Trump’s Wall Is Costing Americans Their Livelihood Where It Is Least Expected

borderwallDangerous Donald Trump took time out from his weather forecasting duties last week to steal $3.6 billion slated for military base improvement projects. The soldiers’ and sailors’ best friend says the waning non-emergency on our country’s southwestern border demands prompt action.

No doubt Trump’s sinking numbers and bizarre behavior following his disgraceful performance at the G-7 economic summit in France desperately needed some cover. Inopportunely for Trump’s criminal regime, his big splash was reduced to an insignificant squall when Hurricane Dorian created a real emergency.

The border security services guarding the southwestern border say the cruel and inhumane policies already in place in the desert Southwest have reduced unlawful immigration by one-third since Trump started penning up children like puppies.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper informed Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Trump’s decision to ravage life improvement programs on military bases in a Tuesday letter while Hurricane Dorian was ravaging the Bahamas.

Inhofe is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, one of the most powerful committee chairs in the Senate.  With a trillion-dollar budget to disburse as he sees fit, Inhofe is one guy Trump usually doesn’t trifle with.

The Pentagon on Wednesday declared which military construction projects were being tucked away to help build 60 miles of new wall in Arizona. Solons across the country, Republicans and Democrats alike, began crying foul after discovering their 28 states are being stripped of multimillion-dollar military construction projects that until now have been deemed sacred cows unless a real emergency erupts.

Lawmakers from Virginia to Arizona howled when they learned their states will lose millions in pork barrel military construction projects as part of the plan to build more border wall. Ironically, the Republican senators affected by Trump’s sleight-of-hand money grab were just fine with him declaring his baseless national emergency last winter.

Esper pretended he made the decision to yank the funds from the impacted states. “ … I have determined that 11 military construction projects along the international border with Mexico, with an estimated total cost of $3.6 billion, are necessary to support the use of the armed forces in connection with the national emergency. … In short, these barriers will allow DoD to provide support to homeland security …”

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, a Democrat, immediately called foul, as if the strong stench of Trump’s odious hand were not already apparent. That is all the Dems can do unless they gain control of the Senate, a possibility growing stronger every week with Republicans bailing out of Congress.

“With Secretary Esper’s announcement today, the Department of Defense has again ignored the will of Congress by wasting more taxpayer dollars on the construction of an unnecessary border wall,”  Smith said in a statement.

Both parties immediately ran their storm warnings up the flagpole, accompanied by old saws about peace and freedom being at risk.

Trump’s decision to shortchange his constituents may be the worst decision he revealed before he took up weather forecasting. Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood Army Base employs and provides opportunities for half the craftsmen and merchants in mid-Missouri, building facilities for soldiers’ health and well-being. They depend on the money to feed their families.

Workers wherever military bases are in the U.S. and around the world enjoy the benefits of having a sprawling military complex nearby that is constantly in need of repairs and new construction. Politicians depend on the annual funding to take home good news to their constituents.

“Previous emergency construction projects have been funded by using bid savings or funds taken from other construction projects that were canceled and no longer needed,” Smith complained.

Smith called Trump’s machinations “stealing,” and “a new low” in Trump’s disregard for Congress as a coequal branch of American government.

The states aren’t the only losers. Europe will lose $771 million in funding for planned projects. Construction at European military facilities has long been one way the Pentagon keeps its often unpalatable presence tolerated by the locals. In Europe the citizenry knows that without NATO and a powerful U.S. presence in Western Europe, the Russians might try for more  peace, such as a piece of Poland, the Baltic mini-states, Ukraine, etc.

“All these projects are important to us, but we also have to respond to the emergency we’ve been directed to respond to on the southwest border,” the Pentagon declared Wednesday.

“When unable to dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit” says the age-old military maxim.

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