Trump’s Own Prince Of Darkness

Erik Prince is the Comte de Rochefort of Trumplandia, one of the secretive evil geniuses behind the gilded throne of Donald the First. Like the ignoble character in French author Alexandre Dumas’ brilliant “The Three Musketeers,” Prince reappears in Trumplandia from time to time, committing acts of skullduggery that benefit his unbalanced benefactor.

Of late, Prince has reportedly been manipulating truth for Project Veritas, a right of right-wing  “news” organization that creates its own questions and answers for the dimwits who drink its swill. The close ally of Trump is also under investigation by the Justice Department for potentially lying to congressional investigators who interviewed him as part of the House of Representatives’ Russia probe. That investigation is reportedly in its “late stages,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

In addition to investigating potential lies to Congress, the Justice Department is also probing whether Prince violated U.S. export laws.  The billionaire heir allegedly modified two American-made crop-dusting planes into attack aircraft, a violation of arms trafficking regulations. The planes were incorporated into the private military services Prince proposed for mercenary operations in Africa and Azerbaijan. Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Prince declined comment.

Meanwhile, The New York Times is reporting that Prince helped recruit former British and American spies for Project Veritas. The disreputable smear group is reportedly spying on so-called left-wing organizations like unions, community action groups and other quasi-political organizations that are trying to rid the country of Trump’s dysfunctional regime.

According to the Times, one of the spies he recruited is a former British MI6 agent who copied files and recorded conversations in a Michigan office of the American Federation of Teachers. The same spy infiltrated the campaign of Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Ca.) before being caught and fired.

Prince, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and brother of controversial Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, is the founder of the infamous Blackwater USA, a bodyguard company that provided highly trained mercenaries to protect high-profile American diplomats serving in Iraq during the endless Global War On Terror. Prince sold the company in 2009. The endless war continued.

The use and recruitment of mercenaries is forbidden internationally by the 1989 International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries. A mercenary is defined as any person who is specially recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict. In most societies, captured mercenaries do not receive prisoner-of-war status and are often liable for a summary firing squad.

The George W. Bush Administration simply ignored the international agreement when it became apparent there weren’t enough skilled security people willing to work in Iraq for pathetic military pay when Blackwater would paid six-figure salaries and bonuses. The Blackwater stereotype was a rough, tough, former special operator seeing everything from behind mirrored aviator glasses and a black shooter vest. In the Global War on Terror, there was big money waiting for gunmen prepared to stake their lives on Blackwater pay.

Money has never been a problem for the family of a self-made Michigan machinery company magnate. Prince’s clueless sister, Betsy, contributed millions to Republican candidates and interests in return for being named Secretary of Education by Trump, despite having no experience in education. She was confirmed in a 51-50 vote with the tie-breaker offered by vacuous Vice President Mike Pence.

Prince’s life is filled with world-class intrigues that attract power and money like moths to flames. Blackwater’s early luster faded in 2007 after a group of trigger-happy ex-operators killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad, while guarding a diplomatic convoy. Prince managed to avoid any criminal responsibility.

In 2010, less than a year after he sold the company, Blackwater reached an agreement with the State Department to pay $42 million in fines for hundreds of violations of United States export control regulations for shipping weapons and dangerous people where they weren’t supposed to be.

In 2014, four Blackwater employees charged in the Nisour Square slaughter were convicted in U.S. federal court, one for murder and the other three on manslaughter and firearms charges resulting from the pointless deaths. FBI investigators testified that 14 of the 17 Iraqis killed by the guards were shot without cause.

The three “justifiable killings” included two passengers in a suspicious white sedan and an unidentified Iraqi, all suspected of being possible suicide bombers.

Last January, it was widely reported that Trump explored pardoning Blackwater shooter Nicholas Slatten, the former Army sniper sentenced to life in prison in August 2019 at his third trial in the case. Slatten fired the first shots that kicked off the deadly melee. On January 10, The Daily Beast reported Trump was considering pardoning Slatten.

Prince and Trump share a strange and sinister synergy that feeds on power, money and failure. In Texas, folks might say they can turn shit into shinola and stand up smelling like flowers. No doubt Trump will forever be remembered as the American president who always lied because he could never rule, and Prince will be remembered as the Teflon-coated American warrior and billionaire who saw death and destruction as a lucrative business opportunity. Their only real difference is the way they cut their hair.

As improbable as their symbiotic relationship appears, it seems to work admirably for them. The dark prince has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars toward the election efforts of his benefactor, apparently so Trump will turn a blind eye when his mercenary chief earns princely sums preying on private persons who suddenly find themselves enemies of the Trumplandian state.

At the same time, Trump has deemed that the FBI’s efforts to spy on his campaign (ruled necessary and legitimate by the nation’s highest court) are inappropriate and unlawful. The irony is nauseating.

If the implications of private, for-profit spying on behalf of our elected government weren’t such a monstrous threat to personal freedoms, the continued story of the gang that can’t shoot straight could be Alexandre Dumas’ dark comedy of today that becomes a sardonic tome for tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Trump’s Own Prince Of Darkness

  1. I just did one story on the hypocrisy of Project Veritas and how they change just one sentence of their “targets” to fit their lies and innuendos. And how they proclaim that any news organization that does not stand up and defend Donald J Trump are anti-Trumpsters who are evil and vile. I posted dozens upon dozens of videos of “news organizations” such as Faux Nitwit Newsless, Breibart, etc and their outrageous bias and outrageous hate against Democrats, especially President Barack Obama, even with one Faux Nitwit Newsless pundit laughing at her suggestion that President Barack Obama be put to death and that is perfectly ok with Prince, O’Keefe and Project Veritas. That is the Right Wing news right to do that, but don’t you dare expose any of Traitor Trump’s crimes or treasonous actions, because that makes you fake news and suspect of your motives, especially if you have ever, in your personal life, spoke out against Donald J Trump.

    No true man or any true human would ever stand up and defend one such as Donald J Trump. And if that makes me an anti-Trumper? Then that is a badge I will gladly and proudly wear. And I will continue to expose Project Veritas, Erik Prince and James O’Keefe as much as I can. Heck, they did not like my first posting against their veritas sponsored website after I found them here on WordPress. But I am going to show them? I have no fear of these scum, just like I showed the scum of the RCC.


  2. When I was in Iraq working on a documentary for the history channel, I had very high clearance because my fixer was a former CIA agent and station chief in the Middle East. We visited some of the private security groups that were working in Iraq at the time. One of them named Custer Battles ended up in federal prison after they were caught inflating contracts. I personally saw suitcases stuffed with what had to be millions in stacks of $100 bills. These guys were black waters competition but they were nowhere near the size so I can only imagine the amount of money that Prince got out of Iraq, Afghanistan etc along with all the KBR hacks from Dick Cheney on down….

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