Drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid, and the death throes of democracy

The horrific scene in 1978 after more than 900 people committed mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, at the behest of the Rev. Jim Jones. Today, Americans have drunk the poisoned Kool-Aid of Donald Trump, himself more cult leader than president, and the result is the death of democracy.

As the author of more than 100 anti-Trump screeds since January 2017, you’d think I’d be ecstatic now that impeachment proceedings are finally taking place on Capitol Hill. Actually, I’m discouraged.

It’s now more clear than ever that Trump’s Republican Party and the ordinary people who support him have drunk the Kool-Aid. A deadly poison is coursing through the veins of at least half of our nation — the Republican half — and without a miraculous antidote it may already be too late to save our democracy.

I’m afraid that many of the good guys — including some of my esteemed colleagues here at The Shinbone Star — have got it all wrong. We exhort you almost daily to “protect our democracy” or “save our country,” but in fact we’re not fighting to save anything, not anymore. No one can save what’s already lost.

We need no longer fear that the United States of America “could become an autocracy” because autocracy has already set up shop. While we slept, our friends, neighbors and relatives flung open the door back in November 2016 and invited autocracy inside.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but there could be nothing left to save.

Do you doubt it? Just look around! Republicans everywhere are hearing the same testimony you are hearing and they either dismiss it outright or just don’t care. With compelling evidence in plain sight, Trumplicans cry “Fake News” and tear down anyone who would dare commit fact-based journalism.

Consider what the Deplorables are willing to ignore . . . just the recent stuff:

  • The president attempted to extort a foreign country by withholding military aid until it agreed to an investigation of Trump’s political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. That’s called bribery and soliciting foreign interference in our elections, and it’s hardly a first for Trump and his pals.
  • The president has instructed members of his administration to ignore lawfully issued subpoenas and refuse to testify before Congress. That’s called obstruction of justice or obstruction of Congress, take your pick.
  • The president has engaged in a pattern of attacking witnesses while praising criminals like Roger Stone, who refused to testify against him. Just last Friday, Trump tweeted disparaging comments about former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in real time while she was testifying during House impeachment proceedings. That’s called witness tampering and it’s a crime . . . or used to be, before Trump.

Despite a list of offenses that are serious and in plain sight, sycophants like odious spunk ferret Devin Nunes, twisted Gym Jordan, hell hound Elise Stefanik, and over on the Senate side, vile shit-hook Lindsey Graham, continue to defend the president while impugning the service and testimony of non-political career diplomats like Bill Taylor, George Kent and Yovanovitch. As stated in an excellent Politico Magazine article about what is truly unprecedented about these impeachment hearings, congressmen from one party are not supposed to behave like defense attorneys for the president, yet that’s exactly what we’re seeing from Republicans.

Gym Jordan, Elise Stefanik and the sucktastic Devin Nunes are shilling for Trump on the House Intelligence Committee.

Meanwhile, ordinary Trumplican citizens echo the president’s refrain, calling anything that goes against him “Fake News” or the machinations of a mythical “Deep State.” Yes, the Deplorables drank Trump’s Kool-Aid then went back for seconds. Trump’s brag that he could “shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a vote” wasn’t a brag at all. When asked that very question recently on national television, a Trump supporter replied in effect, “Well what did that person do to deserve shooting?”

As the impeachment process unfolds, I am dismayed that the Cult of Trump still doesn’t care that their president defies the rule of law while setting himself up as king over a nation that once prided itself on democratic ideals. I am angry that so many Trumplicans portray themselves as the real flag-waving Americans, while in reality they ignore the Constitution while projecting their white-skinned hate as gun-toting, Bible-thumping pudknockers.

Watching Republicans continue to defend this president tells me all I need to know about the status of our so-called “fight to preserve democracy.” The enemy isn’t just at the gate, my friends, the enemy is already inside. Too many of the folks we once barely tolerated as quaint rustics drank Trump’s Kool-Aid by the gallon and it turned them into monsters. They view our Constitution as some archaic document best suited for use as a doormat, and after their rampage, autocracy is the only form of government still standing.

What we are witnessing during these impeachment proceedings is the death throes of a form of government that was once a shining example for the world. But now, no matter how damning the evidence, the question of removing this president from office will be dead on arrival in Moscow Mitch’s United States Senate. No matter how ironclad the articles of impeachment produced in the House of Representatives, the constitutionally mandated remedy to preserve the balance of power will be shredded in the Senate while red-hatted Trumplicans howl “Witch Hunt!” at the moon.

Once that happens, just one question will remain: Are there enough of us left who will finally stand up, not to protect our lost democracy, but to somehow win it back?

10 thoughts on “Drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid, and the death throes of democracy

  1. I was going to respond with something glib because glib is what I do. However, it would be foolish to joke about this piece because truth is truth. Nothing can change a cult member but the cult member. Nothing can stop an addict from drinking, drugging or gambling, but the addict. I’ve said it once or a million times. No President have ever been removed by impeachment and #45 is no different. We can take solace in the reality that the stain of impeachment will fester and lay bare this narcissist-in-chief. We have to take further solace that WE the people will have to make 3 million becomes more than that to make things right in 2020. I still believe we can.

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    1. I believe the good guys fall a little too much in love with what they see in the impeachment proceedings and forget that 40 percent of America that doesn’t care. You can certainly take the position that 40 percent is less than half, but it’s still a big, big number, and given what’s at stake, it’s scary and depressing that so many people don’t see what we see.


  2. I really don’t care about the cookies on this site. I can get rid of them. But what I do care about is the dooms day rhetoric as examples here. Did you forget the majority of Americans who did not vote for trump? Did you ignore all the protest and marches against trump and his self centered, self destruct policies? Have you not read or commented on all the anti-trump groups that formed after 2016? Those of us do not fall for how we are lost and our Democracy is gone. Our Democracy is not gone or lost or never to be recovered. The Republican party is self-imploding. Many of these Republican Senators have lost their positions and many will not be re-elected. Those who stand by trump think he has enabled money, 401K plans and other vehicles for increasing their bottom line…but they don’t realize the Stock Market is a Global Commodity, not a USA property. As these tariffs take effect and the full blow effect of them is felt around the World causing world wide problems, the money will not be there causing a depression. Look at our farmers who have been greatly affected by the trump tariffs and are losing their farms. So what does trump propose issuing the farmer’s a subsidy from the causes that the taxpayer has paid into. The subsidy did not come from good old boy trump! It came from us, the taxpayer. I could go on and site more delusional examples from trump supporters, but I don’t have the time. I will reiterate though, I don’t believe in the glass half empty philosophy. I believe truth will win over the cancer that has entered the White House. I know our Democracy is not lost, otherwise we would not be having impeachment hearings. I know the majority don’t want or will vote for trump. I know regardless of the outcome of the hearings, we have the Constitutional right to vote, and vote we will to get rid of trump inspite of the obstructions that are presented to the voter. So no to you and any other naysayers, our Democracy is not lost, not gone…it still stands with its strength and truth.

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    1. Thanks, Marcia, for your comment, and to answer your questions, yes I have witnessed many of the good things you cite as evidence that good will prevail in the end. I have indeed commented on mryiad anti-Trump sites, not the least of which this one, which I created as my own and invited other ex-journalists to participate. Since you read my article, you should know that what it boils down to is my pessimistic view of how those efforts will fare vs. your optimistic view that they will succeed. The post is about witnessing first-hand how the acolytes of Trump view the impeachment proceedings and their seemingly endless efforts to circumvent the Constitution and rule of law. My article was intended as a clarion call to all who oppose Trump to continue their efforts, and indeed to double-down in their efforts to save this country. Be assured that the other side will not make it easy. I think even an optimist would admit that since 2016 and even before, they have been depressingly successful in their subversion of democracy.


  3. What gives me the certainty that we as a people will weather this storm is that st bottom there are more of us than there are of them.

    People, the ordinary people who go about their everyday lives not immersed in this world of political intrigue and bullshit are slowly beginning to wake to the danger and the realization we can vote our way out of this mess.

    Witness Louisiana Governor’s election.

    Achtung, y’all has always meant “pay attention.”

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  4. Well this was a depressing Sunday morning read. An honest, brutal read that echoes my own thoughts. I hope for a good outcome with this impeachment, but I agree that the monster is already inside. Has been for years. It just needed someone like Trump to join its side.

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  5. I have a brighter view. Americans are strange people, alway have been. We are very slow to react to warnings of danger ahead and quick to anger when it finally dawns on us we’ve been had. All the sudden we come to life. Sadly, most of the time it has been for wars of one sort or another, but we have come together on social issues as well. The Revolutionary War and Civil War, FDR’s first and second term, Lend-Lease and the Marshall Plan are good examples of the nation responding to threats to its existence. The McCarthy era, Johnson’s Great Society initiative, Obamacare… we will get rid of the scoundrel just in the nick of time.

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