Dear Republicans: Do the Right Thing


I know this plea will fall on deaf ears. The Republican majority in the Senate, with a few exceptions, will no doubt vote to keep Donald J. Trump in office despite the admissions of some of its leaders that Trump is indeed guilty of the acts he is charged with committing.

Listen, I get it. He’s a nasty, vindictive piece of work. Many of his supporters seem to be unhinged, insanely loyal, and armed.

I’m sure a lot of you are worried not only about losing party funds for your re-election campaigns, but about your personal safety and that of your family.

There’s a way to remedy that: Remove him.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Cut off the head off a snake, and the body will die?”

Remove Trump from office, and much of the craziness goes with him.

Just think, he’ll no longer have Air Force One to fly him to his rallies and stir up the crowds.

He’ll no longer be able to command television airtime just because he’s the president.

He will lose his Secret Service protection and his pension. If Melania remains married to him and outlives him, she will lose her widow’s benefits.

If he goes, his whole corrupt family goes with him unless the newly inaugurated President Pence decides to keep some of them on the federal payroll.

If he issues threats toward any member of Congress, as a private citizen he will be subject to prosecution.

Twitter will be able to deal with his tweets and even remove them if warranted.

Yes, if you choose to remove him, it will be unpleasant for a time. He’ll keep tweeting insults and veiled threats and derogatory nicknames. Some of his supporters will follow suit, and you may need some extra security.

But I’m betting you’ll come out ahead. Not only will you be able to vote your conscience, but the hold he has over your once-respected party will be gone.

There’s nothing stopping him, of course, from holding his own rallies. But Trump is cheap, and probably broke. He isn’t going to spend his own cash to rent an auditorium that might not even draw a capacity crowd to hear him whine about the unfairness of it all.

Please, at least think about it. If not for our sake, for the sake of your reputations.

5 thoughts on “Dear Republicans: Do the Right Thing

  1. It’s a shot in the dark, as they say, but worth it. As for the senators, they’d also be able to sleep at night, knowing they did the right thing.

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