The Un-Funnies

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here at The Shinbone Star, we take pride in our mission of “being no longer encumbered by any sense of fair play,” and we take that mission seriously. But when you have a joke as your president, the need to laugh in the face of foolishness is cathartic and many times necessary. In homage to the phrase that a picture really is worth a thousand words, we set forth our weekly collection of cartoons aimed at your funny bone. Other cartoons from around the internet are available on our Seen & Not Heard page, which is updated periodically. The link is also accessible from the top of any Shinbone Star page.

A Bull in the China Shop

— David Horsey/Los Angeles Times

Bullish on the Truth

In a Nick of Time

— Paul Szep/Creators Syndicate

2 thoughts on “The Un-Funnies

  1. Fumigation alone isn’t going to cut it. Too many rats and other vermin in the Oval Office these days. I doubt if even Orkin or Truly Nolen could put a dent in that infestation.


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