Spoiler alert: Trump is preparing to shift into high 2020 campaign mode!

When the calendar turns to 2020 in a few days election season will shift into high gear.

The tweets from the White House will increase tenfold — yes, it seems impossible but it will happen since the current occupant is intent on staying out of jail as long as possible and that requires his getting re-elected.

So let’s share this spoiler alert about all the nonsense, all the lies, all the misinformation Donald J. Trump will frenetically and frantically toss out on social media to try and convince patriotic Americans — not his misinformed, absurdly loyal television fan base — to vote for him on November 3, 2020.

Special note to mainstream media outlets: Please don’t provide free PR coverage of his rantings and ravings. Unless he has facts to back up what he tweets don’t just report his tweeting excesses again. The country doesn’t need that type of nonsensical reporting, and a majority of us don’t want it.

Don’t believe Trump when he tells you and your editors the news media needs him to survive; he’s the only story people pay attention to during election years and beyond. His reality show of a presidency is a failure by most measures.

Here’s a preview of the self-promoting Twitter garbage that will come from the mind of the most mentally unstable chief executive officer of our country in its history.

— There will be a massive resurgence in the manufacturing sector of the economy in 2020. Keep in mind that was supposed to happen during the past three years. It hasn’t materialized up until now. Doubtful that it will happen during the next 10 months.

— U.S. companies with operations overseas will bring those jobs back home to America in record numbers during 2020. Again, it was supposed to happen in the first three years of the Trump experiment of running the country as a Washington outsider. Just how many companies have shuttered foreign operations and moved those jobs back to our country? You can probably count them on one hand.

— A massive tax cut will provide the financial boost to middle class Americans that will fuel explosive domestic economic growth, send interest rates into negative space and have our country leading the world in wealth for as long as Trump remains in the White House.

The December 2017 tax cut enriched the already wealthy not the middle class. Pay raises and bonuses paid out in the months immediately following the “historic” tax package passage were all ready scheduled to be delivered to workers.

The largess wasn’t a result of any tax cut legislation dreamed up by this president and his Republican cohorts. How many middle class Americans received significant raises or bonuses in 2018 or 2019 directly attached to tax relief for their companies? How high has the miniumum wage been increased since the tax package passed?

— The wall along our southern border with Mexico is being built in record time and with outstanding results in slowing down the flow of illegal immigrants from central America. In addition, the new trade pact with Mexico and Canada — you know the one that replced NAFTA — is helping pay for the wall just as Trump promised Mexico would pay for it back in 2016.

Nope, not even close to reality.

The money being spent on repairing old, worn-out sections of the already existing structure is coming out of American taxpayers’ pockets, not Mexico’s. The flow of illegal immigrants continues. There is no invasion of caravaans of folks from south of the border overwhelming our security forces or immigration courts. There is no crisis at the border other than the one Trump created by separating children from their families and housing them in tent cities or vacant prison structures where they get little or no health care.

Hopefully the court order temporarily halting new construction will stay in place until a new president can shut down this ill-advised Trump project.

— Our country is not the envy of the world as Trump likes to brag at various points in his Twitter rants. His partnership with Russian President Valdimir Putin has earned him the scorn and ridicule of many of our former allies.

Yes, former. Allies don’t laugh behind the back of a leader of a country if they take that person seriously. They don’t try to avoid contact with someone who is influential or represents an approach to governance that supports the well-being of the people they represent.

— Finally, neither Special Counsel Robert Mueller nor the House Intelligence Committee conducted witch hunts against Trump. The investigations were as thorough as possible considering the White House — under direct orders from Trump — failed to produce a ton of evidence and refused to allow testimony from key individuals with knowledge of wrong-doing by this wannabe dictator of our country.

The impeachment of Trump is as close to reality as possible. It’s truth personified. He will rant and rage against it, attempting to place blame on the Democrats for dividing our country. He’ll shout at campaign rallies across the country about how there is no evidence, nothing even close to criminal behavior on his part in any of the evidence or testimony collected during the past three years.

That’s major Trump campaign hogwash. He can’t explain the convictions, guilty pleas or indictments of former campaign or White House staff. He can’t explain the ongoing investigations into people such as Rudy Guiliani who continue to work closely with Trump on his anti-American agenda.

He has abused the office of the presidency, and he has nothing but contempt for Congress, particularly those in the legislative branch of government who don’t worship the ground he walks on (think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff or House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler).

The 2020 campaign starts in a matter of days. Turn on your BS monitors soonest. More importantly prepare to get out and vote for a presidential candidate who will send Trump packing and, hopefully, result in this sorry excuse for a president ending up in jail.

It’s time to get busy and make certain Donald J. Trump is a one-term president. We need to reclaim the greatness of our country. We need to leave Russia and Putin behind.

God help us save America.

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