Is Coronavirus Nature’s Way of Saying Goodbye To Trump?

Don’t worry about coronavirus, America, Drs. Trump and Pence are on the case.

Lately, Donald Trump has been feeling sorry for himself. He feels hemmed in by “anti-Trump” people who hate him, and now he has the coronavirus plaguing his brittle economy. Will his sick administration succumb?

Trump said there is nothing to worry about Wednesday afternoon before announcing that clueless Vice President Mike Pence is in charge of clearing up the pesky coronavirus threat. He made his momentous announcement just hours after his chief scientists and public health experts said the killer virus will visit the U.S. sooner than later. The only thing the scientists are not sure of is how many people will be affected.

Trump literally scoffed at the learned scientists’ candid observations. According to him, the plague belongs to China, and the more than 2,000 point drop in American stock markets since Monday belongs to the Democrats for promoting pandemic hysteria. He thinks he’s not responsible for any of it.

In any event, the surest cure is hand-washing, according to Dr. Trump. The virus has spread around the world because airplanes are full of foreigners with dirty hands.

The situation is getting complicated despite Trump’s upbeat prognostications. The coronavirus that is plaguing the world is probably torturing noted germaphobe Trump as well. Will he be able to stand the lurking threats of coronavirus spores getting into the White House? Not if Trump can help it.

“I like cleanliness. Cleanliness is a nice thing. Not only hands, body, everything,” Trump told radio shock jock Howard Stern in a radio confession last century. He admitted being obsessive-compulsive about it, to the amusement of his host. Trump’s illness was still in the early stages back then, so few people understood at the time that he was actually stone nuts.


Even then, Trump was well known for loving himself, fame, money, power, big-breasted women and clean urinals. Post-urinal handshaking apparently gives Trump the creeps. He shared this tidbit with Stern:

“OK, now tell me, tell me, you ever watch, I watch in amazement. They’re standing there grabbing the urinal for balance. And then they come up and they say, ‘Mr. Trump I’m a big fan. I’d like to shake your hand. . . .’ “

Trump even mentioned hand-washing as a prevention for coronavirus in his Wednesday afternoon soliloquy. Perhaps he envisions coronavirus as this century’s moist potty hands. Trump may be forced to give the Centers For Disease Control enough money to protect him so he can protect the nation.

That he already took away all their money for combating pandemics is merely incidental.

Instead of addressing the anticipated plague head on, Trump pointed to his  leveling the playing field for billionaires, destroying the status quo for trade, diplomacy and war, closing America’s borders, and gutting consumer and environmental protection laws. What he didn’t offer was any answers for coronavirus except the U.S. is “ready for it.”

For once, Trump is literally holding the bag. His trump card is our country’s blazing economy. If it is grossly impacted by coronavirus it will undoubtedly retract and slow down. Trump can’t borrow his way out of a recession this time. U.S. debt is already so burdensome it will be paid for by the great grandchildren of the ill-paid wage earners already carrying this country’s heavy loads.

Trump should however be scared to death that the weary working men and women are wising up to his trickle-down thinking. They are already growing skeptical of his promises of future good fortune. If a few million of them do get sick and start to die, so will Trump’s regime, but at what cost to the country?

Democrats say the average worker has seen about a one percent wage increase since Trump was elected. Many people, including college-educated young mothers and fathers, report working two and sometimes even three miserable paying jobs to keep afloat. Scores of  hourly-wage workers employed in steel, coal, rubber and related industries have been marginalized, ignored and left unemployed. Service jobs are up, manufacturing jobs are down.

Trump’s economy cannot sustain any interruption in the grind that is powering his supply-side economy. His best answer is to diminish the threat by saying a crippling plague probably won’t happen. If it does, he will fire a few bureaucrats and hire a few more, clouding the entire issue in turmoil.

Early Wednesday, Trump  further downplayed worries about dying if the coronavirus spreads across the U.S., claiming the vast majority of those infected won’t die. Trump says the dreaded Ebola virus killed lots more people. The stock market fell more than 1,800 points on his reassurances.

The Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 killed as many as 50 million worldwide, including 675,000 Americans. The lack of certainty in numbers is because many of the census keepers also died. Nothing says the coronavirus will strike so hard, but little says it won’t.

More than 89,000 people are currently infected around the globe. Almost 3,000 have died at a time when medicine has moved forward exponentially since Spanish flu affected a third of the world’s population. .

Trump’s nearly incoherent diatribe suggests he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind while Mother Nature sorts it out.

“Because of all we’ve done, the risk to the American people remains very low,” Trump assured his audience. “We’re ready to adapt, and we’re ready to do whatever we have to.”

Trump’s initial plan to bar visitors from infected countries is definitely a low-tech. low-cost dandy. Determining which passengers have also visited where coronavirus is present was not mentioned. Instead, Trump said his plan has already reduced Americans’ risk of exposure.

The scion of useless facts noted that more than 69,000 Americans die from run-the-mill flu viruses last year. Trump noted, reassuringly, that the fatality rate is much higher than that for coronavirus, which has scarcely reached our shores.

Only 15 Americans have the illness, Trump crowed.

No problem here, let’s move along.

10 thoughts on “Is Coronavirus Nature’s Way of Saying Goodbye To Trump?

  1. It’s time for the Republican senators who saved Trump’s skin to march over to the White House and inform him that much more needs to be done. We need a scientist in charge of this effort, not a political lackey who botched the handling of an HIV outbreak in Indiana when he was governor. We need to divert money from the vanity wall and the military to developing a testing protocol and vaccine that will be available free of charge to everyone. He needs to quit the golf trips and the business jaunts with his daughter, and donate some of his own “fortune” to the cause. As if.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi A-M, This time some of them may do it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Trump’s handling of coronavirus is embarrassing on many levels. Hope that this crisis provides the stage for sanity to return to government. Then we can all get rid of trump together.


      1. Could said physician also drop a doorknob-bomb at the end of the checkup by saying some of McDonalds’ burger meat’s been coming from China the past few months, probably from those animal markets? What would the Mango One do then (other than start a press conference without facts but just saying “I hear–” like usual)?


  2. Look, he has a terrible diet and he’s old and orange. Epidemics or pandemics or my favorite — plague — don’t take prisoners. All Pence is going to do is offer the usual prayers and you know how well that has worked in reducing school shootings. It will work equally well against coronavirus.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marilyn, You are hard core… we could have used you in Nam. I agree he doesn’t have a clue but heard this morning some sharp cookies destined for the trumplandian junk pile have been miraculously rehabilitated to take over actual reaction to coronavirus… leaving Pence plenty of time to pray and Trump plenty of time to play golf until he gets ill. I wonder if being orange makes it harder to diagnose disease.


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