Yes, I’m violating the hell out of community standards

Nurses block traffic as Trumpian baboons try to “liberate” Colorado.

You know, I really didn’t plan to write today, but looking at some of these goddamned pictures was like putting my balls in a meat grinder and turning the crank. I don’t think I can adequately convey my contempt for these fucking “liberate” people.

Set aside for a moment whether fewer Americans might have died from COVID-19 exposure if the Trump government had acted sooner instead of, you know, playing fucking golf or whatever. Yeah, just set that aside.

Let’s also set aside that during his watch, Trump fired the fucking pandemic response team and put fucking Jared in charge of maintaining our strategic stockpile of ventilators and protective equipment while doctors and nurses were wearing Hefty bags because there wasn’t enough PPE to go around.

I know that’s a big ask to set those things aside, but let’s just do it anyway.

President Dumbfuck puts us all in direct danger, especially healthcare workers.

Now Trump, the godless cocksucker, is actively encouraging his Basket of Deplorables Base to “liberate” their states from stay-at-home orders designed to protect us and contain a raging pandemic that has already claimed more than 40,000 American lives and infected lord knows how many more. Why don’t we know? Because Trump STILL can’t get enough test kits into the field.

Yeah, I said “Basket of Deplorables” because, ill-advised though it might have been at the time she said it, Hillary Clinton could not have been more correct. Deplorable is EXACTLY what these people are. They were Deplorable then and they’re just as Deplorable now, if not more so.

Right, so here’s the president of the United States, this slimey, treasonous, lying bastard, and he’s encouraging his baboons to defy their state governments. And the baboons are listening!

You know, I wouldn’t care if they all got infected and died, I truly wouldn’t. But the problem is they’re gonna take some of US with them, and that includes the heroic healthcare workers who are just trying to do their jobs while the Marmalade Mussolini (thanks, Steve) shivs them in the back.
I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

A Deplorable — I forget where but it doesn’t matter, he could be anywhere. Fuck him.

Know who else I hate? I hate these people and institutions that tell me I have to be calm, that I have to be polite, that I have to “maintain a civil discourse” with these fucking animals. “They’ll come back to our side when things start affecting them personally, unless you keep calling them names like ‘Nazis and baboons and Deplorables!’ ”

Well fuck that!

Just look at these Deplorable assholes.

And fuck you, Facebook, for throwing our staffers into Censorship Prison every time he or she sends links to a Shinbone Star story that violates “community standards” by offending some milquetoast asswipe who thinks Trump shouldn’t be compared to Nazis. Fuck you, Zuckerberg, you soulless prick.

Goddamn I hate these people, and to those who would say “don’t burn your bridges” back to ex-friends and relatives already cut off because of Trump. Screw that! Those relationships have been stuck in the toaster since 2016 and are so far beyond being burnt that they’re unrecognizable.

You think I’d even want those relationships back? There’s a better chance of me eating watercress sandwiches on the surface of fucking Uranus than making nice with people who had no problem voting for a guy who thinks my granddaughter looks like someone who belongs in a cage down Mexico way.

To hell with that. I don’t need them, and I sure as shit don’t need the idiot Trumper baboons who are putting my friends and family in healthcare in even more danger by ignoring stay-at-home orders . . . the very same evil morons who will expect people like my daughter to take care of their sorry asses when they’re gasping for breath on some hospital gurney.

Die. Please die. Just leave my family and friends out of it!

Fuck you, Trump, you filthy bastard.

Face of evil, Face of ignorance right there. Only in America!

16 thoughts on “Yes, I’m violating the hell out of community standards

  1. Thank you Glenn for a wonderfully refreshing post and I mean that with all sincerity. I am beyond tired of forcefully looking the other way and excusing these morons for being morons . I never listen to them because they have nothing to contribute. I starved getting through college and took some challenging courses and faced debt to get an education. I worked 38 years in ICUs (Registered Nurse) around the country and had to listen to FOX news playing in their rooms and put up with their denigrating comments, racism, blatant stupidity, and hypocrisy. I retired from healthcare and don’t have to be politically correct anymore. I couldn’t get out the door fast enough. What you wrote is exactly how I felt looking at those photos and videos. I know the America I come from and prepared to defend when I was in the military. It is not the same America these entitled, unpatriotic assholes are from. They are a threat to life and well being as I know it. I am not gonna sugar coat one more comment excusing these dip shits. I have never wanted to see harm come to anyone but these assholes need to face dire consequences for their stupidity. That is the only way they will ever understand. And being the cowards they are they are gonna take innocent lives down with them. Profanities describing them to follow: @#&!!%@ son of a $&#!!??***

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  2. I just read that #FloridaMoron aka Governor DeSantis has opened Florida’s beaches & people are flocking to them in droves. Thinking that the protests incited by the idiot-in-chief & stupid decisions by his flunkies (i.e. DeSants) we may see a spike in COVID-19.

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    1. CrazyAuntCyn, I spent over three decades taking care of people on ventilators. Every time I see a moron protesting or running on the beach during this pandemic I flashback and see them on a ventilator. I watch them gag and choke on the tube. I watch them freak out and panic when the tube fills with sputum and blocks their airway. And the terror in their eyes after they are suctioned and the tube cleared. It is not a joy to experience any way the repukes wanna twist it. They protest and frolic on the beach wanting that fate. I honestly don’t get it. How can people be this ignorant?

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  3. You really hit the notes that are running through my head. I’m so disgusted with people who are both stupid and deplorable. They have no ability to distinguish truth from BS. I never understood their votes for Trump in the first place, but if they haven’t seen the light by now, they’ll always live in darkness. I hope they all go hug Trump so he can see what a “hoax” Covid-19 is when he catches it. Then he can share near death experiences with Boris Johnson.

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  4. I think this needs some clarification. I’m not sure how you really feel about this. You can tell us, you’re among friends.

    (hee hee)

    I’m applauding you in my head. That was more shocking and fun to read than watching a classic Bill Maher or George Carlin rant.

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  5. I’m tired of people calling these idiots “Deplorables”.
    “Deplorables” is too mild.

    They are NOT “Deplorables” …
    they ARE “Despicables”, and I DESPISE them every minute of every hour of every day.

    It goes without saying (but I’m gonna say it anyway) that I also DESPISE Ki45*TF And Friends.

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