Trump is a traitor, and democracy depends on recognizing that simple truth

D is for Donald.
It’s also for: deluded, detrimental, deceitful, disgusting, demented, daft, dumb, disparaging, debauched, despot, dictator, degrading, deplorable, degenerate, discredited, disgraceful, damaging, dire, draft dodger, dirty, diabolical, destructive, duplicitous, disingenuous, dishonourable, disturbed, dangerous, depraved and deadly.

T is for Trump.
It’s also for TRAITOR.

Last week we were witness to the unabashed, exhaustive testimony of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. It was just another event that in different times would have been considered unprecedented and bizarre. But we no longer live in those times. The garbage that spews daily from the White House is no longer obscene or unexpected. We have taken detrimental blows to our freedom of speech, our environment, our vulnerable population, our global reputation and our democracy. And we just keep taking the blows, as if this is somehow normal. It isn’t. It should never, ever be.

There is no honour among thieves and it doesn’t really matter what Trump’s former “fixer” revealed to the world. It doesn’t even matter whether he is believed or not. The damage was already done. And it was done long before the raid on Cohen’s office and long before the guilty pleas from former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former National Security Director Michael Flynn.

Of all the lies and abuses of power, of all the crimes committed and impeachable offenses made, the one that matters the most is the one that seems to be whispered or held back with some sort of political trepidation: the elephant in the White House that is treason.

And treason isn’t just reserved for Trump. No, the party that helped mold and create this wannabe autocrat is the guiltiest of all. The Republican Party sold its soul for an electoral victory and wound up destroying the ideals of the very country to which they supposed pledged their loyalty. Trump is really just the monster to the Republican Frankenstein.

— Scott Menchin for The New York Times

There is no doubt that Trump and his gang of greed-driven swindlers are guilty, but of what, exactly, we will have to wait and find out.

The end of Trump, however, will not signal a win. The threat to the United States and to other Democratic countries is imminent and consequential. After all is said and done, the fact is that America will remain vulnerable due to the willful ignorance of Trump and those who supported him. Trump’s decision to do nothing about Russian interference in an election and his audacity to hold private meetings with a known adversary are beyond criminal. It is simply treason.

The past two years have crawled along while we have been forced to watch the violation and desecration of a nation, once considered the superpower of democracy, but now degraded and torn apart from the inside out. Its own governing party betraying its Constitution and betraying its oath to the rest of the world.

And we ask ourselves: Is this a survivable event?

What will become of this great nation? What will become of democracy as a whole? Countries that continue to struggle for their freedom, once looking to America for guidance and support, are now discouraged and left alone in their fight. Totalitarian, fascist ideals are emboldened by the swift reversal of democratic ideals from America, the most influential country in the world. Checks and balances are either altered or no longer exist, and the global current of unrest is felt all over the world.

Trump isn’t the reason or even the catalyst for this strike against America. He is the symptom of a disease we all knew was there but chose to ignore. Now, no matter what happens to Trump and his troupe of traitors, the bigger questions remains: How does this nation come back from such a significant crisis? And how do we begin the daunting task of creating the change that is needed, not just in politics but within the very foundation of our society? Are we able to come back stronger and better, as a nation and as individuals privileged with freedoms that others don’t have? Can we turn this treasonous mark in our history into the moment when we, the people, choose to band together, united in the fight for democracy not just in America but all over the world? Will we fight for each other, and fight for the ones who need us most? Will we work together despite our differences?

— USA Herald

No matter what party we support and no matter how we feel about the current political climate, we must be able to have faith in the American institutions of justice. And no matter where we live, we must never waver in our faith in democracy. Because if we lose faith in the foundation of our very freedoms, we ultimately lose faith in our own humanity.

We must call Trump what he truly is: a traitor.

And we should be prepared to treat him as such. Democracy depends on it.

8 thoughts on “Trump is a traitor, and democracy depends on recognizing that simple truth

  1. Recall Trump and Pence. Impeachment will not work. Pence is there to pardon Trump like Ford pardoned Nixon. Recall and prosecute the nazi’s for treason in time of war, crimes against humanity, human trafficking. Prosecute the rest of his republican nazi inner circle of traitors for aiding and abetting their fascist overthrow of the United States.

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  2. As a Democrat who loves this country and thought our votes mattered. I will vote, God willing, but I can never trust what the Republi-klans may be doing to cheat us. I’ll always believe this was a well planned coue planned by Republiklans (sc) starting with gerrymandering, then keeping people from voting and not counting votes and having Russia doing the big fix, the electorial. This information is slowly coming out to be true. Trump and all his mafia cronies in the White House need to stand trial and go to prison. They probably started cheating in state elections to fill Congress and Senate seats so our hands were tied. Still are. Why should these lying cheaters get to decide who gets to see the outcome when they are the fixers. Truth is, haters, bigots in Republiklan party can only win by cheating. They committed treason and we are suffering for it.

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    1. It’s deplorable what he and his administration have done to you all. The world is on your side! We know the American people are suffering and that you dont’ share his treasonous enthusiasm for destroying the country.


  3. The fact that Turtleboi McConnell himself announced that the resolution to condemn Donnie’s bullshit emergency declaration would be passed in the Senate- meaning of course that a significant number of Republican senators agree with the resolution- might just possibly signal that at least some of them are (maybe) starting to come around. I despise the GOP even more now than when I dumped them (Gee Dubya, ’nuff said) but we will need some of them on board when the time comes to clean up this shitshow.

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