Trump can’t and won’t change his White Supremacist fans

Our president striking an empathetic pose with survivors of the massacre in Dayton, Ohio.

One of the first jokes I learned as a kid had this punchline: “All I saw was the monkey trying to put the cork back in the pig!”

Listening to the pundits discuss Donald Trump’s  televised statement on the massacres in El Paso and Dayton, and hearing them actually wonder out loud if Trump is the one person who can speak to and rein in the growing White Nationalist threat, I’m incredulous anyone would think this is a possibility, or even desired by Trump.

His TelePrompTer performance Monday will be as legendary among the White Nationalist “Soldiers of God”* network as was the interview of the late Jeremiah Denton during the Vietnam War. Denton, a prisoner of war at the “Hanoi Hilton,” was asked about his treatment as a POW. He gave very measured responses to his interviewer while his eyes blinked “TORTURE’” in Morse code.

Trump’s speech let them know he was only saying what he had to in order to maintain the illusion he gives a damn about those who were killed. No. He’s not going to make an honest effort to rein in these White Supremacists because that’s the hardcore nugget of his support he needs to keep moving.

There are calls for Trump to denounce the violence and apologize for his role in cultivating this environment of fear, hate and resentment. Why would he apologize for something for which he has no remorse? There’s no grand scheme being executed by the president beyond giving people something to get pissed about (brown invasion, etc., etc.) and telling them whom to blame… and letting them figure out what to do about it,

There is a network of young white guys who for whatever reason haven’t achieved what they believe is theirs by right of birth. Black football players kneel in protest? “Those sons of bitches… are ungrateful bastards making millions playing a game for MY entertainment. Just shut up and play.”

Choose an issue and it’s some black, brown, female or undocumented person taking what these guys feel is rightfully theirs, including their women, so add lesbians to the list. Don’t scoff! In this society everything revolves around sex… and these schmoes ain’t getting any, so they seriously resent those who are. Then they take their phallic enhancement tool somewhere and spray their metal-jacketed seed to purify America and… yeah, that shit sounds wild, but where’s the lie?

These mass shootings in the last couple of weeks aren’t aberrations. They’re the natural evolution of this grievance culture Trump has tapped into as these powerless saps celebrate those that step up and make that BIG statement! As each atrocity gains notoriety, these sorry bastards who can’t compete in regular life on their own merits can gain fame by not only being the next guy but one-upping the last guy as they channel their rage and frustration into a mass murder with their weapon of choice.

About that pig. The story is these three guys shoved a cork up a pig’s ass in order to win the biggest pig contest at the State Fair. After they won the money they couldn’t decide who was gonna pull the cork out of the poor pig, so they bought a monkey, trained him how to pull corks out of bottles, and then let him loose with the pig. Naturally the shit got thick real fast.

Trump pulled the cork and he has no intention of putting it back.

*I made that up.

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