Why Are Trump, GOPers Selling Out America? Why Isn’t This Treason?

Apparently Donald J. Trump and his GOP cohorts need more power and money.

Living in the White House (rent free), telling everyone what to do and how to do it, verbally assaulting anyone who disagrees with their point of view to the point where it borders on slander, and padding their pockets with taxpayer dollars or campaign contributions from foreign oligarchs doesn’t seem to be enough for these political yahoos.

They appear to admire the Russian, Chinese and North Korean ways of running a country and want to bring a personalized version of it to our nation’s capital soonest. Or at least before Trump’s second term in the Oval Office ends.

Here’s a question that need to be asked of Trump and the GOP leadership:
What have the people of our country done to you? How have we harmed you in such a way that you would rather deconstruct our democracy and replace it with an authoritarian form of government?

They don’t want to answer those questions, but their actions speak louder than any words they bellow when television news cameras are pointed their way.

No less an authority on the inner workings of the GOP in the Trump era than conservative commentator S.E. Cupp recently summed it up fairly well on her CNN broadcast “S.E. Cupp Unfiltered.”

During her July 21 broadcast she lambasted Republican lawmakers, saying the GOP was responsible for Trump’s “racist” and “un-American ideas.”

“The Republican Party is now fully and totally responsible for these racist, divisive, un-American ideas,” she told her audience, referencing Trump’s attack on “The Squad” of four minority Democratic congresswomen who are pushing their party toward supporting a more progressive legislative agenda for our country.

“They are yours as much as any policy is,” she said. “In fact, it is the policy. Republicans can pretend that this is just rhetoric, but when Central American children are put in cages at the border as policy, and when the administration pushes to cut refugee admissions to zero as policy, and when the president implemented a Muslim ban as policy, it’s not just words. It’s the agenda.”

Throughout its history, America has welcomed immigrants. Yes, we have struggled constantly over how to manage the flow of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in our country in order to escape the political and economic horrors of their home countries.

In the past our elected officials, it must be noted, enacted laws to support policies that, while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, managed to maintain a balance that kept America as a leading and compassionate force of democracy in the eyes of the world.

Trump and his GOP enablers don’t like that approach to governance. They want to rip families apart at the border. Keep children separated from their parents, grandparents or other relatives in deplorable conditions, unsanitary facilities that have contributed to the deaths of at least six children since last September.

Not so, Trump bellows, “(President) Obama  built the cages, not me.” True, Obama built facilities to try and deal with the flow of illegal immigrants hustling across our borders during his eight years as president. It wasn’t until Trump enacted his “Zero Tolerance” policy a year ago, however, that conditions went downhill in a hurry and children started dying.

Trump’s racism, his lack of understanding about how to govern a complex country such as ours, have led to this type of anti-American destructive and divisive action.

CNN’s Cupp is spot on with her view on the current state of affairs: Trump and his cohorts own all the un-American actions hitting us like a sledgehammer nearly every day.

His attack on the minority congresswomen and the border crisis created by Captain Chaos and his lemmings are just a tip of the anti-American legacy that will mark this era of our country’s political history.

More damning and even more outrageously anti-American is the man/child wannabe dictator’s constant refusal to acknowledge Russia’s cyberattack on our 2016 elections and beyond. This is undoubtedly a failure to “protect and defend” our country against a foreign enemy as he swore to do when he took the oath of office two and a half years ago.

Trump told us that he believed Russian President Valdimir Putin when he insisted his country didn’t work behind the scenes to get their candidate (Trump) into the White House, thus trashing the thoroughly researched and clearly articulated analysis of our country’s top intelligence officials.

So, back to the essential question of what have we done to make Republican leaders hate America so much. Have you all not made enough money, grabbed enough power during the past few decades? Do you honestly believe that Putin or other leaders of authoritarian or dictatorial governments are going to give you more money and power once you complete handing our country over to them?

Do you really want to shut down the free flow of communication between the government and the people, destroy the mainstream media simply because it won’t sing your praises often or loudly enough every day? Is it worth killing the American experiment of a democractic republic founded more than 240-years ago by some of the smartest and  most forward-thinking individuals the world has ever known?

What is it you absolutely have to have, to go away, leave Washington and return our country to people who not only know how to govern it but love the values and traditions that are represented by all the forces that made us great long before you started shredding our Constitution?

Money? Most of you profess to be multi-millionaires if not billionaires. How much more money do you want?

Power? You already call the shots, ignoring laws as detailed in our Constitution and the checks-and-balances form of government designed to keep folks like you from destroying America. How much more power do you need?

Your actions are not only anti-American, they are treasonous. You prefer to support Russian politicians over skillful and honest intelligence officers. You prefer to embrace and praise ruthless leaders such as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un over former European allies such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

You refuse to enact programs and laws that will prevent Russia or any other foreign enemy from attacking our 2020 presidential election. Why?

We are at war — cyber war — with sworn enemies of our country, and yet you turn aside efforts in Congress to combat these continued attacks on America.

You have the power, you have the resources to counterattack, yet you won’t. You apparently have been consumed by the spell cast by Steve Bannon — Trump’s Rasputin (the Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II, the last monarch of Russia) — that deconstructing democracy and freedom for and by the people around the world is going to further pad your pockets and increase your political power.

That is treason any way you look at it. So stop pretending to be a patriot, a believer in the American experiment. Come out of your anti-American closet and tell us the truth for once: You want to take over our country to satisfy your greed.

Gordon Gekko — famouly portrayed by Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street” — was wrong when he uttered this line: “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

Greed is the enemy of the future of our country. Anyone unwilling to defend us against those who lust after unchallenged political power and endless mountains of cash is complicit in taking down America.

Surely, Donald, you and your GOP enablers don’t hate America that much. Do you?

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