It’s best when Trump has no plan, because when he has one it’s a doozy

“Trump may be trying to ‘make everybody crazy’ by threatening to place immigrants in sanctuary cities,” Republican Sen. Rick Scott told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. “But what I do know is I’ve been up there — I’ve been in the Senate for 90 days, we’re not securing our border. We’re not enforcing our laws,” he added.

So, Rick, come up with a solution. And while you’re at it, come up with your leader’s “better-than-Obamacare” plan that he claims to already have.

Trump said that his administration is “strongly looking at” the possibility of releasing immigrants into sanctuary cities, undercutting earlier denials from his own administration officials. During an event at the White House, Trump said:

“In California, the governor wants to have a lot of people coming in, refugees coming in, a lot of sanctuary cities, so we’ll give them to the sanctuary cities maybe to take care of if it’s that the way we want it.”

Democratic mayors in those cities answered, essentially, “Bring ‘em on.”

Bummer for The Donald.

Never mind that what Delusional Donald is spewing is illegal, it would be a logistical and financial Trumpmare. All that diet soda caffeine rattling about in the hollows of Trump’s cranium is spawning some really ignorant-shit ideas.

The White House (who is this if not The Donald?) and Department of Homeland Security said they were no longer pursuing the suggestion to have DHS release immigrants detained at the border into sanctuary cities in part to retaliate against Democrats who oppose Trump’s plans for a border wall.

“What I don’t get is why don’t we try to solve the problem,” Scott moaned on CNN. “We don’t want illegal immigration, we don’t want people coming illegally across the border.”

Good question, Scott. Maybe it’s because your party’s leader wants to spend millions on a fucking wall that won’t work, and you and the others have your nuts stuck in Trump’s crack.

4 thoughts on “It’s best when Trump has no plan, because when he has one it’s a doozy

  1. He says stupid, horrible shit all the time, because he enjoys watching the rest of us- including the GOP, supposedly his own people- freak out over it. HE ENJOYS OUR ANGER, PAIN, AND FEAR. He is in every way America’s abusive spouse- cruel, bullying, gaslighting. Any survivor of domestic abuse/ violence (and I am one of them, there are millions of us) recognizes the things he does. And can tell you that it will never, ever get better. The only direction it can go is for the worse.

    America needs a restraining order, and a good divorce lawyer. Like, right f*cking NOW.


    1. PS- I just saw the AZ Mirror report that ICE has dumped 1300 formerly detained immigrants in Yuma. A city with shelter facilities for 200.
      Yuma is not a sanctuary city.


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