It’s Tweet vs. Tweet (again)

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

                                                        – Donald J. Trump Twitter 7/14/19

Once again, The Feckless Wonder is under fire for his tweets – and so he should be. These tirades are nothing new; just his usual utterance from his racist repertoire of words. His fall back that someone isn’t a naturally born American citizen. We still remember his pathetic attempt to do the same to Obama.

But this time around, he’s messing with women. And they’re fighting back. Like every other woman who’s had to crawl and claw her way to get equal pay or to be heard after a sexual assault (never mind even believed), these Congresswomen are not ‘ignoring’ Trump and hoping he goes away.

They’re coming back at him. With facts and with the ability to use social media just as easily as he does. Maybe even better.

Let’s not forget what this entire tweet tirade is really about. Immigration policy and the protection of migrant children. And as of today, ICE begins a national raid to round up illegal immigrants.
Photo: Loren Elliott/Reuters

Trump is an expert at spinning a story and for using his vile words and actions to distract us from the real issue. He is adept at creating conflict (or fabricating it if needed) so that the media runs stories on tweets and verbal back-and-forths between politicians rather than what his administration is really doing to the country. Was Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) wrong in publicly criticizing her fellow Democratic Congresswomen? Perhaps. And were the four Congresswomen (now known as “The Squad)” right for fighting back? Absolutely.

President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. (Photos: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images, Susan Walsh/AP)

But here’s the problem. The media creates a “feud” that isn’t really a feud within the Democratic party and it gives Trump fuel for his fire. Thankfully, Nancy Pelosi is one smart lady and not only did she defend the ladies who Trump attacked, she spit out her own tirade against Trump and his racist ways.

Dems need to start fighting TOGETHER even if they don’t agree. It’s the only way they can beat Trump. Stop with the left and right and centre of politics and get back to the basics. Get back to having an actual connection with the voters they represent. Keep the real issues and the people who are being most affected at the forefront of the headlines. No more public in-fighting. The only fuel they should be adding to this fire is the gasoline to burn Trump’s Republican run disaster.

Then we can all grab our marshmallows to roast around the bonfire.


4 thoughts on “It’s Tweet vs. Tweet (again)

  1. The Trump Klan’s abuse of the four excellent Congresswomen is real and intended to inflict personal damage against these fine people as up and coming leaders of our nation. Hopefully it will help unify the Democratic Party. But, it is still a diversion from the items that the cowardly Trump and Klan really fear; his association and activities with Epstein and his abuses of children; someone going into the public bankruptcy records and reviewing his monthly income and financial statements which will provide criminal insight into the whole Trump Klan’s range of activities; and following the money into the electoral college and to who, how, and in what form the money got there. Recall, Trump said the election is all about the electoral collage. People who possess the Trump and Klan’s personal deficiencies cannot resist telling or hinting at the vicious activities in which they engage. Evil requires an outlet in order to generate the fear needed to still those opposed from organizing. The Trump Klan is hinting at possible riots in their border concentration camps. What is done to people in concentration camps who riot against fake authority. They get shot. Small item in the media, noticed or not, heavier weapons are being made available at the border, and not to the concentration camp inmates. End game: If you shoot people they will not come and the nazi flags will fly and the right wing republicans will cheer. It’s what they do for a living and apparently a very good one. Running on again.

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