Biden and Bloomberg: ‘Killer B’s’ to target Trump, Russian handlers

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Killer Bs” is a sports reference. Back in 1996, the Houston Astros fielded a team with a number of players who had last names that began with the letter B. The longest standing of the original group were Hall of Famers Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell. There is no connection between the Astros of the 1990s and today’s Democratic Party “Killer Bs.”

The “Killer Bs” — Biden and Bloomberg — are Impeached President Donald J. Trump’s worst nightmare.

Why? The Killer Bs want to send Trump packing and return America to a united country that is widely respected at home and abroad.

Joe Biden is a good guy, a veteran, middle-of-the-road politician who knows how to govern the republic and manage its democracy for the people.

Michael Bloomberg is a beyond-belief billionaire with the kind of New York City street and business smarts that make Trump’s failed casinos, airlines and other assorted bankruptcies look amateurish at best. More importantly, Bloomberg doesn’t need Russian oligarchs to bail him out of any struggling real estate investments.

Yes, that’s the real bottom line here — America versus Russia — with Biden and Bloomberg standing for a country that three-plus years ago was the envy of the world. They’re going head-to-head against Trump and Putin, that’s Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has long been Trump’s handler. The former KGB thug wants to turn the United States into an autocracy that will keep the current Oval Office occupant out of jail and out of the bankruptcy courts.

Any red-blooded American patriot should put money on the Killer Bs walking away with a W on November 3, 2020, sending Trump back to his New York City penthouse until the feds come knocking and Putin is left sifting through the rubble of a Republican Party dragged down from the top.

Super Tuesday for the Democrats, with the exception of liberal presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, was more than party loyalists could ever have imagined.

Biden parlayed a sweeping primary victory in South Carolina last Saturday — fueled by outstanding support from the state’s African-American community — into a once-in-a-political-lifetime election night revival of his campaign.

Not even his Killer B compatriot, Bloomberg, could thwart Biden’s treasure trove of primary wins. Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts (yes, Warren’s home state), Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Maine and Virginia. The Killer Bs limited the number of delegates Sanders could walk away with even after his victory in California.

Bloomberg, the pragmatic, data-driven businessman, saw the handwriting on the wall Wednesday morning and immediately dropped out of the race and announced he would throw his massive field organization and unlimited funds to Biden.

That, however, was just the public message. The Killer Bs announcement was aimed at Trump and Putin. Biden, with Bloomberg’s support, will fill the airwaves and travel the highways and byways of America touting a vision that brings people back together and attracts the next generation of American leaders.

Sanders’ personal attacks against Biden should be toned down if not stopped entirely. The Killer Bs want everyone focused on defeating Trump in November. As he did on Super Tuesday, Biden will bring together past campaign opponents to spread the word about policy and patriotism.

  • Health care? Work out the problems with the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). Have legislation drafted and ready for passage in the House and Senate as soon as Biden takes office.
  • Minimum wage? Bring it up to a livable level for all Americans. Have legislation prepared to be passed by Congress and on Biden’s desk within a week of his taking office.
  • The environment? Through executive order, Biden should repeal all the anti-environmental measures Trump implemented in his disastrous term in office. The new president will need to reconfirm America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord. The largest republic and democracy in the world should be a party to helping save the planet for future generations.
  • Election reform? Make certain the Constitution’s language about foreign interference in domestic political contests is strengthened so no one like Trump can ever again misuse, abuse and ignore the laws of the United States of America to make a wholesale power grab to benefit himself and enemies of the state.

During the rest of the primary season, Democrats need to deliver body blows to Trump and his Republican enablers on these issues, saving the haymakers for the fall campaign.

Come September, Sanders, Warren, Pete Buttigeig, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and Adam Schiff should be headlining the message on the streets and on cable news shows, highlighting the difference between a country working for the good of “we the people” versus a country run by a Russia-backed administration intent on saving Trump’s skin at the expense of the people he is supposed to serve.

Who might be Biden’s choice for vice president? Harris? Stacey Abrams of Georgia? Buttigeig, whom Biden said reminds him of a son?

But whomever Biden picks, it will be the Killer Bs front and center during the Democratic National Convention in July. Biden’s political know-how and Bloomberg’s money and organization make a powerful team. No prime-time television minutes should be wasted on in-party fighting. Sorry, Bernie, the common good is more important this year than your bruised ego. Give it up for the good of the country, please.

The Killer Bs — Biden and Bloomberg — and all their friends will hopefully turn 2020 into the worst year of Impeached Trump’s life. Make it his worst nightmare come true.

2 thoughts on “Biden and Bloomberg: ‘Killer B’s’ to target Trump, Russian handlers

  1. And may I add that one day one we need to free the children and unite the families at the border. Then offer them a path to citizenship if they still want it.

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