It’s the Republicans, stupid!

It might have been Trump’s first outrage as president, but who knew there would be so many more? Well, WE knew!

Events of the past two weeks have driven home for us that President Donald J. Trump and his Republican Party must be driven from power. Two weeks of impeachment hearings left Republicans in Congress with only castigations to hurl at government employees who came forward to lay out Trump’s long list of crimes and misdemeanors.

When the witnesses were finished, all Republicans could do was deny that the acts the president had committed were impeachable — if, they said, those acts occurred at all.

The president, they opined, was doing his job, so what business was it of career government workers to stand up and tell Congress what had happened, or to expect anything to be done about it? Diplomats and officials just didn’t understand the law, you see?

The president’s party again declined to hold him accountable. Senate Republicans had already announced they would not vote to convict him in an impeachment trial, and to date no Republican has professed to having a change of heart.

Americans must take the reins, even though all we can do is talk about it for a year.

It should probably be no surprise that it has all come to this. One of President Trump’s first official acts was to appall Americans right out of the gate. He went to CIA headquarters, stood in front of a wall emblazoned with the names of people who have given their lives for our country, and offered a campaign-style speech about the size of his inaugural crowd and his appearances on the cover of Time magazine.

He angered many veterans with references to “my generals,” whom he expects to follow his orders without question. He then ratcheted up that anger over the weekend by engineering the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, who had failed to snap to attention and make nice with a U.S. Navy SEAL acquitted of a war crime.

Remember when Republicans talked about the “adults in the room?” We were told they would tamp down Trump’s basest inclinations. But Trump has cleared the room of those adults, replacing them with Republican loyalists who will do what he asks, when he asks, with few questions asked. There’s no one left to tell him no.

I hate Nazi comparisons, but I will offer one here anyway. When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1930s Germany, the Nazi leader and his people changed the oath of the German military from a pledge of allegiance to the nation, to one of allegiance to Hitler. Anyone else remember how that turned out?

It took more than 10 years for Hitler’s remaking of Germany to culminate in that nation’s defeat. Would anyone be that surprised if another four years of Trump and the Republicans leave us with something like the Hitler’s oath . . . or worse?

That is why Trump and the Republican Party must be driven from power. They are destroying our good name internationally and have loaded us down with a leader whose every action is appalling, except to the dictators who laugh at him behind their hands.

In the coming year, expect to see the dictators solidify their gains.

Trump thinks the world’s other dictators like him, but they see his weakness. And thanks to the coming inaction of Congress — specifically the Senate — we can do nothing until November of next year. In the meantime, having beaten the impeachment rap, count on Trump to double down.

In my own protest of the current administration, I have endeavored almost since Inauguration Day 2017 to not call the Republicans what they are. Nor had I used the phrase “President Trump.”

I now recognize it as a contrived protest that served only to poke fun at my displeasure with the party across the aisle. That political aisle has now grown to a political gulf, and is at the heart of what we must vote against come November 2020.

No more cleverness, my friends.

4 thoughts on “It’s the Republicans, stupid!

  1. thank you for putting my thoughts to words. I’m a survivor of a survivor of Hitler. I saw this coming to fruition the day t-rump gave his inauguration speech. my head is about to explode watching this all go down, as history is seeming to repeat itself. maybe not exactly by the same means, since Putin is really the instigator, but the end result will be very similar. I read the other day, that they are now trying to implicate the Jews. Maybe I should dust off my fathers “JUDEN” star and pin it to my garb. Hillary had it right all along, and those who couldn’t see it, voted him in.

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  2. When I took my oath I said in part that: I solemnly swear that I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. The concept of defending against domestic enemies is what really
    rankles Nazies to the point of changing or substituting a loyalty oath to a gasbag dictator. Why hate Nazis comparisons? We call ducks, ducks and that is true. Our domestic enemies are Nazis, Calling them Nazis speaks to truth loudly. No need to sit and wait for an election; disavow trump, his family, his corrupt organization, Nazis in the Senate, Courts and the House, as well as the last election. Research the public record of Trumps monthly income as reported for the record in his bankruptcy cases which are tied to his taxes. Follow that into the Electoral College and find out how much money, and who received funds for their Trump vote. That’s where the election was really stolen; like the next one. Research, research, research, coupled with action in the existing Laws, while the Laws still exist. Remember Trump’s MO. He digs up dirt on people and blackmails them to his Nazi ambitions. There appears to be a a lot of ripe for extortion Nazi republicans in the Senate, House, Courts and various staffs that aid and abet the overthrow of Democracy, just to keep their secrets hidden. Research; find the secrets.
    I had two relatives fight their way across the Pacific. Two more fought through the hedgerows; went town to town, village to village, door to door, window to window from Normandy into Germany. One of them liberated a Nazi Death Camp. They all came home. There are millions of American families with family members that performed the same kind of acts. Many did not come home. We owe them a debt to keep our Democracy intact against the Nazi domestic enemies. Don’t wait for an election as being all you can do. Think about what you can legally do and begin to do it now.


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