of those workers was just a small “sacrifice — “a little bit of pain for the workers.”  Just go get a loan, or write an IOU at the local Piggly Wiggly — they know you’re good for it!


This shutdown is just another example of how Trump and his family/administration don’t give a shit about the country or its people. Maybe now his faithful base will see him for what he is — a con man who has stayed in one place too long. When everyone who voted for him said a businessman could do a better job running the country, they didn’t take in the fact that Trump’s way of business is to not pay people and then declare bankruptcy.

So go cash those government checks before they bounce, people. You got three weeks.

12 thoughts on “The toddler-in-chief gets a time out

  1. I almost (only almost!) kinda wish he would try another shutdown. Because it was such a winning tactic the first time, and improved his all-important poll numbers and ratings soooo much. Plus it’d be fun to watch Madame Speaker Pelosi dog-walk him again.

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  2. What worries is he’s had two years of almost daily ‘build the 🤬 Wall’ mantra and he still hasn’t STFU. Even his Trumplican Congress won’t placate him. The only wall he deserves is a big, tall, ugly one around his grave. Sign reading, “He persisted, they resisted.”

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    1. A big tall wall around his grave might still not be enough to keep people from getting in there to, um, *spit* on it. Because as we all know, walls don’t work.

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