Report shifts focus to wary Democrats now weighing Trump impeachment prospects


Hold off calls for impeachment!

With the release of the long-awaited investigative report from Robert Mueller, questions concerning the impeachment of President Donald Trump are swirling through the Washington press corps and Beltway chattering classes.

When the initial burst of euphoria among Trump supporters subsided and as the report’s damning reality began to sink in, folks on the left began dithering about how to proceed. Some Democrats want to avoid the “divisiveness” that would inevitably result from an impeachment while others see a moral imperative to protect the rule of law. Still others are ready to heat tar, gather feathers and ride Trump out of DC on a fence rail.

Those who downplay impeachment are correct in their assessment. If the desired result is to remove Trump from office through impeachment, good luck. The GOP Senate will not try him regardless of an impeachment proceeding in the House. The reality is  that Trump could sexually assault a nun at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the GOP would just “tut tut tut…” Maybe. How do you say, “Stupid and futile gesture?” Exactly.

Not so fast. Those calling for impeachment are also correct because the action of those involved with Trump’s campaign, inauguration and administration historically rise to the political level of high crimes and misdemeanors. This administration is dirty coming and going, but so what? No matter how sure-footed and respectful the Democrats are, Republicans will scream bloody murder 24/7 and damn if the above-mentioned Beltway media society won’t follow the lead of twitter bots and conservative media conspiracists.

So what should the Democrats do next?

Impeach the motherfucker without impeaching the motherfucker.

Congressional Democrats must hold hearings to seek the facts as laid out in the roadmap drawn by Mueller’s investigative team. Those facts show the president and his administration committed sins of politics and governance even if a sitting president can’t be indicted. They must be methodical and logical while letting facts drive the story.

On the campaign trail, all Democrats must speak to local constituents about the issues that will affect them directly. This nation is undergoing a moral stress test with racism, inequality and unspeakable cruelty toward refugees and their children. Unfortunately, we are failing that test.

The Democratic campaign narrative should emphasize that we’re all in this together, that the future is brighter than the past, that Democrats will make lives better and that voters can stand up and do the right thing for themselves and the nation.

“Healthcare, wages, no babies in cages.”


5 thoughts on “Report shifts focus to wary Democrats now weighing Trump impeachment prospects

  1. I keep hoping that if we can keep the pressure on he’ll either resign or just, um, forget to wake up some morning.
    Anyway, well said.


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