Whatever else he may be, Trump at least is not an ostrich

Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand like Trump often does — they wouldn’t be able to breathe! That exonerates Donald Trump from being an ostrich. Greater flamingos however do. They bury their bills and often their entire heads in wet sand to suck up muddy water looking for bottom feeders they thrive on.

That’s where Trump apparently feeds every day, feasting on the offal left at the bottom of the White House swamp by his Cabinet to fortify his ego. This is important because it helps explain why Trump is up to his ass in alligators and can still pretend that all is well in Mudville.

Monday Mr. Trump tweeted:

“Now that the long awaited Mueller Report conclusions have been released, most Democrats and others have gone back to the pre-Witch Hunt phase of their lives before Collusion Delusion took over. Others are pretending that their former hero, Bob Mueller, no longer exists!”

On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi allowed that Congress intends this week to subpoena the Mueller report and perhaps Attorney General William Barr as well. We will soon find out whether Barr represents Trump or the interests of the United States.

Meanwhile down at the southern border the hordes of dangerous Central Americans continue to flock to America for some of Uncle Sam’s newest iteration of Emma Lazarus’ famous poem of welcome:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free . . .”

Over the weekend Mr. Trump announced he intends to shut the border with Mexico and points south, perhaps as soon as Mike Mulvaney secures him a uninterrupted supply of avocados and cheap labor for his hotels and golf courses. His former personal chauffeur got busted by ICE so he needs a driver, too.

The pesky American Civil Liberties Union is after Mr. Trump again for stacking women, children and babies together like cordwood, to steal a cruel Korean War phrase, in cages under overpasses. Sunday the ACLU grabbed headlines for claiming the detention of migrants in outdoor pens was “an unprecedented and extreme violation.”

Overworked, stressed-out Border Patrol and ICE agents allegedly verbally and physically harmed migrants, forced them to stand for prolonged periods and deprived them of sleep and access to medical care. The same report said their warders had failed to provide the migrants with adequate food and water, even babies. Imagine that, starving babies!

The last time the U.S. government allowed excess like this to happen was in the U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison complex in Iraq. The country was outraged when it was learned that nice American kids were torturing Iraqi prisoners before sending home pictures of their torments.

They used vicious dogs on the prisoners, made them pose in obscene postures and crushed their will using sanctioned physical and sexual abuse. The government investigators concluded it all happened when overpopulation and being under-prepared caused events to get completely out of control.

There is a silver lining in that very dark cloud with Mr. Trump unexpectedly anointing the Republican Party as the political party of the greatest healthcare as soon as the White House draws up a plan. If that happens, the survivors of the overpass cages will be able to afford medical treatment if they haven’t fled in terror into the hinterlands evading their current helpers.

Except for revealing the men and women guarding America at the border are doing a great job, Mr. Trump ignored the press. He had returned to his favorite pastime of threatened border closings when not playing golf and verbally excoriating everybody who runs afoul of him.

He is particularly upset with the Democrats pushing forward with very public investigations into his ties to Russia. Hard as it is to believe, the Dems don’t seem to buy Barr’s four-page synopsis of Mueller’s report of his two-year investigation.

Perhaps some of them remember Barr’s role in the infamous, duplicitous, Iran-Contra affair that put a blemish on saintly President Ronald Reagan’s picturesque snout.

Barr was a key player in the Iran-Contra operation, a nefarious scheme by the CIA to use clandestinely imported cocaine to buy captured Iranian guns from Iraq and Israel to arm the anti-Sandinista “Contra” forces battling Sandinista Communists on the Nicaraguan border when Congress refused to fund it.

American pilots employed by the CIA claimed they were hired to pilot unmarked U.S.-owned C-123 transport aircraft from Colombian and Nicaraguan air strips filled with hemp bags full of a white powder that men in moon suits offloaded at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Their accounts were dismissed as fabrications.

Barr was arguably the most important member of the secret apparatus, allegedly managing the operation while ‘fixing” the legal end, ensuring that all of the operatives could do their jobs without fear of revelation. Sounds like pristine credentials to me!

Trump is meanwhile railing against congressional Democrats who have pledged to push forward with investigations into his apparent penchant for obstructing justice. Barr announced last month that Mueller’s investigation found no collusion and insufficient evidence for obstruction of justice charges.

During his first appointment as attorney general under canonized President George H.W. Bush, Barr implemented H.W.’s decision to grant clemency to people who implemented the Iran-Contra scheme. They include President Reagan’s former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, then waiting to go on trial for lying to Congress.

Democrats continue to present a unified, though moth-eaten front for waiting for the facts to come in before deciding whether or not to impeach Mr. Trump. All those lesser mortals convicted of crimes in Trump’s campaign were merely conducting personal criminal enterprises, except for Roger Stone. He has long been Mr. Trump’s court jester and disassembling buffoon

Still waiting nervously like a pregnant sow in a farrowing pen is the question of the 21st Century, so far at least. What did Mueller mean in his reported supposition that the investigation did “not conclude that the President committed a crime” but “also does not exonerate him”?

A good starting point would be at Ireland’s Blarney Stone. Go kiss it and find out.

3 thoughts on “Whatever else he may be, Trump at least is not an ostrich

  1. Part of me wishes they’d go ahead and impeach the bastard. But that’d be no guarantee of removing him from office. And even if he was, unless Pence goes too…Well. ¡No bueno! Pence is a fresh hell in his own right- and could be harder to beat in 2020, if only because he manages to keep his insanity under wraps most of the time.


  2. Reblogged this on Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth and commented:
    I find it so much easier to let other people say what I’m thinking. It’s a lot less exhausting than writing these things myself. And you know the WORST thing (personally) about all this mess? It has ruined my retirement. It has taken then relaxation and dredged it with dirt and horror stories. After a lifetime of horrow stories, I thought I might get a little time off.

    I guess not.


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