Impeachment train is rolling, so get your popcorn ready, it will be epic!

The Shinbone told y’all back in Spring we’d end up right here. Too many jurisdictions conducting too many investigations with too many lawsuits to defy discovery by said investigations. If it hadn’t been the whistleblower (Manna!) it would have been something else.

This was a matter of WHEN and not IF.

The tide has turned and now ALL prior bad acts are looked at in a different life because the GOP defenders can’t use the Jedi Mind Trick on THIS, so even the Dead Parrot Sketch has been blown out in the last week, “No, no! Hunter Biden is the REAL story!”

Now, these House hearings are gonna have to be run by the pros just the way the GOP flew in a ringer for the Kavanaugh hearings. Democrats Steve Cohen (D-TN) needs to hire a social media guru to present his views for the folks back home and stay the fuck quiet in the goddamn hearings.

This shit is about to go and once it starts . . .

. . . dominoes baby, dominoes. It’s all coming down and thank The dear fluffy lord that it’s all because of Rudy’s mouth.

Rudy Giuliani is the catalyst to all this, he is the Alpha and the Omega. It will come out at some time in the future that Rudy’s loyal soldiers in the New York City FBI field office basically forced James Comey’s hand in the damned “Her e-mails” dirty bomb.

Rudy told us ahead of time on an Oct. 25, 2016 edition of “Fox and Friends:”

“We’ve got a couple of surprises left. I’d call them surprises in the way that we’re going to campaign to get our message out there — maybe in a little bit of different way. . . . You’ll see and I think it will be enormously effective.”

Rudy’s mouth just got Secretary of State Mike Pompeo subpoenaed by three House committees.
That sound you hear coming across the ocean is Bibi Netanyahu slapping his forehead in despair. The Mullahs in Tehran are giving praise to Allah for answering their desire to see the Tiny-handed Satan smitten by the Flaming Sword.

Stay tuned. The show’s about to start.

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