Memorial Day, MAGA-style!

Crew from the ship Wasp in Japan wearing this patch while Trump visited on Monday.— Erin Schaff/New York Times

America’s Memorial Day weekend just passed and I keep coming back to the same question: How can “Christian” politicians like Vice President Mike Pence and supporters of President Donald Trump honour service members who lost their lives or survived horrific tours of duty in the name of freedom, liberty, democracy while the man they elected president works to destroy it all?

The hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

I understand the country’s need to remember and honour those who deserve it, but I don’t understand how it’s so easily done while a draft-dodging liar waves from Japan while yelling “Happy Memorial Day” like a moron.

Is it too much to ask that dedicated Navy men and women simply ignore him and go about their business? Oh, and those highly inappropriate red patches they were sporting that said “Make Aircrew Great Again.”

As if the patches weren’t enough, the Navy, at the request of unnamed White House officials, took pains to make sure the president didn’t see the USS McCain, a warship named after a real American hero, the late Sen. John McCain, which is undergoing repairs in Japan.

The Wall Street Journal reported that ahead of Trump’s visit, the Navy hung tarps over the warship’s name and moved a barge alongside to help obscure it. Sailors who typically wear caps bearing the ship’s name were given the day off because administration officials didn’t want photographs of Trump anywhere near the name his nemesis, a man who spent 5½ years being tortured in a North Vietnamese prison, but whose sacrifice was ridiculed by the draft-dodging president.

Trump later said he never asked that the USS McCain be hidden, and indeed the Navy, after getting wind of the looming brouhaha, did have the obscuring tarps removed.

Still, the patches and the fact that someone in the White House felt it best not to risk juxtaposing photos of a war hero’s name with Trump’s visage are hardly stirring examples of patriotism. In fact you might say they are how-to tips right out of Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin’s “Dictators For Dummies” book.

Let’s hope next year’s Memorial Day doesn’t include a military parade for the Dodo In Chief. I suppose the Republican Party could always save that for Independence Day.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day, MAGA-style!

  1. Excellent take. I have never understood why Memorial Day was celebrated with sales and happiness day when it should be a solemn occasion and a reflective time to remember war is anything but pleasant.

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  2. Those patches are in violation of Navy regulations re the make up of uniforms and what can be displayed on them.
    The regulations are very specific re instructions right down to size and measurements. Officers and enlisted in violation of uniform standards are subject to censure, penalties, and negative record entries.
    PS: The Wasp and just two of her sister ships have the capacity to completely rebuild Puerto Rico.
    PPS: Suggestion: Build a statue of John McCain with a ‘thumbs down’ making him Honorary President of the United States for 2016 through 2020 and place it in Central Park. Hopefully it could be viewed from Trump’s lame Tower.
    Stand up; recognize and support the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. Memorial Day is everyday.

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