An open letter to white women who support Trump

Dear White Women:

I implore you to not vote for the Rapist in Chief, also known as Donald Trump, in the 2020 presidential elections. We may not share the same race, but we are women. We all have pussies that the Rapist in Chief has so eloquently and proudly proclaimed that he loves grabbing.

I’m writing you today because your demographic helped elect him with nearly 52 percent of the vote, and I hope you won’t do that again on November 3, 2020.

If you have not been watching the news, I’ll fill you in.

There’s this shady character named Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy, well-connected financial adviser, who has a penchant for allegedly raping and prostituting girls, some as young as 14. He’s also 45’s buddy. In fact, President Rapist once said Epstein was a “great guy who had girlfriends on the younger side.”

On July 6, Epstein was arrested in New York for luring dozens of girls to his Manhattan mansion to give him massages that escalated into sex acts. He is charged in New York with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta, resigned over how he handled the Epstein case 10 years ago when he was U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida. At the time, Acosta worked out a sweet, secret deal where Epstein was only required to register as a sex offender and serve a 13-month custodial sentence in jail, allowing him to continue his lucrative work during the day as a financier.

Meanwhile, the several girls he raped never got an apology, much less restitution.

Which leads me to you, white women:

  • With the latest resignation by Acosta, does Trump’s character or his unsavory associations not trouble you?
  • Were you not fazed when Trump said “grab them by the pussy?”
  • Were you not fazed when a revolving door of women came forth to allege that the Rapist in Chief had either raped, fondled or made inappropriate comments? Many of them were white women. Like you.
  • Were you not concerned when you heard that the Alabama courts are on the verge of upending Roe vs. Wade.

While you might not find this alarming, I’m so concerned that I started to research why Trump is so appealing to you. Do you vicariously long to be Melania? Boarding Air Force One in the latest red bottom pumps, your dreamed-for lithe body dripping in Versace?

Some of my amateur sleuthing came about readily through everyday conversations with women like you.

One such woman, who I will call Madeline, is a teacher. She lives with an African-American man, and they recently had a beautiful baby girl. She readily admitted she “hated Hillary Clinton because she was “too arrogant.” Yet, she affirms that she feels more comfortable in the company of black people because “they’re more real.”

Another white woman, also a teacher, said her boyfriend, a white man, motivated her decision to support Trump, though most of the students she serves are poor black and brown children. Many are also immigrants. I was surprised because I was wondering how she could be such a great, sympathetic, caring teacher yet support a man whose policies were forcing hundreds of similar immigrant children into what are essentially modern-day concentration camps.

So, then I stumbled upon a revealing Vogue article that made it all clear for me. The article from November 2018 confirmed my worst fears: Some of you are motivated by white male, patriarchal pressure.

The Vogue writer interviewed Jackie Payne, founder of GALvanize USA, an organization focused on engaging white women voters. Payne said her research found that white women voted for Trump for several reasons, including those who felt pressure from their communities, including spouses, boyfriends and even pastors.

White women in rural, small town and suburban America are connected to and surrounded by more conservative white men — fathers, husbands, pastors, uncles, brothers who they are inclined to vote in tandem with, Payne says. That’s especially true when those same men often “control the clicker” —  tuned to Fox News, of course — and women, busy doing the lion’s share of domestic labor, tune out and end up with a lack of information about politics.

A common thread among the white women Payne met is that they feel isolated by politics, with some privately supporting gun reform, for example, but believing they are alone in that, either because women in their social circles don’t dive into political chats or because they don’t want to break from the community status quo — for fear of straining marriages, jeopardizing friendships, or even “risking retribution.”

White women, there is no need to fear retribution. You are more powerful and stronger than you know.

When I think of “Madeline,” I wonder if she is still happy with her decision to vote Trump over Clinton. Her baby girl is a caramel-colored bundle of innocence who most undoubtedly will be viewed as a black woman when she grows up. Is this the type of leadership that will make her proud?

I’m appealing to you, my sisters, let us not allow the Rapist in Chief and his associates to return to office.

Yours truly,

17 thoughts on “An open letter to white women who support Trump

  1. Spot on!

    Too many white women are invested in protecting their perceived privilege derived through white patriarchy and the exploitation/subjugation of black and brown bodies.

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  2. As a white woman myself, I’ve also heard the “arrogant” label applied to Hillary. One Catholic woman I know said she had to vote for Trump because “Hillary likes abortion.” I live in a town that has some rich residents and borders on some very wealthy, mostly white and Republican towns, and I can say that some of Trump’s support among women who live there comes from a conviction that they could never vote Democratic. And yes, as Larry pointed out, their lives have been pretty good under male patriarchy. They were born into rich families and/or married well, and they don’t see any reason to shake things up.

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  3. Excellent plea to women who need psychiatry or are just that stupidly blinded by this imbecile. Thank you, I will repost this article for sure…

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  4. You are more eloquent and polite than I.
    If I could, I’d just tell them to wake the f*ck up and get their sh*t together.


  5. I may have the wrong perspective here, but it seems that a large percentage of white women, especially christian, catholic/evangelical are suppressing/denying their overall female identity in favor of the racism, hatred, and anti democracy policies/intentions of the tyrants that seized control of Washington and our freedom; driven by religious beliefs related to abortion and a hatred of immigrant families and controlled by stepford type white christian male dominated communities. If true, then we can expect that white christian women and males will continue to support the trump led invasion of our Democracy and Freedom. How do you alter someones religious beliefs, rightly or wrongly? Look at Sanders, Conway and Hicks. Hicks sat in front of a Congressional Committee being totally dominated and controlled by corrupt white attorneys. The other two should be considered for an Eva Braun award of some kind. So, somewhere north of eighty percent of white christian (?) women will continue to support actions that lock up children, separate families, deny aide of any kind to the damaged and oppressed, traffic in humans etc, based on religious beliefs? Where have you gone Thomas Paine? However, trump lost the popular vote even with this white voter anomaly/fact and foreign help from multiple anti American nations. Wonder how much money was spread around within the electoral college? Apologies, I’m running on again. Best to all.

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