A better way for Bloomberg and Steyer to spend all that cash

The Republicans are in full hypocrisy mode. Their entire argument against impeachment is “The Democrats are being mean because they just don’t like President Trump.”

They have attempted to hijack the narrative with their histrionics about the unfairness of the process and how Donald Trump did nothing wrong in requesting a foreign country to conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden for his sweetheart deal with a Ukrainian gas company — because we certainly can’t trust the FBI or Interpol, right?

I won’t get into the weeds of the impeachment procedures since there are no weeds. Trump did it, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Trump did it, career civil servants said he did it, and Trump himself said he did it. Republicans aren’t saying he didn’t do it, just that it wasn’t a crime and they yell, scream and sound like a choir of square dance callers and livestock auctioneers.

But the tune they are singing is more accurately bullshit-slinging, and it’s designed to frustrate, confuse and disgust the average Americans into tuning out, throwing up their hands and screaming, “A pox on BOTH your houses!”

If they can make all of Congress looks bad, Republicans see themselves winning the PR battle, and they’re right, because in the right-wing media echo chamber of FOX News, One American News Network, Sinclair Broadcasting and a plethora of conservative talk radio networks, the more confusion generated by the GOP, the easier it is to cast Democrats as socialists who hate everything America stands for.

If only the Democrats had a couple of billionaires in the race who think nothing about lighting piles of money afire in an attempt to purchase the party nomination . . . oh yeah, we do!

Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg have already pushed Kamala Harris out of the race by raising the bar on the amount of cash needed to mount a ground campaign and a blanket of paid media.

Neither of these guys is gonna win the nomination. No they’re just gonna fuck up the process.

Steyer has been spending gobs of dough for the last couple years demanding that Democrats impeach Trump. But once it became obvious that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would allow Democrats to impeach the motherfucker when they were damned good and ready, Steyer no longer had a mission.

So what did he do? He threw his hat into the ring for the presidency and spent gobs more money buying donors. Yeah, that got him on the debate stage where he has yet to say anything of substance.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg hired a staffer from Harris’ staff and swiftly spread enough rumor and innuendo to sponsor simultaneous hit jobs from the legacy media featuring a particularly snotty resignation letter, from said staffer. Bloomberg then threw $40 million into an ad campaign when he launched his own candidacy.

Unfortunately, Bloomberg has more civil rights baggage than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris combined. So yeah. Lots of smoke from burning cash.

But suppose for a moment those two billionaires decided to put their money ($100 million and climbing) somewhere it would do some good? Say a series of 30-second television spots and a billion Facebook ads targeting every market in the nation explaining in no uncertain terms what Trump  did and why he has to go.

Contrast the facts with the GOP’s ridiculous arguments about how unfair and mean the Democrats are being because they lost in 2016.

I won’t tell you guys how to cut the buys but damn! Y’all know how it is done. Do it!

The country will buy what you’re selling as long as what you’re selling ain’t you!

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