Hats off to exposing Republican-style dishonesty at every opportunity

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aside from our semi-regular exposés here at The Shinbone Star, we also maintain a compendium of the latest lies to squirt from the fetid lips of President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers. Called “He’s All Hat, But No Cattle,” this tumescent tome is available to all readers who desire a snappy rebuttal for all friends, neighbors or relatives who are prone to spout such nonsense. Another option would be to simply disown said friends, neighbors or relatives, but that’s an idea that hasn’t yet caught on everywhere, so until you come around to the need for such extreme measures, please give “All Hat, But No Cattle” a try. Here’s a sampling:


Trumplican spin: “Do-nothing Democrats are only interested in impeachment hearings.”

Fact: House Democrats have passed a large number of measures and sent them to the Senate where GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell routinely sets them aside. If nothing’s getting done it’s not for lack of trying by Democrats.

* * *

Just read the transcript! “The president did nothing wrong! He provided a transcript of the phone call and all you have to do is read it!”

Fact: The July 25 “transcript” of a telephone conversation is actually a heavily edited and heavily redacted version of the original, but even that small amount clearly shows that the president actually solicited a contribution — in the form of an investigation into a potential political rival in the 2020 elections — from a foreign national (Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky). And that, my friends, is illegal based on laws that are detailed in a document you possibly never heard of, the U.S. Constitution.

* * *

Oh my God, who is the whistleblower? Where is he? “The whistleblower only provided false, misleading information. Nothing he or she provided to the Democrats is true.”

Fact: Much of what the whistleblower included in the document provided to the Inspector General of the CIA has been confirmed by testimony from State Department officials familiar with Ukraine and what was taking place in that country during 2019 and years before. What’s more, Republican efforts to unmask the whistleblower run dangerously contrary to established safeguards that are designed to protect those who, at great risk to themselves, expose wrongdoing in government and in the workplace.

* * *

They’re just out to get Donald! “Many of the witnesses testifying at the impeachment hearings were ‘Never Trumpers,’ people who didn’t support the president in 2016 and want to overturn the election results. They are part of a ‘Deep State Conspiracy’ intent on destroying a lawfully elected president.

Fact: The witnesses in the impeachment proceedings thus far are professional diplomats — except for Sondland, who “earned” his appointment as ambassador to the EU by contributing $1 million to Trump’s inaugural celebration party fund. They are committed to representing the carefully crafted foreign policy of the United States in their assigned countries — in this case, Ukraine. And even Sondland, who probably gave Trump more of his own cash than you did, finally did the right thing by admitting his role in the president’s illegal scheme.

* * *

Hey, this thing is supposed to have a Western theme! What’s this guy doing in here???

Witnesses saw nothing . . . nothing!!! “All the testimony is second-, third- and fourth-hand information. No one has been able to provide first-hand accounts of Donald Trump soliciting an investigation of the Bidens.”

Fact: First of all, Trump released the “transcript” of his conversation with Zelensky in which he asks the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens. Can’t get more first-hand than that! But European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland not only testified that he talked with Trump about the investigation, but that there was a bribe, a “quid pro quo” involved. And don’t forget that  parts of that conversation were overheard by State Department employee David Holmes.

* * *

What about the DNC server? Where is the serrrrrver??? “Ukraine was involved in an aggressive anti-Trump smear campaign during the 2016 election season and was most likely meddling in our elections to try and get Hillary Clinton elected.”

Fact: This theory was developed and promoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who sold it to Trump and his cohorts. The theory has been debunked by intelligence officers not just from the United States but from the international intelligence community. For Republicans to continue to argue this point is to endorse Putin and Russia and reject our own country’s intelligence professionals. Those who promote this debunked theory are nothing more than Putin’s bootlickers.

Honesty is being an American, not a Democrat or a Republican. Honesty is respecting your fellow citizens, particularly those who work hard every day to make certain our country is not only as safe as possible, but also remains a guiding light for freedom and justice around the world. Honesty is not supporting a Russia-produced agenda designed to divide and conquer our country without blood being shed.

For more “All Hat and No Cattle,” follow THIS LINK, or look for the “All Hat and No Cattle” promo that appears in the sidebar of every Shinbone Star page (there’s a super handy example of it right over there ).

We’ll do our best to keep our compendium fresh, but you know how that goes. So many lies, so little time!

One thought on “Hats off to exposing Republican-style dishonesty at every opportunity

  1. So far Republicans haven’t moved off dime. The only movement evident is discovering “moderate” Republicans in South looking at Bloomberg with at least a slight amount of interest. A new slant, a billionaire former Republican running as a Dem who is attracting Republican money. Does that make him a born-again Republican or a born-again Dem?


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