There’s nothing to celebrate, Kellyanne. Killing to create chaos is not a victory.

White House counselor and rabid Donald J. Trump defender Kellyannne Conway wants Americans, particularly Democrats in Congress, to celebrate the killing last week of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Soleimani led the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s Quds Force and was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans across the Middle East over the past several years.

“I know that they’ll (Democrats in Congress) be briefed in due course, and probably expeditiously. And they know that, too,” Conway told reporters Monday. “But they also should calm down and celebrate, not denigrate, the fact that the world’s greatest terrorist was killed.”

Sorry, not sure about that “world’s greatest terrorist” label she slapped on Soleimani’s head, but I digress.

What do you want, Kellyanne? A ticker-tape parade down 5th Avenue in New York City with your boss riding in a convertible limo waving to an adoring crowd chanting his name because he ordered the U.S. military to kill an enemy?

That’s not enough? How about a parade through New York to Madison Square Garden where the “Chosen One” can deliver a hateful, angry attack on any American who believes his order to execute Soleimani — yes, it was an execution disguised as a military operation — was designed to divert attention from the impeachment trial looming in the U.S. Senate.

Question for you, Kellyanne: Since he and his Christian followers have referenced your boss as being tapped by God as the “second coming” of Jesus to save the world, let’s ask this of you and your supporters — “What would Jesus have done with respect to Soleimani?”

Cat got your tongue, Kellyanne? Would Jesus kill an enemy or turn the other cheek? Would Jesus so devalue human life that he would suggest the world celebrate the killing of someone to gain a political advantage?

So we can agree the “chosen one” question doesn’t work too well.

Another question for you Kellyanne before we order confetti for the ticker-tape parade: When did the Constitution change and allow a president to commit to an act of war without briefing Congress beforehand; or better yet allow a president of our country to brief the president of a sworn enemy about the killing before he briefed Congress?

Cat still has your tongue, Kellyanne? Since when has it become more important to make sure Russian President Vladimir Putin knows about your boss’ questionable actions before lawmakers of our country? When did it become part of the executive branch’s modus operandi to ignore the laws of our land and provide sensitive and potentially world changing information to an enemy of our country before consulting with our elected representatives in Washington?

Isn’t that treasonous in nature? Don’t give us the old Trump line that we need to have better relations with Russia. That doesn’t fly with anyone who has half a brain and understands what Putin is up to with his continued backing of all things Trump.

Simply and bluntly stated, Kellyanne, there’s nothing to celebrate in the killing of Soleimani. Yes, he killed Americans in that theater of war over the years. Yes, he was an enemy whose death we shouldn’t mourn.

But it’s not time for ticker-tape parades or hate-filled campaign sidewinders about the evil Iranian empire.

It’s time for you and your boss to face the music and stand before the American people with all the facts presented in a Senate impeachment trial.

It’s time to stop creating distractions from reality and calling for celebrations, especially if it involves killing human beings no matter how evil they might be.

It’s what Jesus probably would ask you to do. Just saying.


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