Christmas Never Needed Saving, Donald, But Our Country Does

Donald Trump receives divine inspiration while addressing Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Christmas cards to the American people from the Oval Office.

Since the calendar has flipped from November and Thanksgiving to December and Christmas, soon we will hear Donald J. Trump brag loudly and often about how he restored the use of the word Christmas in our country. After all, isn’t that what a “chosen one” would do?

He’ll most likely also try to take credit for restoring “Christmas” to the annual White House seasonal message just like he did in 2017, his first December occupying the presidential mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Let’s stop this nonsense now. It’s not even close to true. It’s a great sound bite and the news media ate it up in 2017. And if they’re still desperate enough to fill newscasts and newspaper pages, they could give Trump tons of free publicity this time around, too.

Note, please, that so far Christmas has been used four times in the first four paragraphs of this item. Trust me, Trump had nothing to do with the choice of words running throughout this post.

Trump did not save Christmas. He did not restore the use of the word Christmas across our country or around the world as he keeps trying to claim.

Here’s a quick lesson in recent history: In December 2017, the wannabe dictator of our country was intent on trashing his predecessor, President Barack Obama, as often and loudly as possible. A number of Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C. and across the country joined in the chorus.

Their refrain was that Obama wished folks “Happy Holidays” on an official White House Christmas greeting sent out in December 2016. How dare he ignore Christmas, they charged.

Trump was simply tryng to make good on a 2016 campaign trail pledge that Christmas would be restored to respectability if the failed casino owner and struggling commercial real estate flim-flam man received enough votes to move into the “people’s house.”

As usual, Trump and his cohorts shared only a small part of the truth that fit their anti-Obama, trash-talking attack on the former president. A quick search of the internet and social media shows many examples of when Obama used the phrase “Merry Christmas.” In fact, in his weekly address on Christmas Eve 2016, the first words out of his mouth were: “Merry Christmas, everybody.”

In 2015, Obama tweeted “Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to you and yours.”

View image on Twitter
The former residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue got it right during the holiday season.

In 2014, Obama tweeted “Have a merry Christmas.” And in 2013, Obama went with a simple “Merry Christmas.”

Instead of falsely attacking the adults among us, Trump should simply encourage Americans to respect all religious beliefs.  Surprise, Donald and Republicans, many of our fellow citizens profess a faith other than Christianity. Try bringing the country together, don’t divide us more than you already have with your fake religious beliefs.

Trump is clearly not the second coming of Jesus. He might, however, have been “chosen” for the role as a false prophet. His antics throughout his life — and on daily display the past three years — fit someone who believes he is God’s gift to the world.

His life, however, is not reflective of someone who would follow Jesus if he were alive and living among us today. Trump is an adulterer, a liar of the highest order, a thief (remember, for example, he took money from folks promising them a “degree” from Trump University) and someone who lives by the rule of do unto others before they have a chance to do unto you.

Here’s the challenge for all of us of the Christian faith this Christmas season: What would Jesus do if confronted with the reality of Trump and an uncaring Republican Party?

That’s a tough one, and one only Jesus could answer.

The best we can do, however, is set aside the politics that divide us. Don’t listen to the man-child falsely bragging about how he restored Christmas to our vocabulary.

Christmas never left us. It never missed a beat since the Obamas moved out of the White House.

What happened was that someone with no respect for anyone of a different faith (sorry, Ivanka and Jared don’t count) gained entry to the people’s house and is desperately trying to reshape the world we live into one where he will reign supreme.

Sad, but true.

So “Merry Christmas” to my Christian family and friends and “Happy Holidays” to all who celebrate their faiths during December. Be safe. Be strong.

Offer up prayers that come December 2021, we will all be celebrating an America restored to greatness on all fronts, and that The Donald Who Tried to Steal Christmas for Political Gain will be playing a round of golf every day at his Mar-a-Lago resort — on his own time, not as president.

That would be a Merry Christmas indeed.

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