Don’t get fooled again

This is for the Trump voters.

Most of you are good, hard-working Americans who wanted what was best for your families and your country.

I’m not going to insult you, lecture you, or belittle your intelligence or education. I am not going to suggest that you’re a bigot.

I’m going to assume you had a good reason for voting for Trump four years ago.

Maybe you didn’t like Hillary Clinton, or her husband, or what you felt they represented.

Maybe it was important to you that the new president appoint judges who saw things your way.

Maybe you didn’t think a woman, any woman, should be president.

Maybe you really liked what Trump was saying.

Maybe you bought into his image as a successful, tough-talking businessman, and you decided that was just what we needed.

Maybe you’re a lifelong Republican and would have voted for the party’s nominee no matter who it was.

Maybe you had some doubts about Trump’s qualifications, his lack of political or leadership experience, or how he managed to get a doctor’s note that kept him out of the Vietnam War. But you reasoned that the Republican Party knew what it was doing and that it would never choose a standard bearer who wasn’t up to the task of being president.

Maybe you figured Hillary would win anyway, so what was the harm in voting for Trump?

You might have had any or all of those reasons or any number of others.

For all anyone knew, he might have become a competent president, maybe even a good one or a great one. He might have had too much pride in his family name to fail. He might have surrounded himself with experts in various fields to make up for his own lack of experience or knowledge, and he might have listened to them.

But we now know that didn’t happen, and there’s no reason to believe it will happen in a second Trump term.

So please, don’t give him one.

6 thoughts on “Don’t get fooled again

  1. thank you for your HONESTY.. Well stated. I’m a lifelong Democrat who has on occasion voted her conscience rather than party. Trump is our worst nightmare.. I knew about him in the mid 1980’s when I was with EF Hutton ( I was attached to the Tax Shelter Dept) for nearly 5 years. We knew who and what trump was WAY back then… Every deal he did with other investment banks went south and he filed bankruptcies to rid himself of all that debt and of curse those pesky contractors/subs who wanted to be paid for tier work( they never were paid or at the least, some got a whopping $.20 on the dollar….WE knew what he was and would NOT work with him no matter what he promised….we KNEW BETTER even THEN… He turned to off shore/non US banks who would NOT touch him…. and gee whiz Deutsche Bank shows up- (I returned to Community banking in 1987 for a small community bank in CT – retired in 2013 from that little HEALTHY bank. – Deutsche bank has been on the FEDERAL US Bank Watchlist for well over 30-35 years as a bank NOT to be trusted due to many incidences of money laundering, lack of internal and external banking regulation/regulators within their country and countries they do “business with). This man is worse than a menace to the country than any virus could ever be. long after we’re through this COVID-19, it will take us YEARS to recover the nightmare for what he did/didn’t do or made enemies out of allies.
    Eileen Cavanaugh-Orange, CT

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  2. Thank you for reading and for sharing your experiences. I can only imagine how frustrating it was for people who actually had to deal with Trump. The man should be in prison, and Deutsche Bank needs to be shut down.

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