The Wannabe Don & the GOP Mafia

It’s a new week and a new opportunity for Don Juan De-Farce-O to show us he cares even just a fraction about his country and democracy. Of course this is a fantasy not unlike the one Trumpster has of being the biggest mob boss ever.

There are many references being made about the man with orange skin and the men who run businesses better than he ever could. Even if they’re illegal.

Before he was pretending to be a president, DT was masquerading as a real estate “mogul.” He did this with daddy’s help(and money) and he caught on quickly to the position of slumlord: “Dad, they call me a lord!” Growing up under the wholesome guidance of Fred Trump he learned how to cheat on taxes and discriminate against black families. Eventually he entered Manhattan and became a “real New Yorker” where he got help from the city to rebuild a skyscraper. He also found time to take out an ad in the paper to bring back the death penalty when a group of black and latino boys were charged and incarcerated for a rape they didn’t commit. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s he published books in his name (that he swears he wrote) on how to be a successful ‘business man’ and he built a giant hotel/casino in Atlantic City that no one came to.

He was everywhere all the time and he possessed a bigger-than-life demeanor. He associated with celebrities and criminals and barked orders to people he never paid. He acted like the boss of New York City. Even if it was only in his mind. Because in his mind, to be THE BOSS you had to act like it. And by boss, he meant Mafia boss. The big cheese. The head of the organization. The Don.

So let’s just see how Don measures up to The Don. For simplicity’s sake I will be referencing the fictional Corleone family of The Godfather fame.

  • The Mafia values loyalty above all things.
  • Trump demands loyalty from everyone. Even the gardener. That said, if you brought him a Big Mac when he clearly stated Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, then you’re out. YOU’RE FIRED!
  • The Godfather has a lot of people ready and willing to do his bidding, no matter how ugly.
  •  We used to have a Republican Party. It’s now Trump’s “family.”
  • As violent as they may be, the mafia holds actual family in high regard. Unless you screw up bigly. And just like the Corleone family, the Trumps have an overachiever and they have a Fredo. Poor Fredo . . .  In Trump’s case, he has two Fredos.Image result for photos of donald trump as don corleone
  • Speaking of family, The Godfathers of any mafia have a dutiful, traditional wife at home tending to the kids and being silently complicit in all of it.
  • Melania is a good wife.
  • The Corleones, as well as most real life mafia families, may be running legitimate businesses and casinos, but they are all successful criminal enterprises and everyone is guilty of breaking the law somehow.
  • Um . . . Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, George Papadopolous, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone.
  • Dirty rats. Godfathers and all the wise guys hate undercover agents and snitches. We all know what they do to snitches.
  • Poor Donald. He has that damn whistleblower; even worse is the person who gave that whistleblower intel. According to Mr. Orange, “he’s close to a spy.” And all the officials involved, well, he had this to say: “the spies and treason, we used to handle it a bit differently than we do now.” Besides the whistleblower, the White House has had so many leaks in the last three years it’s no wonder this administration is sinking like the Titanic.
  • Speaking of threats, we all know that the Mafia rules by intimidation and violence. There have been times when mass bodies were found all over New York City and other places when mob wars broke out. The Godfather isn’t afraid to send someone after an enemy and he’s not afraid to pull the trigger himself if necessary.
  • While the administration may not point their guns at anyone personally, they have done nothing to stop the escalating mass shootings while The Orange One continually applauds his supporters for attacking anti-Trump protesters and reporters. He refuses to take any blame for the violent acts committed in his name, and his hateful rhetoric includes anyone, such as calling reporters “lowlifes” and publicly threatening countries like Turkey and Iran.
  • Everyone remembers the scene when Michael Corleone brings Frank Pentangeli’s brother to the Senate hearings.
  • Trump has  Marie Yavanovitch and Twitter.
  • The theme for Trump and his team of cohorts is, “Let’s make Ukraine and offer they can’t refuse.”

I could go on and on with comparisons here, but there is one big glaring difference between Vito Corleone and Donald Trump. Vito was smart and his son was even smarter.

Also, if The Donald wants to be The Don, he might want to be reminded of an important aspect of life in the mafia, even as the boss: Once you’re in, there’s no getting out. There are only 2 ways to leave that lifestyle. Body bag or jail.

Of course, if The Donald and his administration keep going down the path they have chosen, they could see a jail cell in the near future. Roger Stone needs some company

“I don’t trust society to protect us, I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.”
― Mario Puzo, The Godfather

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    My long over due contribution to the fantastic (and dedicated) blog Shinbone Star! Just a little humour to inject in to the crisis that is Donald Trump and the group of enabling, diabolical soulless group that no longer resembles the Republican Party.


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