No ‘good people’ at armed protest inside Michigan capitol

— Reuters/Seth Herald

Watching ignorant gun owners — all male — armed with semi-automatic rifles and pistols, storm a state capitol, sticking their ugly faces inches away from very tolerant state police, it makes one want to scream loudly.

Donald Trump, you ignorant asshole, there “are no good people here.” Period.

Seeing these low IQ creatures wave their cock-envy weapons about is both revolting and revealing. These are cowards of the worst type. They are revealing themselves as terrorist-wannabes, but without the guts to die for their cause.

The once respected National Rifle Association stays mum. Where is the cowardly Wayne LaPierre, Jr., chief executive and executive vice president of the organization that helps enable this mob of crazed gun wavers? He and the entire NRA executive board sit silently in their heavily guarded offices, cowards of the first tier.

As a gun owner and user since I was a preteen, my first gun was a Daisy Red Rider. I accidentally shot my best friend in the head after he shot me while playing. It was terrifying. Blood spurting from his head as he chased me. My mother grabbed him and some ice, pressed it against the wound and carried him a quarter mile across a plowed field to the town doctor.

Next day he and his friends wanted me to come outside and play. They were armed. I stepped onto the porch and was greeted by a hail of copper BBs.

After a while we all moved on and kind of forgot the incident.

Well, not completely. A few weeks ago we spoke on the telephone and reminisced. We laughed and would have hugged except he lives in Texas and I in New Mexico.

The present NRA is an organization mostly comprised of terrorist wannabes, all piss and no vinegar.

More than 75 percent of Americans polled want some sort of gun laws to eliminate the semi-automatic gun importation and ownership. As you know we have more damned weapons than any country on earth, and more mass shootings than any country on the planet.

Canada, on the other hand, quickly acted to ban assault-style weapons after a gunman in Nova Scotia murdered 22 people on April 18-19 in a rampage that lasted more than 12 hours.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a briefing where he announced the decision:

“These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.” 

The ban is effective immediately and includes 1,500 models of military-style assault weapons.

Several other countries have a similar ban.

For Americans, no such ban will likely occur in our lifetimes. The NRA owns — and has for decades — the tiny huevos sported by too many members of Congress.

America gets mass killings and the NRA and Congress gives “thoughts and prayers” to the victims’ families. Hardly an equal trade, huh?

Having a pistol saved me and my family’s lives years ago after a neighbor, a security guard, got angry and shot the apartment complex owner twice, once in the hand and once in the chin. I happened to walk out the door at an inappropriate time. He shot me in the right arm. Fortunately, I was able to get into my apartment, lock the door and get my gun. I got my wife and two children into a back bedroom.

The young apartment complex owner was able to flag a passing pickup truck and get to a nearby hospital. The incident is long and twisted, involving hostages and, ultimately, the shooter’s death by suicide.

I tell you this because I am not a gun opponent. I am a responsible gun owner who knows there’s a time and a place.

The U.S. Constitution grants Americans the “right to bear arms.” It also grants the “right of peaceful assembly.”

— Associated Press

But do you think the armed, screaming, cursing creatures who stormed the Michigan state capitol constituted a “peaceful assembly?” All because Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wanted them to stay safely inside to protect themselves and all citizens during this deadly coronavirus pandemic?

And yet, hard as it is to believe, they scored a victory. They walked away — still armed — and celebrated their deed on the capitol steps. Only in America.

These are the “fine people” that Donald Trump, Oval Office Occupant #45, so loves.

May they lead to his dethroning, soon, before we all are dead and unable to rejoice.

12 thoughts on “No ‘good people’ at armed protest inside Michigan capitol

  1. It’s a game with the NRA and gun manufacturers and sellers. Ever notice when the NRA goes nuts and say that they are coming to take your guns, gun sales go through the roof? And? If you see the stocks of gun companies? The “their coming to take your guns” spiels typically come when their sales go down? Then the fools of Faux and Right Wing “News” are told hey, they are coming to take your guns, so they then get all scared and go to a gun store and buy, buy, buy, even though they already are armed to the teeth. What are they going to do with all those guns? They think they are Rambo’s and can carry two or three assault weapons, a couple of shotguns and a few side arms and fight in a real firefight? Most of these fools never were on a real battlefield. Sure, some were, but the majority would drop a deuce in their diapers if they were on a real battlefield with people shooting back at them with real bullets.

    These losers speak about their rights? What about the rights of the others? What about the right for us to decide whether we want to stick to rules such as social distancing, wearing masks, etc? WTH right do these mental midget morons have in telling us what to do especially when they are the minority? You are correct, these are basically punk wanna-be terrorists. Well if they want to be such tough guys and gals? Here is a clue. Sign up for the Army or the Marines. Then after you EARN your SEAL, or Airborne, or Ranger patches on your arms, AND served at least two tours of duty on the front lines? Then you got a right to carry what these fools are carrying.

    Most of these idiots think they are “warriors” because they play video games, but like I said, let them try being on a real battlefield, with bullets flying around you, bombs going off around you, etc…then let’s see how tough these idiots truly are.

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      1. I said they were paid to protest. I didn’t say who paid them; you came to that conclusion all on your own. I read the red-haired guy yelling was from Los Angeles California and the article writer even named the fellow. I chose not to write the city or the name…can’t verify it but did repeat the rumor that some came from California. Who paid them? Do you know? I am curious.
        Our military fought in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, and other third tier regime countries around the world. Low tech countries where we had air superiority and yet sustained substantial deaths and casualties on our side from these third tier, third world opponents. Surviving on a real battlefield with today’s weaponry has a strong component of luck involved. And you have to ask yourself why would I put myself in such a situation when the military is a volunteer military. Remember now … leaders for this country the last few years have been Ronald Reagan, the two Bushes, Clinton, Obama and Trump. These people start wars and conflict but don’t fight them, the serfs do! Plus … not a person I mentioned do I trust them with my life. Those guys get people killed. I learned this lesson after I volunteered and served in the military. I did my time and got out. I could take better care of me than those “leaders” could. Do you know how I know I am correct on this? I am still here today! and all in one piece!
        Our military trains warriors and successful completion earns you prestigious badges and certificates (in our military worshipping culture). These trained warriors go where they are told to go which is everywhere in the world because the sun never sets on the American empire. We live in a dangerous world because this country, in part, keeps it a dangerous world. But if not us, there would be someone else. It is the warring nature that is mankind.

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      2. I know all about how they treat the grunts of the military. We are only numbers for death and fighting for them. I know how they treat military members when they leave. This is why we have one of the highest suicide rates among military personal the world over.

        I come from a long traditional military family. All my uncles and aunts from both sides of the family were military. My grandfathers both fought in WWII.All my brothers were in the military except the youngest. I went in but I did not last long because I was one of those types who hated taking orders, especially from people who were certainly beneath me and did not belong commanding a troop of men let alone a boy scout troop. But I was raised military. I was taught how to shoot a ,308 by the time I was 10. I knew all the survival and weapons stuff my dad knew and even learned more.

        My father used to load the bombs onto the planes that then went to Vietnam and dropped them. He was an 101st and 82nd Airborne paratrooper til he was doing a Halo and his chute collapsed along with his emergency chute and he bounced hitting the ground. How he survived? No one knows but he did and when he had to leave the Army because he could no longer jump? He joined the Air Force and the mechanic division building the pontoon bridges etc in Nam. He eventually came stateside and worked for years at Pease in Portsmouth and finally retired on the GI bill and started his own business. He was a lucky one. I know many who were not. I know vets from as far back as Nam who are homeless and crapped on each day by our government. I help them by putting a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. They all know my door is always open to them.. Many of them though have been living out in the local forest for decades and prefer it that way. You can actually see them walking down the main road to the local Walnuts with their packs on.

        Yeah, humanity is so war-like. We call ourselves an advanced civiization, but we are basically troglodytes still whacking each other over the head for either religious beliefs, or land, or “riches” like oil, gold and diamonds. Religion and politics are the biggest causes of war in all of humanity. I certainly do not trust Trump or the Repugnants like Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey, Devin “The Cow” Nunes and the rest. But I trust the Dems about as far as I can throw them. I do not know any politician who is not somehow corrupt in some ways. But we gotta figure out who are the least corrupt and go for them.

        We are currently? SCREWED, BLUED AND TATTOOED. I getting ready for the end of it all. Man it will be fun watching the monkey troglodyte Trumpturds finally drop their micro-nuts and pop off like they been threatening for the last 12 years now. Can’t wait for them to see the surprise in store for them because they think “libertards” and “demoncrats” are just panty wearing pussies who do not believe in the 2nd Amendment. Can’t wait to see the looks on those Goobers faces when they finally realize just how much they been lied to about us “latte lickers”.

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      3. I am a member of Veterans for Peace. Are you familiar with the organization? If not, check us out. I don’t have all the answers but I do know that this pandemic, climate change and our sustained militarism is far more concerning than a few loud mouth, ammosexual shit stains showing off their store bought hardware. Nothing happening today that didn’t happen in the nation’s past. When the time comes we will do what we have to do.

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  2. To me, once you bring guns for a “peaceful protest”, it’s ceased to be a peaceful protest. If they were protesting some gun laws that came about, it might make sense to have the guns there. But otherwise–no.

    I love what somebody tweeted, remembering the women’s march a few years ago, that not a woman in the crowd was carrying a gun in that protest because they “weren’t scared little b****es”.

    The crazy question I have is if those weren’t white guys carrying tantrum hardware like that into the statehouse and to yell at cops, what would the response have been?

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  3. Follow Federal Law: Weapons at a protest is no longer a protest. Federal Law supersedes state law. Weapons in a statehouse or at a supposed protest is a serious violation of Federal law and fits the definition of armed insurgency against the United States of America. The required Federal response is to send in Federal Troops to lift the siege; in this case; the siege of Michigan, disarm and arrest the insurgents. First by peaceful means if possible; If not deadly force is authorized. The Federal Response in this case was to advise the governor of Michigan to capitulate to the insurgents which is yet another act of treason. Instead our government was happy that a murderous North Korean dictator was still alive.

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    1. They do not care if they spread it to others. They are actually going out and infecting people. I say let them. No really. Let them. There are now huge outbreaks among these fools. Let it keep happening as the more of them who die off from it? The better our society will be. Let them all get the Darwin Awards they so richly deserve.

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      1. I’m far away from any protests, so I’m not really concerned about these guys myself (at least, not in my neck of the woods). The trouble is these guys will take a lot of others down with them.

        This reminded me of one of my fave lines from Thirteen Days after they meet with the chiefs of staff about air strikes. JFK said “[they] have one big advantage: that is, if we do what they keep telling us to do, none of us are gonna be left alive to tell them they were wrong.”

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