GOP: Time to demand Donald J. Trump resign

Republicans in Congress need to put America first now and demand Donald J. Trump resign as president.

Much like Republican leaders paid then-President Richard M. Nixon a visit in August 1974 to warn him he would be convicted on articles of impeachment during a Senate trial if he didn’t step down, GOP leaders in Congress today need to deliver a similar message to Trump that charges of abuse of power and Obstruction of Congress seriously threaten his ability to remain in office.

They should tell him he must resign for the sake of our country and for the future of the GOP.

What do they put in front of Trump and his legal team to make a case for a resignation?

They must start with the on-going investigation of Trump’s demand — and the subsequent cover-up of that action — that Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s involvement with a Ukrainian energy company. The Constitution specifically prohibits a federal officeholder requesting help from a foreign government in a domestic political campaign.

In addition to his demand for the investigation, Trump put a hold on congressionally-approved military aid to Ukraine until Zelensky announced the investigations were under way. The Biden case has been debunked by Ukrainian and U.S. officials familiar with the matter. The freeze on military aid in return for an investigation of the Biden’s is also illegal.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s soon-to-be-published tome on his time working alongside Trump delivered a crippling blow this past weekend to the wannabe dictator’s defense of his actions. Bolton’s book — if reporting of its contents proves to be accurate — provides a first-hand account of Trump violating federal laws when he solicited foreign assistance for his 2020 reelection campaign from Zelensky.

Bolton writes that he and Trump discussed the hold on miliitary aid as it related to the call for an investigation of the Bidens, according to reports detailing contents of Bolton’s book currently scheduled for publication on March 17.

John Dean, White House counsel to Nixon during the Watergate scandal, told CNN viewers on Monday that Bolton’s revelations if accurately reported are comparable to White House tape recordings of Nixon and his henchmen plotting and managing the cover-up of the Watergate break-in that brought down Nixon’s presidency.

It’s important to note that Bolton’s “dozens of pages” (New York Times, January 26, 2020) detailing the Ukrainian campaign against the Bidens that Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani were orchestrating simply confirm what acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland put on the record — Mulvaney during a news conference last fall and Sondland during testimony before the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.

GOP congressional reps charged with delivering a resignation message to Trump might not believe the Ukrainian scandal is enough to warrant demanding the failed casino owner leave the White House.

A review of news cycles from the past three years, however, should provide plenty of factual ammunition against the embattled struggling New York real estate developer.

For instance: The lying (more than 16,000 times, according to the latest count from The Washington Post) to save his political and personal skin; the deconstruction of valuable relationships with past Allies; and his continued support of racist activities by white supremacist groups in America is not protecting and defending the Constitution of our country as required of any U.S. president.

Still not enough to kick Trump out? How about this:

Trump continues to support Russia President Vladimir Putin’s denial that he and his trolls interfered with and influenced the 2016 presidential election and that Russia as well as other foreign countries are attempting to attack our systems in this year’s ballot box battle. Our country’s national security officials to a person have briefed Trump and his team about this cyber attack on one of the most important features of our republic, yet he continues to ignore their warnings.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller who led a lengthy investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes put it this way when he announced the end of his probe.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve seen a number of challenges to our democracy,” Mueller said in July. “The Russian government’s effort to interfere in our election is among the most serious. As I said on May 29, this deserves the attention of every American.”

It’s time for the hogwash from Trump, his legal team and his GOP enablers to stop.

It’s time for the healing of our country to begin. The healing process, however, can’t start until the cause of what sickens us is removed as the source of the disease that currently plagues our country.

Republican congressional leaders need to schedule an historic Oval Office visit before the White House and personal lawyers for Trump waste more taxpayer dollars and news media time desperately defending illegal actions by this habitual liar and his executive branch team of syncophants.

Republican congressional leaders need to step up and act as Americans not as Trumplanders.

It’s time for Donald J. Trump to hear a call for his resignation from the same GOP lawmakers who have allowed this tragedy, this internal attack on our country to continue for three years.

9 thoughts on “GOP: Time to demand Donald J. Trump resign

  1. I just cannot understand here. This is all so obvious. What hold does Trump have over McConnell, Graham, and the rest? There is some piece of this whole puzzle that is not out yet that shows why the Republicans are defending him so much. It is even now obvious to the majority of the public, what Trump did and are saying that witnesses should be called, especially Bolton and Mulvaney and the actual transcript of the call locked in the secure server be released

    Trump is like a caged animal right now, and he issued threats after Bolton’s story came out. We are in a very dangerous time right now. If the Republicans do not get their act together and truly stand up for the Constitution and rule of law like they used to proclaim they were for? We are sunk. Trump will finally be the dicktator he always wanted to be if they let him off the hook and no rules will then apply to control his actions.

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  2. The Republican Party stands for these three things:

    1) Guns
    2) Fetuses
    3) Rule by Old White Men

    That is why the Republican establishment will never call for Trump’s resignation, because his fall would signal the end of those other three things. And Trump would never heed a call to resign anyway because it would immediately open him up to prosecution for tax fraud and a host of other charges. Remember, he cares only about himself and possibly about the Daughter/Wife, Ivanka, though I imagine if it came right down to it, he’d even throw her under the bus to save himself.

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  3. Although I agree with all of these ideas, I’m afraid it ain’t gonna happen. The Senate Republicans are too afraid of Trump to go against him en masse. He has been responsible for two new Supreme Court justices (likely anti-abortion rights), and tax cuts (for the wealthy), and as anti-immigration a policy as he can promote–all things they like. I think the only way to reverse their support of him would be if they see their own political careers threatened by him. However, I think that even if (as in the Nixon era), a group of Republican senators met with him to tell him that his support had fractured and he should resign, Trump wouldn’t, because he views himself as a “fighter” who never gives in. Some have suggested that, even if the Senate convicts and removes him from office, he would sill refuse (and I guess would have to be removed bodily). Assuming Trump is “acquitted” by the Senate, we can only hope the voting public has come to it’s senses enough to remove Trump from office in the November election.

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  4. I have given up thinking the GOP would do the right thing for the nation a long time ago.
    Trump has pulled the curtain back for all to see.
    At least Bloomberg has recreational funds to put up “in-your-face” political ads plus he owns a news service to keep punching narcissist trump below the belt (knowing striking blows to his empty head is a waste of time).
    All the while Vladimir Putin enjoys watching our “shitshow”

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  5. Which Republican elected officials do you expect to read these words? How much effect on their actions do you expect them to have?


    1. If any Repubs read this I’ll be surprised. What I hope this does is energize folks to push their GOP friends on the facts and to remember to get out and vote blue in November. Something has to change in the on-going narrative/conversation about the future of our country. It’s not goi ng ti come from the GOP; it has to come from us.


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